we'll never be royals-- plotting thread

  • hey there! i mentioned in my form that i think a sort of trio of friends between joan, sofia, and jirou could be fun because they could get into a lot of trouble or do fun things and jirou comes along for the ride. i can see them slowly break him out of his seemingly permanent shell, allowing him to express himself more freely around them (✿ヘᴥヘ)


  • altai i love that idea, joan would totally see jirou and think "i need to save this poor boy" and drag him into just the worse situations

    updownandaround joan is definitely going to underestimate Sofia and probably almost think she's some kind of stuck up until she gets to know her, especially when they get a few drinks. And Joan will definitely try to tease and mess with Lucas early on, i can totally see her try to get under his skin and maybe even start a few fights with him until she just becomes a nuisance who he sort of has to deal with from time to time

  • all those idea's sound really really good, love the trio between joan, sofia and jirou they will def cause some mayhem haha and as for lucas maybe him and joan could have a sort of love hate relationship and end up having hate sex after way to many drinks??

  • updownandaround I love the idea of Sofia and Elle being besties, especially since they are both chaotic tiny people. Maybe they can give each other advise, since they are the two heirs of the group. I also just suddenly saw the two of them at like 4 A.M. dying Elle's hair or drunk sobbing over a Netflix Christmas movie.

    I think Elle and Lucas would be really cute together, especially because they are both kinda the family rejects. I can also imagine them going on manhunts together for someone who hurts Sofia. She also would probably try to show him how to get revenge in ways other than physical (such as over social media, just general messing with their life, etc.).

    I also think the idea you just came up with could cause tension between the three of them, idk if you're still interested in a thing between Elle and Lucas.

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  • i'm just going to say jirou is 100% scared of elle and lucas because of their more... aggressive?? behaviors oof

    also, i can see theo and jirou becoming "friends" just because hey! jirou doesn't have feelings either! i feel like there could be a mutual agreement that they both want to be alone, so they are alone together so that nobody else approaches them because they're alone (because they're not) and it just becomes this unspoken thing that slowly festers into a friendship


  • tracking - i dropped my character's form below for an easier reference. i'm pretty much open to all ideas, i'm excited to start roleplaying with you guys!


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  • altai That is so adorable! I love that idea. Maybe Jirou could give Theo advice too, once they get to know each other? Theo is fairly young, well he is currently the youngest in the school, and he doesn't really have anyone to guide him at this point.

    updownandaround She'll get real mad at him, especially because of her daddy issues. That will also complicate Sofia and Elle's relationship a bit, since Elle might shut down a bit.

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  • that's definitely a very strong possibility, because even though jirou doesn't say much he's extremely intelligent and wise. competing with his older brother hasn't left him with just a strongly antisocial personality, after all. are you thinking sort of like a mentor and mentee relationship, an older brother and younger brother relationship, or something else?


  • updownandaround i kind of love that idea, joan is more into ladies romantically but she's totally the kind of person who would end up sleeping with a friend after a whole lot of booze lmao, and then she'd wake up after and be like "you??? really????"

    ~Lynn~ and that'll definitely create some drama between elle and joan, when elle gets mad about the whole deal with lucas joan will just be really confused because she has no idea about their relationship and doesn't see it as that big of a deal