Faded Wings ~ A Silverwing RP ~ Sign up thread

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    ~~ Faded Wings - A Silverwing RP ~~

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    Nightrose Check out my Deviant Art Feel free to invite me to rps.

    Cat RPGs:

    Tawnyclan - Honeydawn, Olivestep, Kestrelpaw, Noble, Oakfire, Duskpebble

    Petalclan - Silverstar, Pantherstep, Snakepaw, Nightpetal, Sapphirewind, Blazeclaw | Petalclan Roleplay (mine)

    Lostclan - Redsight, Fawnpelt, Silverthorn, Flashkit, Mosseye

    Eagleclan - Direwolf, Emberflame

    Smokeclan - Featherspirit, Jackalpelt, Vixenstorm, Spottedpaw (co created)


    When the mist cleared | The Sun shone brightly - Silverdawn, Vixenstorm, Jackalpelt, Pantherpaw, Jasper

    Human RPGs


    Available Schedule:

    Monday - Thursday ~ 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

    Friday ~ 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

    Saturday - Sunday ~ Sporadically may not get on due to WiFi issues.

    These times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time)

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