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  • Jace enjoyed his trips to the Veil. He'd always liked this group, even before the shift to Agrelos. Jace was sure that if he'd ever lost his place and never went back to BloodClan or the Ruins, he surely would have ended up in ShadowClan or the Veil. He comes to the border of the Veil, sitting down as he normally did with his basket of gifts for the Clan. "Yo, ambassador has arrived!" He calls in a half-joking tone, a friendly grin upon his maw. "Where's Junepaw at?" He asks, flicking his tail. He did enjoy seeing Junepaw around, he was such an honorable and loyal ambassador to the Ruins that Jace often felt others took for granted. He wasn't aware that Roman had already visited the Ruins, but besides, he was just carrying out his duties.

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  • Although he had never personally visited the desert group, Theo knew it quite well. Selene often talked about her home away from home, and despite not being able to retain information for as long as most people, he got the gist. Icy pyramids, river made of blood- or was it just called the Blood Nile? Anyway, he was keen to learn more about the place, and meet some people, if possible. He wanted to know if Selene's description of everyone was close to the real image. Let's see... lion, ambassador, covered in scars- this must be Jace. Okay- so his deduction skills weren't that good. He knew what the leader looked like prior to this, having done some research into the Sanguine Ruins in his free time. Despite this, the canine liked to think that he was the next Sherlock Holmes. "Should I roll out the red carpet for you?" He joked, donning a lazy smile to match his tone of voice. "Or maybe you'd like something to drink or eat while you're here? I can probably produce a plate of hors d'oeuvres from one place or another if you give me enough time." Bobbing his sore neck from side to side in an attempt to ease the pain, Theo lightly shrugged. "Sorry, but I've got to crack at least one joke per day, doctor's orders." With that last humorous jab he became more subdued, swiveling his gaze to the basket. Ah ah- there was something else to address first. His curiosity could wait a few minutes. "I haven't seen Junepaw in a week or so, to be honest. You can try asking around, though." In his haste to answer Jace's question [yet another rhyme to add to his writing journal] Theo had failed to introduce himself, or ask how the Sanguine Ruins were doing. Not to mention the gift basket. Oh well, he was pretty sure that the next person to come wandering over would cover all three of these topics.




    It had been so long since Calina had kept track of ambassadors. Once upon a time, she had known who was expected to visit Shadow Veil,a nd who was expected to go out and visit the other groups, but no longer. That was why, when she came up beside Theo, she stared at Jace with a good helping of curiosity. He carried a scent that reminded Calina of the Sanguine Ruins, but hell if she knew he was from there. Maybe he had just switched groups and was doing ambassador duties for that new group. She stifled her thoughts for a moment, checking out the basket of gifts. No sticks in it, huh? When she was younger, bringing random sticks in gift baskets had been her signature thing, since she had though everyone liked them. In hindsight, they were only being nice to a puppy who had no idea how to pack a gift basket. Jace's looked significantly better than any of her attempts.

    "Hey, 'm Calina. I'm a new Duskguard here. 'Haven't seen Junepaw around, either." She introduced herself first and foremost, and wondered only briefly if she should introduce Theo as well. He was so friendly to the scarred lion that she thought they might already know each other, and so held off on that, instead opting to second Theo's answer to Jace's question. She had only seen the kid once, when he got all pissed at the meeting. She wondered if the law about kids not being able to travel alone was still in effect, and if she should be reprimanding Theo- but he also held a higher position than her. Confusing stuff. She moved on. "You're from the Sanguine Ruins, right? Thanks for the gift basket." She felt irritated voicing her ignorance, reminding herself to research current clan politics.



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  • Jace could appreciate the jokes that Theo was coming up with. He flashed a toothy grin, shrugging his shoulders. "Gosh, maybe you should. I am a King, after all." He exaggerates, pretending to fan himself with a paw. He keeps his act up for a moment before putting his paw down and shaking his head, "Well, I have some things. The usual stuff, you know." Comments the elder lion as he pushes the woven basket forward. Underneath the blanket that cloaked it would be the usual gifts, everything from soft blankets for the upcoming winter to snacks and herbs that the Ruins could spare. "Really? That's unfortunate, I like seeing him around." He adds as Theo says he hasn't seen Junepaw around. Jace hopes that nothing bad has happened to the young apprentice.

    As someone else approaches, his ears flick and he nods his head. "That I am. Name's Jace, King of the Ruins. I've been the Veil's ambassador for some time, and Junepaw ours, so I was hoping to see him," He says, looking up to the two with a bright smile, "but you are both just as well. How is the Veil?" He asks with a slight tilt of his head.

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  • hadn't been around for a week, huh? no, he's been around, though he wasn't at all in the company of any adults or anything of that sort. he had more or less stayed away from camp ever since the last meeting, having withdrawn himself completely from the clan so he could calm his own nerves. he wasn't sure if he could take talking to anyone in the veil as long as his blood and temper continued to simmer and pop and boil.

    he offers no greeting to his clanmates as he arrives, single - handedly disproving their comments of him being not around. instead he flickers his gaze towards jace, offering the lion a crooked sort of grin since he had overheard the old man's speak highly of him. "i'm here, jace. i've mostly been hanging around in the territory this past week, nowhere near camp though." he explains simply, his feathered tail flicking to and fro behind his frame. "it's good to see you on our border. have you been any further into the whispering pines than this?"



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    The girl came up silently. Settling in to watch with bright pink optics. The child was clearly eager to hear what would be spoken of. Eyes flicking about the gathered as she took in faces and names. Finally landing on Jace and offering a weak smile. Ruins hated the Exiles. She hailed from there before Mercy..


    She had to let the past be the past. Hello. She offered after a moment of silent thought.


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  • Ah, there was the man in question. Jace's eyes meet Junepaw, and his face immediately brightens a new shade. "Junepaw!" He exclaims excitedly, waving his tail in greeting. A grin spreads from ear to ear across his scarred face. "Actually, I haven't." He says, looking down at where the border line would be beneath his paws. "I don't travel much nor spend time in other places. The only place I really come is here for my ambassador duties." He explains with a slight shrug of his shoulders. He's never truly been past the border or into much of the Veil territory.

    As another girl slinks up, quiet as a mouse, he turns his attention to her. "Hey there," He greets with a toothy smile.

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