Plot with Swallow?

  • I only just noticed that I didn't have a plotting thread for this boy, oops-

    Anyways, this is Swallowpaw! He is one of Eaglestar and Nathanos/Tigerflame's kits, and currently seven moons old.

    ( Swallowpaw is a long-furred, muted blue mackerel tabby with high white patches. His build is an odd amalgamation of broad, tall, and lean: with the sheer size and obscured muscle of a Maine Coon yet the long limbs of an Oriental. In a certain light, his slate blue eyes almost look lilac.

    Specifically, his genetics are 1/2 Maine Coon, 1/4 Oriental Shorthair, and 1/4 Japanese Bobtail.

    Personality-wise, Swallow is a pretty selfless, laidback tom and very protective of his family. As long as you have a low and calm energy, he normally doesn't mind being in your presence. He's also not very competitive and doesn't play many games with others unless it's with kits. )

    Current plots:

    ・Swallowpaw is going to start losing the ability to hear at ten moons: quiet sounds such as whispering and leaves stirring won't be heard at all. At fifteen moons, everything will sound like its underwater. Finally, at twenty moons, he won't be able to hear at all and will have to relearn how to do everything.

    Closed to: Death, fatal injury, etc. Anything along those lines basically. He also won't force himself on anyone and he doesn't bully others.

    Open to: A mentor, one-sided crushes on either side, developing friendships, and almost anything else you can think of. Potential relationships will have to develop in character though because my boy is pretty clueless.