• She has been a ghost, wandering in and out of her den to oversee the Clan before disappearing again. The cycle continued for a while, Eaglestar couldn’t bring herself to do anything else. They needed to talk with BloodClan, she knew that. But how could she bear to see his face again, the face of her former love? He betrayed her and DarkClan, abandoned his children, and for what? She was a fool to have trusted him at all. Bune was right. He was right from the beginning. He had looked out for her as a friend would do, and now he was gone, a new leader taking his place. Their alliance was already dead, and still, the molly did not visit BloodClan’s border, afraid of what she would find there.

    How many times had she found herself in this very clearing, when the moon was highest in the night sky? First, when Pitchstar passed. Then when Lizardbounce broke her heart, and now again when the weight of leading felt like simply too much. It was cold. Eaglestar’s silvery fur fluffed up, hunching her shoulders as she sat in the small, grassy clearing under the stars. Something urged her not to sit here again. She needed to move, get away from things for a while. Barely registering her movements, Eaglestar stood up, long legs slowly taking her deeper into the forest, forcing herself not to look at the cold, distant stars.

    She didn’t know how long she walked for. It felt like an eternity, though perhaps it was only a few minutes. Her spirit-like trance only broke when a familiar sight caught her eye, though much different in leaf-bare. She stopped right at the edge of the flower fields, now dying and withering away from the oncoming cold. There were no colors, no butterflies to greet her, only the sad brown stalks of decaying plants. Her ears dropped slightly against her skull, letting herself slide into a sitting position, looking out at the fields mournfully. It seemed impossible, the idea that she could bounce back fro, this one. She hadn’t felt that happy since reuniting with her brother, and it lasted for barely a moon. The stars were sneering at her, they had to be, for Eaglestar had truly been an idiot.


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  • ・゚ ✦ ° why do love and hate sound just the same to me - He had been in the midst of heading to his nest, having finished his portion of the night guard, when the blue tom spotted Eaglestar slipping from camp, looking as distant as she had since Nathanos' betrayal had been uncovered. Forgoing sleep, the massive tom turned his paws to follow his leader, keeping a bit of distance and keeping a careful eye on her. He paused and watched her sit at the edge of a field of decaying flowers, letting her sit in solitude for a while before carefully approaching. Sitting smoothly at her side, Oakridge's golden eyes wandered over the empty field, taking in the browning stalks and empty flower heads.

    He let them sit in silence for a while longer before speaking softly, not looking at Eaglestar as he did. "I never spent much time around flowers like these. But I'm sure they were lovely during greenleaf. Driftingstar once told me during my training, when I was having a hard time because Sweetpea wasn't doing well, that flowers go through cycles. They bloom and flourish, and then they wilt and crumble, yet rise again. He told me to stay strong, even when I felt like everything was wilting, because eventually things would bloom again and I would come back stronger." Finally turning his gaze towards Eaglestar, Oakridge tried to look as positive as possible, despite his fatigue. He knew his leader was feeling hopeless, and though he had never felt her type of hopelessness, he had been in many stages of his life where he felt so entirely lost he almost gave up. "Sometimes you just need a little help to begin again, and there's nothing wrong with that. Flowers need lots of things to help them bloom continuously, too."

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  • ◆◇◆ Things had changed a lot since Briarheart was young, and since her father had passed. She wasn’t the same cat she was back then, but neither was anyone else. They’d all been hardened by the obstacles thrust in their way, and they’d all grown stronger. Briarheart just wished they could be happier too, but with leafbare finally here, she knew that was not bound to happen anytime soon. So she let herself slip into a monotonous pattern of waking up early and disappearing for long hours to scour their barren, rocky lands for food. That was all they needed to keep going, to survive the next several months until newleaf came again.

    On one of her ventures home from the outskirts of the territory, completely exhausted and numb from the cold, she stumbled upon Oakridge and Eaglestar. The latter looked more downtrodden than Briarheart had ever seen her, and Oakridge appeared to be giving her a few words of encouragement. The ebony she-cat padded over slowly, muscles feeling frozen stiff as she appeared before them. “You always have me too, Eaglestar,” she mewed. “As long as the same blood courses through our veins, I’m always there for you.” They were family, and she would never give up on her own blood.




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    "I'm insulted, Oakridge. You've spent plenty of time near me. I'm pretty sure you were there when I was born." A poor joke, but why not put the flower name to some kind of use. The dark apprentice wandered over at the small gathering of cats surrounding his mother and he kept his expression light and cheerful despite the gnawing feeling of despair deep within his chest.

    Oh, but he loved his name. It didn't necessarily suit him in appearance but he felt it deep inside as something he would eventually grow into. Wisteria flowers were durable in poor weather, at their core their 'eyes' were a rich gold and their petals soft despite the bitter taste. In twoleg culture flowers had meanings synonymous with words, he was not aware of this but if he were he would find that the wisteria flower spoke of loyalty and devotion; a flower he could truly claim as one that fit him well.

    He wondered if his father regretted it. If the brute looked back on what he had destroyed and left scattered in the wind behind him, what he had built up only to tear down without a care; what had been the point? What had he given them up for?

    Wisteriapaw silently stepped up alongside Briarheart; his cousin and mentor and he could even claim his friend. He wondered if she ever thought about her equally cruel father, wished him back despite knowing what sort of chaos he had sown.

    Tigerflame-no-Nathanos returning would not mend what was done. Once the claws were driven in you could not take back the scar. But sometimes a small hopeful part of him would wish they could turn back time and reset the moons to a time where things were different.

    "Mom.." He hoped she knew she wasn't alone.



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