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  • A rat was scurrying between the Exiles' food supply and a spot in the wall - Alabaster only knew this due to whisperings and upset grumbles. And, of course ever to want to prove that their blindness wasn't something that was going to hinder them, Allie tried to seek it out. It didn't take long to scent something musky and hear the skitterings along the ground. Now, Alabaster still wasn't full sized, not by a long shot, but they were much larger than a rat by this point. And with a little guessing and quiet steps, they launched, and effectively crushed the throat of the thieving rat by applying all of their body weight onto the rat's throat.

    "Neat," they murmured, though the whole scene was a bit anticlimactic in their point of view.

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  • TAGS - Alabaster was among the group of people that he hadn't gotten a chance to introduce himself to, but from what he had heard about the blind child, they were quite the character. According to the grapevine, the kitten had gone through a lot of strife before arriving at the prison, and was rather mature for their age. Someone was quick to point out that this description matched Roy as well, though he brushed the observation off with a chuckle. If there was any similarity between the two of them, he was about see it for himself. The paramedic was on his way to the kitchen when a small voice caused him to pause mid-step. Peeking his head around the corner, he spotted a white figure that matched Alabaster's description to a T sitting in the hallway. His first instinct was to frown, afraid that the kitten was hurt, but upon seeing the rat in between their paws, he was quick to sigh. For once- just for once, could he stop fretting over others? "Nice catch, it's about time that someone caught him." He quipped, a smile in his voice as he approached Allie. As someone who spent a great deal of his free time preparing and cooking meals for everyone, Roy was no stranger to rats and their shenanigans. This one in particular was the talk of the town, and had a reputation of breaking into the prison's food supply. In fact, this whiskered fella had managed to ruin a perfectly good bag of sugar by creating a hole in it. "Between you and me, the little guy was starting to get on my nerves. Every time I turned my back he'd somehow manage to chew through something new." Not to mention that he was tired of hearing people complain about it in the cafeteria. "How uh, can I ever repay you?" He chucked. It was a genuine question, albeit his tone wasn't all that serious.




    Henri had realized there was a rat hanging around, but she didn't really bother with it. She wouldn't know how to find it anyways. Her nose wasn't the best sniffer around, she was much better at catching prey she could see more than just smell. "If you keep hunting like that everyone is going to be begging you to go on hunting patrols with them," she said with a smile, but a very serious tone that didn't match the friendly smile.



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  • ☯ ☯ ☯ Cory was very fond of Allie.

    It was rather obvious to many, the heavily ill lion would try harder to seem healthy around them. He would choke back ridiculous coughs and whimper a bit as the weight of the world settled upon his heart, but tried not to allow them to realize what was happening. Wherever the child went, often times the sick wildcat followed. He had to protect them, Solaris wouldn’t leave them alone and they, thus far, didn’t want to leave.

    His eyes would glisten with pride following them this time, however.

    Silence took upon his form as Allie searched for the mouse, an ivory dash to his eye as they hunted. His mouth gaped a bit with an intrigued gaze, just before he’d lean back slowly onto his haunches to get a better view. Frankly, Cory was glad to see someone doing something about it. He had received the blunt end of the complaints, and, in his weakened state, had been unable to help. Turning to look at Roy and Henri, he grins. Then, in that moment as he turned back, was when Allie caught the mouse.

    An insurmountable joy fluttered his heart.

    Good job, Allie.”


  • pyrr had put off hunting for quite a while. with his unreliable vision, he was never sure how a hunt would go down, and he didn't want to risk a misstep outside of the prison that could cost him his life. perhaps, though, he should take a page out of allie's book and practice with the rats that made their home in the cold walls. he smiles at their blind clan mate as he approached, settling himself against their side in one swift movement. "we should go hunting together sometime," he offers, sparing a glance at their prey.



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  • TAGS ☆彡one would think that those that had dared to complain about the rat would've done something themselves. but no, they had to rely on a blind kid to do it for them. he almost snorted at the irony of it, but held it in. barely. walking over, he'd blink lazily over the group, not bothering to offer his input.


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