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  • [ tags ] -- It was way too early for this, Hyperion knew it. And yet he couldn't help himself. The Veil needed a good dose of holiday cheer as far as he was concerned, and there was nothing that couldn't be solved with some good decorations and some punch to go along with them. Humming to himself, the tiger brought out the massive bowl of oddly-glowing punch, made from an assortment of the Veil's strange luminescent fruits. There was no alcohol in it, and he'd be damned if he let anyone spike it while he was working, but he didn't have eyes in the back of his head.

    "There's punch out here if anyone wants some," the midnightbringer called, hoping he wouldn't have to drink it all himself. "And we're putting up the holiday lights, so if you want to be a scrooge about it then stay inside." His temper had been more than a little short as of late. Valerian's torture, Selene's capture and reappearance, it was all weighing heavily on the tiger and he was finding it increasingly difficult to justify the pacifism and life-is-good attitude that had defined him since his arrival here. He was still a good-natured beast, kind to those around him in sum, but his patience with himself and with others was wearing a little thin.

    But he was determined to be in a good mood, so the humming was forcing him to at least superficially be happy. As he returned to the long strand of glowing pebbles, the humming intensified until it was a kind of odd close-lipped warbling, quite loud and quite off-key. But he would be festive, dammit! And these lights would put everyone in the holiday spirit, he knew they would. Each pebble had been loving effused with soft glowing light by Hyperion, and strung along tough slender vines so that he could hang them from just about everything in the camp. When he was done, things were going to look like a goddamn holiday village around here. "I could use some help with all these lights if anyone is bored." He'd made tens of strands of these lights, and as he began hanging them from anything and everything he quickly realized that doing this by himself would take all day. Some help would be mightily appreciated.

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  • ★ ★ ★ enjolras didn't want to be a scrooge , but he had gone quite out of touch with celebrations and parties . where he'd been happy - go - lucky in his young days , he now found it harder to let his guard down and , well , live a little . that didn't mean he couldn't try . admittedly , he almost didn't join hyperion for the sole reason that the decorations were going up so early on . it wasn't even december ! but , to each their own , and he supposes it was better to get all the hard work out the way early and leave more time for celebrating when the time comes .

    his features are carefully blank as he joins the midnighbringer in the camp , eyeing the glowing vines . a rather good idea , he had to admit . unfortunately for the flights , they had no such glowing abilities around ( that he knew of ) , so if they wanted to get festive , they were really going to have to get creative . he heads towards the punch first , deciding to have some before joining in the decorating . taking a small cup for himself , he marvels at the taste before finally speaking to the larger feline . " i like your creativity , " he starts , though it seems like a reserved statement , as if he is , perhaps , unsure of how to proceed .

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  • The festive season was one of Órfhlaith's favorites, and while Hyperion may have to remind himself to be festive, or where Enjolras may be out of touch, Órfhlaith had no trouble at all getting in the spirit of things.

    The mare had an extra spring in her step as she trotted towards the two, giving a nod to both. "A'd be happy to help." She offered with a grin, going over to take a cup of punch before settling next to the ragdoll. "Aye, good idea." She added on to his compliment with a decisive nod . To her it didn't matter that it wasn't December yet, Halloween was over, and she barely had a clue what Thanksgiving even was, so as far as she was concerned, Christmas had started a month ago.

    "A' can get to the higher up places if ye'd like." The friesian stood tall at six foot to her shoulder, but for the really high places she'd be happy to shift into her crow body to help the tiger. It really was one of her favorite seasons and just looking at the equine anyone could she she was almost giddy with excitement with the large grin on hr face.


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  • Kira was finicky about the celebrations he enjoyed. In the Thunderlands, he'd hosted an entire wine tasting, and it had aged into quite the joyful memory. Buzzing about people, serving them and receiving their praise in return, the ability to slip so easily between the crowd as he always had done... it was very pleasant. Besides, that was the night he met Lovescars, and she was a positive spot in his past. He'd also enjoyed Cassiopeia's promotion ceremony, and the wine there had been quite lovely.

    Actually, now that he thought about it, perhaps he didn't like parties- he just liked wine.

    The blonde man was, surprisingly, not feeling all too cynical today. His spirits had been high for the past few days (though for what reason he was unsure), and getting into the Christmas spirit felt... appealing. He'd celebrated Christmas with his parents when he'd been a boy, and then by himself when he'd lived alone in Morioh, but he quickly realized that he'd never spent a Christmas in Agrelos. Not in any of his homes, for that matter. He'd just missed the holiday, having come here... this past January, if he remembered correctly. Maybe it would be worth it to simply try. After all, everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves- Órfhlaith's servitude and Hyperion's humming put him in an oddly good mood.

    He warily eyed the punch, but decided he didn't want to ingest anything that glowed like that, and so focused on the stringing of the lights. "I'd be happy to assist," he hummed, glassy voice holding a tinge of warmth. Perhaps the holiday season was just getting to him- Christmas, though lonely and without gifts for much of his celebrations, had always filled him with a mysterious whimsy that barred him from being too cynical. As he passed Enjolras, he bumped the ragdoll on the shoulder and turned to face him, lavender hue alight with some unplaced emotion. He didn't know what had gotten into him that allowed him to be so playful. It was likely unnerving for those who knew him before.

    "Help me string some lights, hm?" he suggested to the lost-looking ragdoll, brow quirking with invitation.

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  • ★ ★ ★ the ragdoll looks up from his cup of punch as the friesian approaches . now that he recalls her size , he's surprised she isn't the one doing most of the decorating . though , it is supposed to be a group effort , but it would make sense that she would take to decorating the higher spots . he entertains the idea of climbing onto her back , but after seeing her reaction to squirrels , he doesn't want to take his chances .

    it's kira's appearance and subsequent playful bump that started enjolras from his thoughts . the sudden contact , coupled with the fact that he hadn't exactly heard the blonde's approach , causes him to jerk slightly in surprise . he opens his maw to say something snarky , but clamps it shut as he reads kira's request . the expression the other holds is . . . different . not the anger that he's become used to , but something else . his heart stutters in his chest , and he forces himself to remain cool . " ah , sure , " he starts , finishing off his punch and rising to his paws . he proceeds to grab a strand , and eyes the slightly taller feline with a curious expression . " where should we hang this one ? " he asks around the strand , voice warbled just slightly .

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  • Aww, wasn't that nice? His not-dad was spreading some good will and ho ho ho-spitality around the clan. A task that Theo would've taken up himself, if not for his mutilated side. Which was almost completely healed by now, thank you for asking. In a rare case of situational awareness, Theo didn't stumble across this homemade nativity scene while doing something else. The opposite, actually. He had been watching the tiger for almost an hour now, an awfully sincere looking smile on his spotted maw as Hyperion hung decorations and hummed to himself. It was a warm, mushy expression that screamed 'I love you'. At some point Theo began to join in on the off tune song-fest, his own singing no better than the Hyperion's as he approached the rapidly growing crowd. Like father, like son, right? Attracted to the luminescent punch, he reached into the fur on his back and pulled out a small toad. He held the small creature close to his face, and glancing over his shoulder to make sure that not too many people were looking, Theo lowered his pet into the punch bowl, just close enough so that it's tiny tongue could dart across the liquid's surface. "How does it taste?" He whispered, totally inconspicuous-like. Although he could taste it himself, this way was a lot more fun. As an afterthought, the dog called out to Hyperion. "I'll help out with the lights in just a sec'. Unless you've got enough volunteers as it is."



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    "Theo." The midnightbringer's tone was as flat as always, but the faintest undertones signalling danger were deeply interwoven into his name, standing behind the much larger foxhound. She had simply been waiting to be asked for help, but the sight of a certain soldier offering his toad the refreshments laid out had caught her attention. Adara wasn't sure if it was because of the lightning strike frying his brain, or if the boy was simply a result of his new environment. "What are you doing?"

    With whatever explanation that she got, gray eyes would move from the scarred child to the others, looking at the lights strung up amongst the trees, glowing brightly, a stark contrast to the darkness they lived in. "If you need somebody to do lights closer to ground, I suppose I could help. I'd likely snap them."

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  • The scrooge would not stay inside. She was bitter towards any festivity for a few personal reasons. Besides, what was the point of decoration. They were here to defend their home and do their best to claw through survival. She frowned slightly. Maybe she was being too bitter. She had to keep in mind that this wasn't the ruthless Ruins, these people were more lax with their militaristic ways, in her opinion. She released a small sigh to help ease her mind. Lola wanted to make an effort to blend in more. She shook her head to clear of more bitter opinions and thoughts. The cheetah stalked forth and took a seat. "They look.. nice." That was a lie. But she was trying here.

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