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  • ღ He had no idea why he was out here. No one in there right mind would have forced him out of camp right now- with Heronstar's attack, the most sensible thing to do would be to stay inside camp. Still, Rockpaw was able to convince a group of his peers to go out and get some kind of revenge for their leader.

    Milkpaw didn't plan on being apart of this team, but he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    "We just gotta find the dog that got her and jump it, attack all at once," Rockpaw declared, "Milk, since you got big paws, you'll be the first to jump."

    "Fantastic." Milkpaw groaned.

    "Do you just want that dog to get away with this? Heronstar lost a life-"

    Rockpaw was cut off by loud barking and the earth shaking pound of heavy footsteps; all the apprentices paused in horror. A dog rushed out and barreled into Milkpaw as the rest of the apprentice's fled.

    "Well- Well get help!" Rockpaw sobbed as he ran. Milkpaw screamed as the dog made quick work to latch onto his leg.

    "I'm gonna die," he announced through hiccups of sobs; it felt like the beast was ripping his paw off. The only solace came as a loud horn blared through the forest, and the startled dog made the quick decision that it would be better to leave and not find out what made the harsh noise. Milkpaw stayed where he was- he could exactly get very far dragging his leg out behind him, and he was still paralyzed with fear.

    Rockpaw and company stomped into camp, each of them exclaiming differing statements on the same subject- "a dog got Milkpaw, a dog got Milkpaw!"

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    Skyclan - Senior Warrior - Female - 14 moons

    She should've been more worried on the very first day they'd come across those dogs. Confident and sure, she hadn't anticipated such a problem with them. Then Heronstar. She had a lost a life because of them, and only a moon into her leadership. Mothshine had grown tired of feeling like things were so unfair and yet...She'd take the badgers. When the badgers had invaded, no one had died. No leader had been down a life. She had fought alongside Juniperpaw, Lavenderstar, and--a dog got Milkpaw. Of course this wouldn't be the end of it. Things had been escalating. Terror seized her heart in a vice like grip, and the senior warrior was on her paws before a second had passed. "Where?" Hurried, stern, when she asked. She was moving towards the camp exit without waiting for a answer. She ought to wait. For Juniperthorn, for Finchblossom, for someone. But if Milkpaw was alone she couldn't leave it that way for long. Dog scent overwhelmed her before anything else, paws skidding in the snow and crossing the territory like her life may very well depend on it. Because Milkpaw's might. "Milkpaw!" She was shouting before she even saw him, before his scent trail had even grown that strong.

    Please, not another loss. No more burials, no more grieving. Please. If she had been leaning towards a rule that said they couldn't leave camp alone before this, she was certainly on board now. She came upon the scene in a streak of grey and white, ember eyes wide and furious for whoever may have hurt him. They'd find them again, no doubt. They'd made it very clear they weren't giving up so easily. Well, neither did Skyclan. "Milkpaw," A sigh both worried and relieved all at once. He was standing. He was breathing. She was at the boys side as quickly as she could manage, offering stability and something to lean on. "I'm here. What happened?" Her head whirled on her shoulders, glancing behind her, alongside them, up ahead. Anywhere they might come from. "Lean on me." She instructed, question already forgotten. There'd be time for scolding about foolish decisions later. With one of her clanmates injured at her side, that was the last thing on her mind. "We've got to get you to Finchblossom, alright?" She couldn't tell the poor boy to hurry. Not like this. She didn't doubt someone would be after them before she knew it it. Fear and adrenaline coursing through her, it felt like her pelt might be on fire despite the snow around them. Stars, let this be the worst of it all.


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  • The dog situation reminded Juniperthorn too of the badger incident, the epic drive-out battle that had been he and Mothpaw's shining moments- he strongly believed that, that day, they had earned their warrior status, even without the name to match it. He'd even had a chunk bitten out of his ear and received the scar that was carved across his nose that day- they were marks he was proud of, the scars that showed his loyalty to SkyClan and everything he would do to protect his home. Loyalty was one of his few positive attributes after all, and what better way to display it than aesthetically?

    He was snapped out of his thoughts, however. A dog got Milkpaw! A voice screamed with terror and anguish, and Juniperthorn's stomach lurched at such terrible words. A dog got Milkpaw! Again, and he was on his feet, barking at a couple of cats to accompany him before taking the hell off toward the sound. Upon the scene he would find that thankfully Mothshine had already begun to help him, and a sigh of relief left him. Oh, lord above... how much he wanted to scream and yell at these two apprentices for being so stupid and reckless, for thinking they could take on a whole dog by themselves... but he would save it, for now. The fury burning in his gaze was likely enough harsh scolding for now, and he looked to Mothshine briefly. She was helping the boy, her gentle nature much more fitting for such a job... but he too would be quick to flank Milkpaw's other side.

    He looked to the apprentice, and those who had accompanied him, with immense disapproval and anger. This had been what he had feared, what he had warned against, and still they hadn't listened. How stupid were they? Did they think they were doing a good deed? He held in his questions, restrained how much he wished to berate these kids for being so foolish. Mothshine had asked the appropriate and necessary questions, for now.

    "Go and tell Finchblossom she has a patient on the way," he instructed an npc apprentice, who quickly ran off to aide by Juniperthorn's instruction.

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  • a dog got milkpaw! for fuck's sake... how shitty could their luck be? skyclan has been subjected to tragedy after tragedy the past moon, and it was frustrating to admit that nearly every moon had been the exact same for a while now. were they ever going to catch a break? probably not, and anyone who believed that they would were obviously either an idiot or new to skyclan.

    the apprentice didn't need to say anything else to get kestrelswoop moving. in an instant, he was on his feet, racing off after mothshine and juniperthorn. there was no time to waste; if those dogs had managed to rip a life from heronstar, a trained warrior, then each second that passed by could potentially be milkpaw's last.

    the scent of dog overwhelmed him, making him fight the urge to gag at the horrible stench. it only grew stronger the longer he ran, his anxiety reaching it's peak as he imagined what they might find ahead of them. would milkpaw be torn to shreds? a lifeless corpse that couldn't be saved? would they lose another clanmate today? his claws unsheathed, baring his teeth in frustration. they needed to be faster, they couldn't let another one die. not so soon, not a soul so damn young...

    the senior warrior skidded to a halt beside the other two, his gaze darting to milkpaw. the young boy was alone. there was no sign of dogs, other than the foul smell. and milkpaw was alright, unscathed save for bite marks in his hind leg. the wound was still nasty, but compared to what kestrelswoop had been imagining... it was nothing. his worry faded away into anger, his golden eyes ablaze as he stomped forwards to stand in front of milkpaw. his clanmates may have bitten their tongues, but kestrelswoop wouldn't. milkpaw needed to learn a lesson, and if the dog hadn't taught him already, kestrelswoop damn sure would. "what were you thinkin'?" he snapped, his cinnamon tail lashing behind him. how stupid was milkpaw? did the boy think that he was invincible, that the dogs weren't as big of a threat as his clanmates were making them out to be? did he not know of what those beasts could do to a cat? was he really that naive?


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  • ღ Milkpaw mumbled to himself as he leaned on Mothshine.

    "My leg hurts really bad, like it's gonna fall off," he finally spoke up; he was exaggerating, but the deep bite marks around his ankles were still nasty wounds. He just wanted to go back to camp; his stomach was in knots from his nerves.

    "I don't like to fight."

    Once the two toms approached, Milkpaw looked to them with a guilty look.

    "I didn't want to go out!" he exclaimed, surprising himself as he rose his voice. "Rockpaw insisted that we go out and attack the dog as a group, and I got dragged along, and once the dog got me they fled to get you guys. I'm not stupid, I wouldn't go out here by myself." his serious resolve fell as he realized how much of an ass he sounded like. "... Sir."

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  • dear stars, another one?

    a dog. dogs. first heronstar and now milkpaw. she couldn't help the dread that seized her when she watched her love dash out of camp, followed by juniperthorn and a warrior she didn't know. she longed to follow, but she knew her presence in a dog-infested forest would be nothing but a liability. so she waited at the entrance of camp for what she longed to be a swift return, dread sitting atop her shoulders like weights.

    to her relief, they weren't gone too long; they came home heavy with the metallic of blood and the earth of dog. finchblossom hurried to greet them, ears perking at the sharp words of the stranger. annoyed at the warrior's poor timing, she was quick to protest, "that's enough. scold him later." walked with them as they helped milkpaw to the medicine den. she hummed to the boy, "mistakes happen, milkpaw. we're all glad you're alive. let's get you taken care of."

    blue gaze fixed on her apprentice. "charcoalpaw, we're going to do the same thing we did before, okay?" turned towards the party once more. "set him down on this nest... then we can handle it from here." once the young boy was settled, she would nod to the warriors and the deputy. "moth... will you stay? i might need your help." a lie. finch more so needed her company. "char, start chewing these into a poultice. milkpaw, can you move your foot? can you feel your toes?" finch didn't think his leg was broke nor the bone crushed, but she had to be sure.


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    NAME: TIMOTHY ¦ HP: 90% ¦ EXP: 0% ¦ LVL: 03

    STR: 1 ¦ DEF: 1 ¦ CON: 1 ¦ DEX: 1 ¦ INT: 1

    PER: 1 ¦ CHR: 1 ¦ AGL: 1 ¦ WIL: 1 ¦ LCK: 1



    > A dog got Milkpaw!”

    > Waves of confusion rolls over to Timothy’s paws, and from there, it rises and rises and rises, slowly coating his furs into flesh with dread. Shaky gaze instantly lands on a few apprentices who had crashed into the camp, their presences stained in terror as one is injured by a nasty bite from a— ‘Dogs,’ thinks Timothy, his eyes widen as he watch the older members flood across his visions to assist the apprentices.

    > Since Timothy became a part of of SkyClan, a little piece of tender soul to the home of star catchers and clouds chasers, he have heard many tragic tales and horror spilled poems about these beasts. Dogs. How their teeth are shaped of snapping terror and their claws are massive enough to take down the Sun and Moon at once, when their sounds bleeds into the atmosphere, the World bows down to them with trembling plants and retreating preys.

    > Blood. There is so much of it. How it crawls across Mother Nature’s skin without a care. Timothy sees it as the rest of the scene continues. Tears roll over plumped cheeks. He hears some are scolding the apprentices and the rest trying to help them. Comfort them while a storm remains among them. Will these careless beasts find enough of their satisfaction and leave SkyClan alone? When will it end?

    [ STAY ] • [ LEAVE ]

    > Not wanting to witness anymore of what this terror will bring, Timothy can only hope the apprentices will be okay soon and quickly limps off. To somewhere. Anywhere. Away from them. This suffering. ( What hurts the most is the fact he believes he is not useful enough to help at a time like this. )


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  • TAGS ☆彡if winterpaw had been awake, perhaps he would've been able to go on that fool-brained mission. or, he could've at least challenged rockpaw enough to let poor milkpaw go. there was no sense in bringing the older apprentice along, just because he had bigger paws. what kind of mouse-brained thought like that? as it was, the blue tabby had been assisting in the nursery, and was only now returning, evergreen oculars flashing over the situation in confusion. all he smelt was blood, and the faint scent of dog, and milkpaw, under all that. worry flashes within his oculars, and his gaze would come to rest upon the wounded apprentice, as he was presumably, eventually, carted off to camp. you'll be fine soon, milkpaw, he'd reassure swiftly amidst the chaos, casting a quick glance to the other's leg, and then to the medical team, as if to reinforce his belief.

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    Skyclan - Senior Warrior - Female - 14 moons

    I don't like to fight. Her heart ached for him. Fighting was the mark of a warrior, depending on who you might ask. There had been been times where the thrill of battle had been something Mothshine thrived on. But this was different. It was always different when you lost. Commotion around her in the presence of her best friend, Kestrelswoop's scolding words, Milkpaw's heated explanation. "We should send a patrol out that way. Make sure those dogs are really gone." Venom in her voice when she said it, spoken to Juniperthorn. If she had always looked towards him before, she certainly did now. The sight of Finchblossom hit her with waves of relief like it always did--only this time it was for Milkpaw's sake. She'd remember to be impressed by her later, when she looked back on this. Sure and steady and smart in a way she always knew her to be. Will you stay? A question directed at her. The embers in her eyes burned differently next to her. "I'm not going anywhere." She assured her without a second thought, words meant as much for Milkpaw as they had been meant for her. She felt so sorry for their younger members, subjected to a violence they didn't deserve. Young Winterpaw seeing his denmates injured, Timothy who was far to young to see blood like this. She and Juniperthorn must've been lucky in their youth. She didn't see death until much later. She'd spare them of it, if she could help it.


    Mothshine + Skyclan + Deputy + Tags + penned by avery.

  • ღ Milkpaw winced as he stretched his foot out, groaning out as the muscle ached. It wasn't broken, but it hurt like hell. "It'll move, but it stings." he said, furrowing his brow as he tried to brave the pain. Milkpaw gave a weak look to Winterpaw and sighed. "Thanks." He looked to Finchblossom and Mothshine, hoping that the pair could make quick work of his injuries... even in Mothshine was moreso there for emotional support.

    "Is my leg gonna fall off?" he asked; he was still terrified by everything happening. It was all too fast, too bright; he just wanted the medicine cat to be done so he could heal as fast as he could.

    Once the dog grabbed onto him, he decided he wasn't cut out to be a warrior.

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