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  • Well, this would be a first for him. Only a week or two into his new promotion and Riptide would already be hosting a meeting. When Ver had come to him asking him to help, he of course had agreed without hesitation, but that didn’t dissolve the nerves raging in the pit of his stomach at the thought of getting up in front of all of his clanmates and doling out important information. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to handle the responsibility as competently as Ver or Mercy did, but he was going to try his best and hopefully that would be enough. The Shaderunner made his way into the meeting room, feeling largely out of place as he hopped up onto the large rock where their leader normally stood. He sat there for a solid minute, not entirely sure how to even begin. Hesitantly, the tabby opened his maw and released a long, deep yowl that would hopefully summon his clanmates over.

    Ty let a few moments pass before jumping into things, watching as the first few began to trickle in. “Shadow Veil! Please gather for a meeting.” After a decent amount of Veilers had arrived, the maine coon cleared his throat, shuffling his paws slightly before continuing. “I’m sorry that this meeting is so late, Ver has become very ill and has asked me to take care of things today. Please bear with me, and let me know if I’ve left out anything important.” How did Ver usually start these things? His seafoam gaze scanned the crowd briefly, seeking out any familiar faces to calm his racing heart. “I’d like to welcome a few new faces into the clan this week! RETROBLOOM EVD - , Rollinggirl M.R. , TOBIAS.W , CODY W , kira , YMIR- , and Chemicaldaze . If any of you have any questions, please feel free to come to me or any other Veiler. I’d also like to welcome back VALERIAN. and SELENE DARLING . I’m glad that you both returned to us safely.” Well maybe not entirely safe, but alive, at least. Valerian had been pretty beat up when they’d found him.

    And that led him to the next issue that needed attention. “I hate to keep having to bring this up every week, but I need you all to be on high alert whenever you venture out of camp. Valerian was just attacked by the Painted Brigade, which makes it twice that they’ve injured one of our own.” At least, they only knew about two attacks. The beast who’d taken Junepaw’s leg had been pretty blatant about his lack of remorse when Mercy had confronted them, and now it was obvious that Kingpin was trying to piss them off. “I know that you all hate having restrictions put on you, but I’m going to ask that everyone takes someone with them whenever they leave camp, regardless of your age or size. Anyone can be ambushed, and until we’re able to deal with the Brigade I want to make sure you’re all as safe as you can be. We also are still looking for whoever attacked Leesha and Winterpaw, and I personally will do my best to find them.”

    The mention of Leesha caused his throat to close up slighty, and he struggled to keep his emotions from rising up. It did, however, remind him of a more somber piece of news that needed to be announced. “Also, I know that it’s been put off for a while now, but we’re going to be having a funeral for Leesha directly following this meeting. It isn’t mandatory, but I hope you all will come and pay your respects to our fallen clanmate. She deserves that much.” She deserved more, but they couldn’t help her now. “As for other events happening within the clan, Xia is ice skating, Calina is hosting a game of manhunt, and Littlepaw is training her bird. Selene is having a meet and greet, and Theo is painting rocks, so make sure you guys check those out.”

    Moving on to the part that pretty much everyone looked forward to most; promotions and demotions. “Sadly we do have one demotion this week. CALLISTO- we haven’t seen you around in a while so you’re demoted to regular member.” He hadn’t ever met Ver’s kid before, but it still sucked to have to dish out bad news. “Now, onto brighter things. I’d like to give a shoutout to ~ADARA~ , HYPERION ! , JUNEBUG A.W. , LITTLEFLAME. , and VALERIAN. You’ve all been doing great, keep it up." The clan as a whole had been doing an amazing job at keeping things running, especially considering all the tragedy they'd suffered the past few weeks, and he was immensely proud of them all. "There are a lot of promotions this week, but a lot of you have been working hard recently and you should be rewarded for that. Orfhlaith Faelan , Arvicaena , kira , and enjolras h. k. a. , I’d like all four of you to step up to duskguard. BELLONA D. , I’d like for you to become our new spiritcaller student.” They had been lacking greatly in healers recently, especially with Ver and Mercy so busy, so it would be good to have someone else around with the skills to help.

    “Continuing on with promotions, I’d like for Calina A.R.K. to step up to nightwatcher, and STRINGTHEORY. if you accept, you’ll be moving up to darkseeker. You’ve both been contributing a lot to the clan lately, it hasn’t gone unnoticed.” Calina had only just returned to the Veil and Theo was still pretty young, but he was sure that they could both handle the responsibilities given to them. “Now I’d like to give out a few titles as well. LITTLEFLAME. , I know you’re already an apprentice, but I’d like to award you the Duskchaser title. STRINGTHEORY. and Calina A.R.K. are receiving the Followthrough title, as well as the Sociable title. Orfhlaith Faelan is also awarded the Sociable title.” They hadn’t given out titles in a while, but he felt all of them were well-deserved.

    Now that the majority of the important bits were out of the way, Riptide just needed to get out a few smaller announcements and they would be on their way. “I’d like to remind ambassadors to head out to their assigned clans if you haven’t already. We also need someone to host weekly tasks this week, so if you’d be willing to do that please let me know before you leave.” The large feline paused for a moment, trying to catch his breath and recall anything else that needed to be said at this meeting. He couldn't think of anything else, and the Shaderunner visibly relaxed when he realized that he'd made it through his first meeting with relative ease. "That's all that I have for today, unless Ver or Mercy have anything to add." Once they were done here, he needed to get started on setting up Leesha's funeral.



  • Meetings. She remembered a time where she liked them, loved them even - the thrill of seeing her parents talking at her and millions of others, handing out promotions to people they've only spoken to once. It was the life. Xia remembered most of her past bitterly, even bits and pieces that involved Calina despite the other woman being the only reason she was here - the only reason she was alive. And yet, Xia was settled towards the back of the crowd, extending her ice elementals so that no one would sit within her personal space. She was silent throughout the meeting, trying to be a part of society again as Calina was doing, and only truly listened when her sister was awarded a new rank and snazzy titles. Xia clicked her tongue, clocking out from the meeting once that was over and done with and seeking out her firestarter sister to congratulate her.



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  • ★ ★ ★ enjolras new exactly how riptide felt . his first meeting had left him unsure of himself for quite a while , and at times he still felt inadequate . still , the shaderunner was in a far better position than he'd been in . at least ver was still alive and around to help out . being thrust into leadership without any sort of warning had been a ride that enjolras would never want to go on again . he listened , well , more like watched , riptide speak and felt a tinge of jealousy for stability the other was in . if only he'd been able to have that guidance . the ragdoll was shaken from his thoughts as his name was said . he assumed it was his , but he might've been mistaken . he squinted slightly , letting out a soft breath . " me ? " he finally started , an uncharacteristically unsteady plea for confirmation . " oh , merci . " the rest is lost on him as he attempts to bring his focus back to the matters at hand . the brigade was apparently on their bullshit some more , and he couldn't help but frown . enjolras was in no position to be a fighter , so he remained silent on the matter . though , if there was other work to be done regarding the situation , he would volunteer his time .

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    Calina wasn't surprised to see Riptide up there, announcing the meeting. Although he had only been the shaderunner since the last meeting, he seemed competent, and it wasn't as if Calina was used to seeing Ver give the meetings. She had only seen the woman lead one, although she was concerned at the news about Ver being sick. They were swept into the meeting, starting off with the welcomes- she was pretty sure she had met at least half of those on the list- and then they headed into something that made Calina's brow furrow. Valerian had been confirmed to be attacked by the Painted Brigade, and yet another restriction was placed, on everyone. This was getting ridiculous. Calina had been raised in anti-clan Shadow Veil, where if somebody messed with them, they were swiftly dealt with. Sure, Riptide said that they would deal with the Brigade eventually, but eventually wasn't good enough.

    Her mind swirled throughout the demotion, the promotions, and the shout-outs. She believed that all of them were well-deserved, and was so relieved to hear that Bellona was a spiritcaller student. They needed more members trained in medicine. She absorbed her own promotion and her titles with a great deal of pride. Although nightwatcher had been the equivalent of an assistant deputy when she had held the rank last, she was glad to have it again. A few more sentences, and it was over.

    "Thanks, 'n' congratulations." She stood up, speaking her usual phrase that she said at meetings. Thanks for the promotions, congratulations to whoever else had been promoted. Her gaze caught Xia for a moment- damn, she hadn't seen before. She should have sat with her. But she could do that later. Calina had an agenda right then. She shook her fur out and settled her blurry gaze on Riptide. "I know we've got a funeral after this, but I have t' ask, Riptide- when are we going to pay the Painted Brigade back for what they've done? They're gonna keep fucking with us until we snap back at 'em."



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  • junepaw had dreaded another meeting, if only for the fact that he'd have to carry himself into camp after about a week or so of directly disobeying ver and the placement of her restriction on apprentices. he still didn't feel bad about being so insolent, having already felt countless times before that he was just a useless bunch of fur with only three legs and the placement of the restriction only further bolstered said feeling, but he showed up at the meeting anyways.

    he sits among the back of the crowd, sporting the new prosthetic limb breakout had made for him. it was taking him a while to get used to it, but he knew he'd get it eventually, just like how he gotten used to hobbling around on three legs. his tail curls around him as he lifts his sapphire gaze to riptide, finding it a bit odd that he had to see the shaderunner up there today instead of ver. however, the reason for that came about soon enough.

    junepaw thought he would be warned for his behavior last week, but it seemed like that wasn't happening. instead, he received a shout - out, the last thing he expected to hear after how he directly disobeyed his leader. however, he was obviously not happy with the continuation of the restriction placed upon the members of the veil. he frowns deeply, his tail lashing in blatantly obvious irritation. he swore that he saw sparks of blue flame flare out from under his paws, but he managed to keep all of that in check with a deep breath and the rumbling beginning of a growl. he hoped they knew he had no intention of following this rule. june refused to be babysat, especially now that he had his leg back. he wouldn't tolerate it at all.

    june narrowed his eyes slightly at the mention of the painted brigade and how they were up to no good once more, though the bitter apprentice couldn't help but huff at the promise that they were going to do something about it. calina's inquiry made the apprentice glance over briefly in her direction, and quietly agreed with her question. it's been months since junepaw had lost his leg, and still nothing had been done about it. he frankly doubted that the veil would do anything about the people who've been hurt now, either. "we've waited long enough if you ask me. i've been waiting for months to tear those assholes apart after they took my leg..." was jun's embittered response, his icy glare flickering across them before he stood from his seat.

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  • It felt like she'd barely arrived in the clan, and now she was getting promoted and a title, wow. "Oh, wow, t'ank you, and congratulations." As was probably quite evident, she had no idea what to say. She'd probably have to actually start learning how to fight now, something told her that she wasn't going to get through clan life just knowing how to kick behind her.

    Maybe it was the fact that now others were talking about getting payback on the Brigade, which she'd probabl have to attend, grand. Órfhlaith actually felt better with the whole no-one leaves camp by themselves now thing, considering her fighting ability, she preferred not being out in the open alone, it would at least make her feel better asking for company, but she wasn't sure how she would fare in this 'payback'. She would never stand in the way of someone's personal justice that was for sure, but she made sure to remain silent on the issue as she let the others deal with it.

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  • He joined the crowd in no time, having been drawn by the call like Pavlov's dog. Having only recently returned to Agrelosian society, and even more recently joined the Veil itself, he had little expectations for today. He knew nothing about recent news outside of what he'd lived, and hadn't bothered to ask anybody. Whether that was because he simply didn't care, or because he just hadn't gotten around to it yet, was up for debate.

    The usual elements of meetings he'd come to know played out in perfect detail. Welcomes, introductions (in which he was included, which he felt... neutrally about), and then news about the clan. So they'd been facing attacks from the Brigade...? His head tilted slightly. He didn't like the idea of traveling buddies- he wasn't a child, and he could most certainly defend himself without any troubles. He'd done it before, after all. But... oh well. No use challenging the rules when he was still new, was there? He could leave that to older members. Talk of challenging the Brigaide floated around, and his single hue trailed those speaking, then rested back on Riptide. He wondered idly what the answer might be. Kira himself had never been one to launch too quickly into an attack. In fact, the only time he could recall true recklessness was when... well, there was no use dwelling on it. That was in the past, was it not?

    The meeting moved forwards and forced his thoughts along with it. Promotions, promotions... and his name among them? Well, that came as something of a shock to the man. "Thank you," he murmured quickly, almost as to not forget. A promotion? Well, he wouldn't take it for granted. Obviously there was value in his... whatever he'd done, so he supposed he could keep it up.

    And, not long after, the meeting was adjourned. He lingered, though, wanting to hear where the discussion of... payback... was going.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Had she been able to wince, the femme would have at the mention of her injuries. Naturally, she had no memories of it, a paw being brought to her head when it’s mentioned, tapping blood-soaked bandages with a grimace. As they speak, Winterpaw doesn’t show much interest, only being present for the sake of existing.

    "please dont hurt me."

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  • Arvicaena Reaver


    She was promoted. That was, surprising. Yet, she held her head high as she neared the gathered and took her seat. Ears perking as she looked at the gathered a moment and offered a soft congrats to the others promoted.


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  • Riptide had known that the announcement about the Painted Brigade would stir up troubled feelings in his clanmates; their reaction was warranted and justified. It had been a long time since they'd attacked Junepaw, and still nothing had been done. He was just as impatient as the rest of them, but Ver had ordered him not to act recklessly, so his paws were a bit tied at the moment. His gaze fell first to Calina, then June, his expression solemn as he listened to their concerns. "I understand your frustration at nothing being done; I would've already gone and put those bastards into the ground myself if I could." The thought of a group as weak and unimportant as the Brigade freely walking all over them was enough to visibly piss the tabby off. He flexed his claws against the smooth surface of the boulder, trying to keep a cool head. "After the funeral, i'll speak to Ver about putting together a raid on the Painted Brigade. I promise." He leveled the crowd with an even stare, hoping they would trust him despite how easily empty promises seemed to be thrown around during situations like these.

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  • For an impatient wolf with a punk's perspective on society, what happened on the borders at his joining could akin to a joke. It had taken forever for him to be properly approved, not because he had attitude problems or because he was an active threat but because some jackass outed him as a former Exiler. He eyes that jackass in the crowd as he approached and his face soured. You're new too. What, you scared of me taking your spot or something? A quiet sigh escaped the three-legged lupine, when his eyes rolled back towards the apparent authority his demeanor at least lightened up a little. From bitter to aloof, the male murmured a "Thanks," to ease his urge for politeness. Cody knew to expect these feelings, they wouldn't go away with time, he guessed it just sucked that there were those around that would exploit his anger. He settled back on his haunches, gaze flickering towards the crowd to gauge their reactions to what this creature was saying.

    The wolf stopped at a three-legged youngster, chewing the inside of his mouth as they relayed the opinion. Shit, yet more prove it wasn't just the Exiles capable of dastardly deeds. He shot a sympathetic look towards the kid before focusing back onto Riptide. "I can lead a raid on them fucks," he called out, audibly snapping his jaws together at the end of his sentence. They had no right to trust him of course, Cody didn't trust them either: but both sides could see that the wolf might have some personal investment in Junepaw's story. "I don't know the kid so I ain't got no emotional attachment, I'd be less reckless than all of you,". Also means I won't have to jump at a bitch's orders.



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    An ear flicked to acknowledge the shoutout that she had received; proof that what she was doing was right, at least, in the Veil's eyes, even if she wasn't quite so sure herself, that false air of quiet confidence oozed from her frail frame.

    "I was their ambassador." The midnightbringer said quietly at the mention of the raid. "I can help with understanding at least good entry points." She murmured. Those short visits, she wondered if they truly believed that she was simply delivering gifts and leaving? No, it had become habit for her to scour out weaknesses in defenses, in people, who and where the weakest link was. However, a quiet message was interwoven within the midnightbringer's words. I can keep an eye on the newcomer as well. Trust was not something she gave easily, even if the rest of the Veil was willing to. There was a difference between accepting somebody and trusting them. Adara accepted Cody as a Veiler. Adara trusted Riptide as a Veiler.

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  • Ah shit, he was later than late to the meeting. And all because of this stupid, goddamn thorn in his paw. The canine limped over to where everyone was gathered, a pained grimace on his elastic face as he slowly lowered himself to the ground. That's what he got for trapezing through the forest blind-folded. But hey, at least he won the bet and proved the other apprentices wrong. So in a way, the agony he was experiencing down below was well worth it, despite what everyone else may be thinking. He arrived just in time to hear Riptide mentioned the Painted Brigade, and like a light switch had been flipped in his head, Theo's attitude became a whole lot more aggressive. His frown turned into a look of cold steel, and pressing his bloodied paw into the ground, he resisted the urge to growl. Wasn't that the group who had beaten up Valerian? The bastards who reduced his normally level-headed friend into a sobbing mess? Oh, he desperately wanted a piece of the action. "Child or not, I'll also be in that raid. Those fuckers are going to pay for what they did to Vale." His voice was determined- venomous, even. Daring someone to argue with him.