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  • you can do this, дурачить. no reason you can't. but how long had it been? from a lake that lacked serenity to a broiling war of gangs, he thought he might quit with the misfortune and conflict he had amassed. i am tired, to say least, of hate and hell. i have see too many - far too many - die by my hand and by others. but the veteran speak would seldom save his mindset now. quit? no. to quit is a silly thing, very funny indeed. perilous rain or bursts of snow, even in most fragile spring, i find myself never quitting. what merit did he have to his name to begin with? it had been so long since he walked among the pines that its scent was akin to a drill in his skull, bringing things back to memory with such vivid fervor it near broke him upon impact. дерьмо, i never thought i would miss them. they were like family, weren't they? caring for him in the such short time he resided there. did i make relations too? was i capable of love? am i still ... ? his head hurts too much to dwell on the past, so he keeps his dark eyes forward, sorrowful tears brimming the tip of his bottom lids. i see b-barricades ... those that ... the large lynx heaves a dry and heavy cough, his nose wrinkling reflexively as it began to morph into a retching motion.

    his muddied and foliage-ridden fur spikes as he comes close - perhaps too close - to the border, running a hefty paw over smooth plank of wood that was one of the likes he'd meticulously crafted so long ago. "can i come home ... " his voice is hoarse and low, his sentence merely uttered to himself, and should someone arrive soon, he knew he might be challenged for being too close over the boundary line. i just want to be home ...

  • [ tags ] -- The white tiger was hoping that other Veilers were not far behind him, since Riptide had made it clear that no one was to leave the camp alone after the recent series of captures and tortures. Things had been... rough for the Veil recently, and Hyperion was at his wits end with his own pacifism and passivity. He felt angry all the time, helpless, confused. But he still had his duties to give him structure and purpose, so he threw himself into them with renewed vigor. That included greeting joiners, so more often than not he found himself grabbing another Veil member and heading out of camp toward the border, ever vigilant.

    Seeing the bedraggled lynx already halfway over the border, Hyperion's instinct was to bare his teeth and lash out, but the words can i come home stopped him. His sharp gaze didn't miss the way the lynx's paw lingered on the wood, a tender and loving caress that bespoke familiarity. It seemed a former Veiler had come home again. "Greetings," he called, approaching on massive paws. "I'm Hyperion. Seeking to rejoin the Veil, are we? Mind stating your name?" He didn't want to be rude or harsh, but his emotions were a jumbled mess and he just needed to know who this guy was.

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  • ★ ★ ★ luckily for hyperion , enjolras had been on his heels . well , he was further behind and they weren't exactly together , but helios was circling above , acting as a scout for the near - deaf duskguard . it was honestly rather lucky that hyperion had found the stranger before he had . with his shit hearing , he wouldn't have been able to understand that kapkan was someone who'd already called this forest his home . enjolras didn't like going straight for violence , but that didn't mean he couldn't start with a some thinly veiled threats to leave the territory before anything worse happened . seeing that there was , apparently , no real threat , the ragdoll would quietly come to stand beside the midnightbringer .

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  • "hey, kapkan..."

    the mumble of the young apprentice could be heard from behind the duo of adults as he came wandering forward, of course without an escort as per usual. the boy didn't seem to care much for the potential chewing out he'd likely get for walking around without anyone tailing him, but he frankly found this more interesting than fretting being scolded.

    the name of the other was easy enough to remember. he's seen him in the veil before, though he had admittedly never talked to him much. he settles at hyperion's side, sapphire gaze flickering over the familiar male, offering the other a slight smile. "'course you can come home. welcome back." he flicks his tail as he shifts to lean back into a seat, his new prosthetic leg glinting lightly in what little light managed to slither its ways through the pine's thick canopy. "i'm junepaw aeternum, if you don't remember me."


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    the sudden influx of three other scents barely managed to shake him from his pitiful daydream, realizing and - understanding - that they would always show up sooner than later, like flies to a carcass. and how could he blame them? it was entertaining to watch a dead man walking. the first individual acknowledges his simple, however forlorn, question, to which they inquire whether he's rejoining the veil or not - he nods in silence. then, as routine as it ever were, they ask for his name, and almost guiltily the lynx replies: "kapkan." there is no "i am called", no "what i once was", no soldier speak, no titles. i feel i do not deserve to have myself considered "former". another figure follows the other before them, keeping their own silence, to which he respects. it's hard to hold your tongue sometimes. when he was younger, he might have said otherwise.

    the final figure to greet themselves is one he is certainly familiar with, and his ears draw backwards at the mention of "if you don't remember me." it's hard for kapkan to say he can forget anyone, especially those he considered friends and family at the time. "of course i remember you," his hoarse voice isn't helping the fact that he feels he might cry, thick accent adding no pro nor con to the situation. "it is good to see you again." with his blunt statements and little input, he hopes he isn't coming across as rude, but duly he supposes he can't help it. do i bother asking about others by this point? they could all be gone and retired, or dead for all i know. in reality there was perhaps one person he might ask about, maybe another if he didn't already believe deep down that they were lost forever. "anything happening here i should know about?" he's referring to war, to labor, any work he may need to exert force upon. "i want to know if i can be useful again."

  • It is in moments like these that he does not envy the sentimental.

    There are very few people, and even fewer objects or places, that he puts any emotional stake in. His nature makes it easy to be detached from those sorts of things. As long as he has his memories, he is content, but even then he doesn't consider himself the nostalgic type. He doesn't spend days reminiscing over fun things he did as a child or with his friends, mostly because he didn't have those sorts of memories to begin with. Or, at least, not a lot of them. He considers it a strength, but he also knows most would disagree.

    The blonde feline arrives with little to-do about it and stands somewhere near Enjolras; his single purple eye focuses on this muddy, rugged man, and his brow furrows lightly. How unsightly. Does he bathe? Perhaps his first thoughts are rude, but he is not exactly known for his kindness or sympathy.

    "Welcome back," he offers quietly, glassy voice cold with indifference. "My name is Kira. It's a pleasure." Oh, how he lies.

    There's (un)fortunately not much else he can offer the lynx; he hasn't been in the Veil long enough to know its grievances with the clans around it. He only knows that, right now, the Brigade has been quite a nuisance, though that was putting it lightly. He supposes that, really, that's what the man wants to hear, but figures it might be better coming from Junepaw. After all, the apprentice was the one to recognize him in the first place, wasn't he?

    So, he falls silent once more, ears twitching as the conversation carries between his clanmates.

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