Insanity [BxB PAFP JUMP IN] The Weight Of The Air Is Torture

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  • Plot :

    Muse A (you) and Muse B (me) have been dating for a long while now. And then, Muse A pops the question that Muse B has been waiting for (hint hint: marriage proposal). But that doesn't stop random strangers from taking an interest in Muse B - and Muse A would like to keep what is theirs to themselves. And instead of ignoring the situations, Muse A decides to just get rid of the people who have bothered Muse B. They lay low and are confident until Muse B catches Muse A in the process of murdering someone. Well, Muse B can fling the ring at Muse A and go to the police or they can just blow it off and not turn Muse A into the police and let it stay a secret between them.

    My Character --

    Full Name : Oliver Cameron Fleuris

    Nickname : Ollie

    Age : 22

    Gender : Cisgender Male

    Zodiac : Taurus

    Birthday : May 4th

    Occupation : Librarian

    Favorite Season : Winter (oh you know.... so he can personally hog all the blankets from his lover.)

    HeadCanons :

    - His natural hair color used to be platinum blonde but then he dyed it pink.

    - His favorite color happens to be pink

    - Don't judge him

    - He is hella hella old fashioned

    - "I am merely traditional. I shall wait till I'm married to engage in such things."

    - "It's called abstinence sweetheart."

    - Awwww he's a little pure angel <3


    - Will personally jump you if you mess with his OCD

    - Um.... he's underweight?

    - "Oliver stop trying to be anorex-" "Imma stop you right there honey. I am eating plenty a day. I just got a fast metabolism."

    - Oh god he hates rap music.

    - Loves classical music <3

    - Knows how to cook and bake

    - Will make a full on five course meal if you ever so want him to.

    - Reads those classic books like Great Expectations and Treasure Island and all that

    - Lemon water is his favorite drink

    - Dislikes coffee

    - Has a short attention span


    - Dogs are meh

    It was around nine o'clock in the morning when Oliver was starting to wake up. He's always been a heavy sleeper, usually waking up later due to him being in such a deep sleep that by now, not even the sound of something falling and breaking could arouse him from sleep. And usually even when he was awake, he would still remain in bed because of how warm and comfortable the bed was. And he just wanted to be warm and cozy instead of being cold. After a few minutes, Oliver finally willed himself to slowly get out of bed but he made sure to put on an extra pajama shirt just for extra warmth.

    The male then walked into the bathroom and he brushed his teeth and used some mouthwash before going to leave the bathroom. He was tottering downstairs and into the kitchen area to make him a glass of lemon water like he did every morning. He was sure that his boyfriend was up, usually his boyfriend was always up before him. Oliver grabbed a glass and proceeded to make lemon water. After that, he made his way over to the couch with his phone in his hand. Oliver sat down, immediately getting comfortable and he started to play on his phone while waiting for his boyfriend to interact with him.