• In an attempt to increase activity, I'm looking for active, helpful, and welcoming members of the Tribe community to apply for an HP position! As of right now, there are 2 positions open:

    Stoneteller To-Be

    At the time of birth, it is custom for a Stoneteller to choose a kit to succeed them. This cat will be trained to be the new leader, as well as become a sort of second-in-command if needed. These cats have the options, as an adult, to not follow through with the role. Of course, most do not. Though in the more modern era, Stoneteller To-Be has not been filled often - or by kits.

    -Cats of ANY AGE may apply!

    Senior Cave-Guard

    Senior cave-guards are chosen by their exemplar fighting abilities and their prominent leadership skills. They are expected to assist the Stoneteller(s) in keeping the Tribe in order. Senior cave-guards, specifically watch over the duties and training of cave-guards and their to-be's.

    -Cats must be a full member, but not necessarily elderly!

    Just fill out this quick form!

    1. Username:
    2. Character's name:
    3. Why would your character suit the position?:
    4. Activity level:



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  • Username: Mist from Falling Rivers or ~EvieMarie~

    Character's name: Mist from Falling Rivers

    Why would your character suit the position?: (Stoneteller To-Be) Mist is extremely hard working and will strive to do everything to the best of her ability. She is also very outgoing, accepting, and she strives to make everyone happy. She also has a huge curiosity to learn more. She always wants to learn everything she can and learn as much about her clan, its history, and its traditions. Mist is always extremely determined to serve the tribe however she can. She is very loyal to her clan and will work extremely hard to make it better. She is strict when need be because she always has the best interest of the clan in her heart.

    Activity level: Mostly 5-7 days a week.

    ✰Life is a story .... so make it interesting.✰

    Mist from Falling Rivers ~ ♀ // Light Grey tabby with white paws // 4 moons // Tribe of Rushing Water

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  • Username:  Screech of Hungry Hawk or (main account) Churro

    Character's name: Screech of Hungry Hawk

    Why would your character suit the position?: (For either Stoneteller to-be or Senior Cave-Guard) Hawk is fiercely loyal to his tribe and is welcoming and warm to any cat he meets. He enjoys seeing the advancement of his tribe and would love to contribute more. Hawk's easy-going, fun-loving, trouble-making side makes him easily approachable by his tribe-mates and he enjoys being able to chat and catch up with them. Hawk can also be short-tempered and witty at times, but he would always try to control it, depending on the situation. On the other hand, Hawk also has a more serious, dependable, and intellectual side to him which would make him good in a high position. He is able to think quick on his paws when the time calls for it, and would always try to find the most efficient way to do things. His strong sense of pride and loyalty to the tribe would make him want to do his very best in any scenario and would push him to do the best he can.

    Activity level: 5-6/7 (days a week)


    BUT I GET UP 10 —

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  • Username: Owl That Flies At Night ; main account is Blitz Krieg  

    Character's name: Owl That Flies At Night (Owl)

    Why would your character suit the position?: (Senior Cave-Guard, or, if you really want, then Stoneteller To-Be) Gifted with a naturally large size thanks to her breed, Owl has always been extremely talented in combat. In addition to being powerful and muscular, she is very kind-hearted and determined to help her Tribe in any way that she knows how. She prefers working in a team rather than going in alone, but does hate having attention on herself. If promoted, perhaps this could be an interesting character arc for her to develop self-esteem in front of a crowd. She is positive and well-meaning in times of crisis and is very responsible. All she wants is to be strong and brave her for her Tribe, nothing less.

    Activity level: I'm on several times a day, every single day (I have no life lmao rip), an excuse to have more muse with this girl would be amazing because I really love her, just have nothing to do with her as of now.




    Owl That Flies At Night + ToRW Cave-Guard + She-Cat + 19 Moons + Bio