• roman felt is was time to get out . she had never been an ambassador and had managed keep herself in the ruins for far too long . with the veil being an ally and ver being a member , the horned canine felt it was a decent place to start . with a basket ( empty , and hopefully she'd leave with stuff in it ) she approached the shadowy forest . her long strides carried her easily to the border , and she set down the basket . liquid gold eyes surveyed the area , and for a moment she thought about remaining silent and patient . nah . " hey! anyone wanna donate some spicy goods to appease a god ? " one npc sacrifice and burning a bunch of bones had been fun , but perhaps offering material goods would show the god that they were also giving up things of importance to them all because he was , to some , more important than their own lives . by this logic , roman should've offered up the gold circlet she wore , but until she found a decent replacement , it would stay with her .


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  • Kira was not especially spiritual; if there were any higher powers he did believe in, it would be luck of some sort. After all, it had always seemed to be on his side. Or... it had been before he came to Agrelos. Here, things seemed to malfunction quite often. It frustrated him, but... what was he to do about it?

    He had been an ambassador for both the Thunderlands and the Flights, when he'd lived there, but now he had opted to stick largely to himself. It hadn't entirely worked- after all, Enjolras had found his way to the former emperor in what seemed like no time, in another display of luck's fickle will -but it was doing well other than that. However, he couldn't recall his ambassador duties ever requiring him to collect objects for sacrifice.

    The blonde feline arrived with a brow raised. Appeasing gods? Which one? He didn't like donating to charities without knowing what they were about, after all- this didn't feel much different. But a few things came to mind; namely the tea set that Sweaterpaw had gifted him, but also his feather necklaces from the Flights, and the photo of his father. Too bad they had either burned or been left behind when he'd moved here. He especially liked that tea set... maybe he'd stop back there some time to retrieve it? He could only imagine that Enjolras would've made the announcement of his return by now, so it shouldn't be an awful shock like it was at his joining here.

    "And what God would this appease?" he hummed, single violet eye glancing up and down her figure before returning to her face. "... I hope that's not rude."

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  • Arvicaena Reaver


    A god? That was a new one to her. Thus, she came strolling over. Ears twitching as she tilted her head. This one did not have Shadow Veil scent. Where were they from? This question rang about in her head a moment before she decided to speak it out loud. Where are you from? The curious child ascks with wonder in her eyes. She was always asking questions. Sometimes without thinking.

    This was just who she was. It was not hard to tell. She was simply trying to learn about her world. Learn about the things she never got a chance to. Nor would she have, if Mercy had not taken her away from.. Them. And what is a God?



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  •         " the red god , idiot , " she said , though the insult wasn't very sharp ; more of a bland factual statement than anything else . it seemed this fellow had been living under a rock or something if he'd never actually heard of the red god . " and he can be quite the menace . he's currently wreaking havoc for us back in the ruins , and i'm looking for special offerings from allies to see if that'll make him calm down . " for someone who seemed very invested in her task , roman often talked about the red god as if he was some whining child who just needed a toy and some attending to instead of a potentially deadly figure in her life .

    her amber gaze rested on arvicaena , and she raised an eyebrow . " i'm from the ruins , the name's romanchoirs , " the canine answered, lowering her head slightly to study the kid more . " a god is . . . a very powerful being , " she started after a moment . this is definitely not what she wanted to be doing , and she certainly didn't have a satisfying explanation . roman couldn't recall exactly how she learned of the red god , and therefore had no ready answer for arvicaena . " uhh , you worship it ? if you want ? " god , why did she have to get saddled with this shit task ; she was supposed to be collecting offerings and not playing teacher .


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  • "Stop me if I'm making a fool out of myself, but aren't gods supposed to be benevolent and uh, I don't know, forgiving?" As he approached the group, his tone was filled with dry amusement, but was far from unkind. Skeptical was a better word to describe his stance at the moment. Theo didn't consider himself to be a religious person, you see, and quite disliked the idea of some big figure head monitoring his every mood. In his opinion, there was no such thing as divine judgement. Karma, maybe- but a holy hammer coming down on someone's head? It just didn't happen enough for him to have faith in that sort of stuff. It was ironic, coming from someone who was literally struck down by lightning not too long ago. But for all his disbelief, Theo was the first person to donate something. Or would be the first person to offer up a possession, if only he could find one that didn't hold too much sentimental value. After all, he admired the Ruiner's dedication to her religion, and if what she was saying about this Red God wrecking havoc in the desert had a shred of truth to it, he wanted to help out in anyway possible, religious or non-religious.

    "I don't suppose this Red God of yours has a penchant for pottery?" He questioned, his demeanor warming up as time passed. "Because if he does, I have a couple of handmade vases sitting around an' collecting dust that might suit his fancy." He could always make more of them at a later time, so the loss wouldn't affect him that harshly, if at all. "And since there's so many of them, I could carry them to the border for you, if you'd prefer that someone else does the dirty work." The offer was punctuated with a half smile, and he adjusted the blue scarf around his neck. "The name's Theo, by the way. At your service." Until the bite marks on his side decided to open themselves up again, that is.



  • "Depends what religion ye follow, some are more loving and benevolent, some are more vengeful and demand attention, it just depends.[/color]" The mare said with a shrug to Theo as she trotted over, offerings to a god? Where she had grown up everyone was either one of two religions and it defined everything about you, there were two choices and you rarely had a choice n the matter, you were born into one and that was that. Over here she was so confused, Red God? Helios? Naleren? Even with her old home the two religions worshipped the same god, just in different ways and that was what the conflict was about.

    Turning to Romanchoirs the antlered friesian gave yet another shrug. "Am afraid a' don't have much of any value to give ye unless this Red God really likes rare fruit and berries but a' can bring 'em over if ye'd like?" The only other thing she could offer was the tartan around her ankle or the other scraps she kept from each member of her family, but she wasn't giving any of them away to any god, not even was that she was certain of their existance, so the fabric tied around her left hind ankle was off limits, the Irish girl wasn't giving that away to anyone. However she did have a large amount of berries and fruit she had from home such as Killarney strawberries, elderberries and bird cherry she would happily give over; after all she could always grow more. But truely the doneguese woman had little to her name except fruit and scraps of fabric.

    Frowning at the injuries on Theo's side coupled with his suggestion, she may barely know the lad but she still wasn't entirely complacent in the acquaintance's ability in his condition, so the friesian gestured to him with her head. "Ah a' can do that for ye, I'd probably be a better cart horse since am literally a horse, only if ye'd like the help though." Aiming to give the foxhound a gentle nudge before nodding towards the Ruiner at the last part of her offer. With those injuries she didn't like the thought of anyone doing heavy lifting like that, but wouldn't push it if he truely wanted to go.


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  • well , at least someone in this little gathering had some knowledge on deities . " y'know , i'm not sure what he likes , but i think it's all fair game at this point , " they answered with a half - hearted shrug . so far , the offerings had been on the more gruesome side , but who's to say He didn't enjoy a good vase and some fruit ? if she were a deity , roman would accept only the finest foods and jewelry , so purpose the red god had a materialistic side . " if you've got anything to spare , just add it to the basket . i don't want to trouble you any more than i have to . " more like , she didn't want to make conversation with any of them all the way back to the ruins . " unless , of course , you're desperate to see some sand or something . " it was added as an afterthought , a hope to appear polite and not just brushing off their efforts to aid her .


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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ An inhale.

    This breath would bring upon a tidal wave of memories the child did not want. Her gaze would widen as the scent of Ruins swallowed her whole, shaking her head to and fro slowly. The apprentice aged child could feel her lips purse into a frown as she neared, refusing to look at Romanchoirs and having not understood enough of what they were saying to speak anyway.

    "please dont hurt me."

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