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  • ★ ★ ★ thanksgiving had come and gone , but it seemed the leftovers of the festivities remained . some pastries that had been made by various npcs , as well as scattered decorations . enjolras hadn't celebrated the holiday aside from eating some food and spending his time napping rather than working . it was the best thing he could think of to do , and he was glad for the brief respite from responsibilities . but , it seemed his lack of celebration was coming back to bite him in the ass .

    while he was heading towards the border to do a solo patrol , the ragdoll had come across a rather odd sight . a wild turkey . not that he hadn't seen one before , but because he'd thought they'd all been disposed of during thanksgiving preparations . of course , the duskguard hadn't participated in such actions as volarians had a very strict rule against killing birds , and he extended this courtesy to even the weirdest of avians . but , it seemed this respect wasn't going both ways .

    he'd made one small step to move around said bird , and it had gone into attack . apparently , the small ragdoll was too much of a threat to be left alone . that's how enjolras had spent the past ten minutes running in circles , attempting to avoid the angry bird without fighting back . eventually , he'd scaled a tree and was crouched fifteen feet up , warily eyeing the turkey as it circled the tree . " fichu oiseau , " he muttered . it seemed he was going to have to spend the night up here . even helios was of no use , having picked up on the fact that attacking other birds would probably get him in a lot of trouble with his companion .

    // oop feel free to powerplay this satanic bird lol

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    Adara watched this continue without making a move to help, the angora likely visible the entire time or from where enjolras was taking refuge in the trees. The midnightbringer had full intentions of remaining uninvolved until beast black eyes locked onto her, and the much bolder avian let out a loud call, before charging the girl, tail feathers raised and head held high.

    Unlike the Volarian, though, she held no qualms about harming the satanic bird, the turkey clucking loudly as it was roughly grabbed by a shadowy tendril. “I thought all of these had been killed.” She murmured quietly, considering briefly finishing the job. Then again, if she did, it would likely be too messy. Gray eyes would flick upwards towards the rag doll, her head tilting a bit. “Shall I dispose of it?” Now she asks. It’s likely the answer would have still been the same as ten minutes ago, but she was too intrigued by the fact enjolras didn’t fight back to offer.

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  • Truly, he'd never understood Thanksgiving. He had things to be thankful for, sure- plenty of them, in fact. But selfishness had always been his prevailing ideology, and in that there was no room for thinking about what exactly he should be thankful for. The food was fine, but it was nothing like his dear mother's cooking, all the way back in Morioh.... Oh, how cynical he had grown to be!

    But, if there was one thing amusing this holiday season, it would be the sight of Enjolras hiding from this strange assailant.

    Being a Volarian (or... former Volarian) himself, he understood the reason for the ragdoll's pacifism, but it was still funny to him. A wobbly grin had formed onto his usually stoic maw, and his single lavender hue flicked between Enjolras, Adara, and the turkey. It squawked pathetically in the shadow's grip. He himself would have no problem... getting rid of the thing, considering he'd cut ties with his former home, but there were two more small issues. He really didn't like dirty paws, and he didn't particularly feel like revealing his powers to these people. Or anyone. Ever. So the man stood uselessly off to the side, snickering at the sight of it all.

    "How peculiar..." he hummed, mostly to himself. He wondered if Enjolras could even hear him, all the way up in that tree. If he decided to be particularly antagonizing, he'd have to speak a bit louder, most likely.... Ah, but, what to say? He couldn't think of anything especially necessary. Perhaps quiet was best for now.

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  • "Wait a minute- now wait just a minute!" Theo barked, his mouth trembling with contained laughter as he glanced between the turkey and the tree where his clan-mate was perched. This whole scenario looked like a comedy sketch gone wrong. A turkey and a cat walk into the forest- he would store that away for later. You know, refine the set up a bit before branding it as his own. Not to mention that the joke was still missing a good punchline. Grinning to no one in particular, the fox hound wound up his leg and aimed to kick Kira in the shin, seemingly for his own amusement. Either that or he was holding a grudge against the tabby. Whatever his motive was behind the action, Theo didn't care to disclose it. Flicking his attention back to Adara and Enjolras, he responded to the angora's question with a tutting noise. "You don't mean that, do ya Addy?" He whined, looking deep into the bird's beady gaze. It was like looking into the void. There was nothing in those black pupils except pure hate and chaos. No thought, no remorse, no nothing. Freaky, right? Ignoring the menacing aura that surrounded the turkey, he proceeded to argue in defense of this weird ass avian. "You wouldn't kill an innocent creature like this guy. He just doesn't want to get plucked and cooked like the rest of his family, that's all. Can you blame him for fighting back?" Hung around his neck was a Polaroid camera, and grinning in what some would consider a shit-eating fashion, he proceeded to take a photo of everyone. Snap! There was a bright flash of light and the sound of a shutter firing as he captured the scene before him. "This'll look great in my holiday scrapbook." He chirped, gently shaking the square of film before setting it on the ground next to him. "Once Enjolras climbs down from there, I wanna get another group shot."



  • ★ ★ ★ he watched as adra snatches up the turkey in a shadowy tendril , and feels some relief wash over him . at least it was no longer free to torment him , but that brought up another issue entirely . he can barely read her lips as she speaks , but he gets the gist of the situation . " no ! don't kill it , " he starts , and then abruptly cuts himself off . it wasn't like he would be the one disposing of the bird , so why did he care so much ? if he just turned away and suddenly it was dead , surely there was nothing wrong with that , right ? " er , well , it's not my call , " enjolras finally amends after a brief silence .

    his heart stutters as kira joins the scene , and he forces himself not to react . aside from a slight shifting of his footing , he holds steady . how embarrassing , to be in such a situation in front of the man that had once been his leader . he coughs unsteadily and quickly averts his attention as theo appears . he can't tell what's being said , but he doesn't like the look of it all as a polaroid is pulled out and used . if he'd heard theo's response , he probably would've shot back with something about ' like hell i'm coming back down , ' but he was inadvertently forced into silence by his own lack of hearing .

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    The girl came over and moved past the rest. Eyes on the turkey and head tilted slightly. What is it? She asked as she watched the bird with curious eyes. Not scared of it at all. This seemed to be highly amusing for her.


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  • The howling of a child is not one that Kira loves to hear, and it's simply made worse as the foxhound decides to spontaneously kick him in the leg. A yelp escapes the man and he focuses his razor gaze on Theo, ears flicking backwards. "Insolent child..." he growls to himself, drawing his arm in close to his body until the dull pain thuds away. What in God's name was that for? But, soon the pup is launching into something entirely different- he seemed to be a turkey attorney, which Kira wasn't sure how to take -and he tried to focus his attention elsewhere. He'd learned his lesson once when it came to sin and punishment. Some things were best to just forget.

    "I struggle to believe that thing has feelings," he states coolly, half-lidded lavender gaze falling on the turkey. It looked like a soulless creature. He wondered if that were true. The snapping of a camera draws him out of his trance and into another; he wondered quietly how his mother was doing, if she was still alive at all. Then, his ears perk towards Enjolras's cry against the turkey's death, and he flicks his ears. He would have just said to kill the thing and eat it, but the ragdoll's protest forces his thoughts another direction. He purses his lips for a moment, before suggesting quietly, "perhaps turning it loose into someone else's territory would be suitable. Then, at least, we won't have to suffer its torment."

    The girl's question makes him blink. What is... a turkey?

    "It's a big bird that most people eat around Thanksgiving time. I think they're menaces when they're alive, though..." he answers quietly before glancing back up at Enjolras again. He hopes that the ragdoll will descend from the tree soon.

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