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  • It wasn't anything big, as if she decided to gift both of her crushes something large it would be such a strain on her back. No, it was a small picture book, a ribbon wrapped around it and tying up in a little bow. The story of Rapunzel, wherein she is locked in a tower, a man tries to save her, and so on. She chose this story specifically because the prince that tried to save her becomes injured in the process but, eventually, achieves his goals, despite the disability. Not much beyond that correlates with herself and Junepaw - Helios, it hardly did beyond the prince's injury. But she figured the boy would at least appreciate the child's book. Inside the front cover, she signed her name, Tormenta-Million and all, and wrote a little dedication a bit above it - though she took some liberty to fancify their titles.

    To my knight, my prince of shadows,

    I figured with this past holiday, I could give you a gift as a part of my thanks for your dedication. You've made me feel like the princess I used to be over and over again, and I hope that this story - no matter how childish - reminds you that your disability won't stop you from achieving your goals.

    Your princess of light,

    Sangria Tormenta Million.

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    she is a flower, but she isn't soft;

    when her petals fall, they hit like bullets


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  • The snowy feline was first to notice the strange scent on the wind and opted despite his better knowledge to investigate alone. He'd opted to ignore the rule of leaving camp alone because he didn't want to be surrounded by other beings. Plus he looked half dead anyways, picking him off wouldn't be very rewarding would it.

    His curiosity was further piqued when he noticed a book tied with a ribbon. Hopefully someone else was going to show up because he didn't know what to do.

    "what the.." Ymir muttered under his breath.


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  • like ymir, the stubborn boy that was junepaw had slipped out of camp to go about his own business and, even more important, to practice walking around with his new prosthetic. he knew he would likely get an earful if he returned to camp and someone saw that he wasn't with an adult like riptide and ver had carefully instructed, but he frankly didn't care. he could handle himself despite his disability, and anyone that told him otherwise would have to keep their comments to themselves.

    anyways, he comes across sangria's gift with a little bit of time. more accurately, he comes across ymir, and all he saw from the back of the other was that he was apparently staring down at something in front of him. "what'cha got there?" comes the tom's inquiry as he sidles up besides the pale colored veiler, his sapphire gaze quickly falling onto the story book.

    he sees the ribbon that was tied into a delicate bow, and the title of the book on it's front: rapunzel. saying nothing else, june sits and plucks the ribbon carefully off of the book so that he could open it. the first page he notices the dedication inscribed on it, and junepaw's beyond relieved that he'd learned how to read as he'd learned how to write so long ago. his eyes flicker across the words, and soon enough his face brightens with a vibrant red.

    he's nearly forgotten that there was someone else there with him, and his large ears flick flat against his head as he whips his head towards ymir, his face practically burning. "did you see her? the girl who left this book here?" her words - he wondered if she knew how much they meant to him? had it been anyone else, he likely would've ripped their tongue out and told them to leave him alone; but these lit a fire in his heart. blue eyes soften slightly as he flicks his gaze down to the ribbon at his paws, his tail curling towards it.


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  • Getting involved in other people's business was a pain. The reaction that June gave was also very interesting. Mira had lived a particularly tough life so far, resulting in his difficult relationship with love and caring for others. He'd never experienced this form of emotion, resulting in his very confused expression.

    The other feline's face seemed to go red, maybe they were catching a fever? Upon hearing their words he realizes that he is completely taking that the wrong direction, not a fever but a girl. His previous thoughts now set aside he took another whiff of the air to try and identify who they were talking about. His ears flattened to his head and his gaze narrowed, Mira wasn't entirely sure if he was about to be attacked or not. "There was no girl, only the book." he meows flatly, silently hoping that this was enough to satisfy the feline.


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ win obviously didn’t understand enough English to read nor write. apparently, the decree that nobody was to leave camp alone fell on deaf ears as well. trotting outwards towards an estranged scent, the coo of voices in her ears, winterpaw would look over the duo ahead with confused eyes. what were they looking at?

    as her gaze strained to teeter to and fro and examine the book, her head tilted to one side as she let out a tiny squeak. she’d seen such things before, but was never able to read them, never knew what they were.

    "please dont hurt me."

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  • junepaw huffed quietly at the veiler's flat response, though it wasn't really his tone of voice that annoyed the tom. it was the fact that he seemed to have just missed sangria. he knew it was her - she was the only one who called him a " knight in shining armor, " but he was her knight, as inscribed in the page of the book. hers and hers alone. "ah, damn." his cheeks still burned with the warmth that flamed in them. they were dying down now, but his face still felt terribly warm.

    he would have to catch up to her later. it was about time he went back to solaris kingdom anyhow since he was determined to keep his dual - alliance between the veil and solaris kingdom alive. the travel would be worth it, he imagined, though he didn't know what he'd exactly say to sangria once he saw her again... probably something stupid, he'd imagine.

    he glanced down to his side as his sister arrived, hearing her squeak after she'd looked at the book. june hadn't read a storybook like rapunzel before. "this is a fairytale book, winnie." he says, "i've never read it before though... i could tell you about it when i finish reading it, hm?" he knew that he might try to whenever he would get into the privacy of his own home.


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  • I still can't smile

    the way you do —

    "A fairytale? Do those have use here?" Adara, unsurprisingly, was raised without bedtime stories of princes fighting off dragons to save the princess. Gray eyes surveyed the pictures briefly, intrigued by the simplicity of the story and the pictures, yet somehow people still found such high interest in them. She'd heard people say that there were books you could read over and over again, and since Adara could only read and write the most basic things, she'd never really come across those said books. If this was one of them, which it might be, considering how the boy was clutching it, it was a bit of a disappointment for her. She had somehow expected something more... grand, those fabled books that people could read over and over again.

    I want you to know

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