The Hunt of a Lifetime

  • PLOT

    Every year, the national foxhunting association carries out a grand event for horse riders of all kind. Labeled the 'Great Hunting Race', this event is somewhat of a competition of geocaching on horseback. Riders gather on the Scottish mainland and set off on a 2-day long journey to follow a trail marked with clues in the hopes that they'll be the first to the finish where they will claim the ultimate prize: a million dollars, and unlimited bragging rights for the rest of their days.

    It's pretty straightforward. Follow the trail, don't lose your footing, and go get that cash. Riders on the right track are led to a location where they're able to spend the night, have dinner, and let their horses rest. Small incidents happen every year, but that's just to be expected in such a large event. So while we're waiting for the start to be called, why don't you wander around and meet some of the others?



    Luken.3.♀.played by aliferous

    Shep.12.♂.played by aliferous

    Dragon.9.♀.played by Wolfiee

    Phoenix.4.♀.played by Wolfiee

    Andromeda.4.♀.played by CantSleep

    Emporio.15.♂.played by CantSleep

    Hen.12.♀.played by SelkieSalmon


    -Humans are NPCs. You'll only make a form for your horse(s), but feel free to mention your human(s) as well -- just don't get too attached

    -Realistic pictures only

    -Please vary the ages, I'm tired of seeing all 3-5 year olds

    -NO MARY SUES/perfect characters/powerplaying

    -No one is the 'best rider' or the 'best horse'

    -Please be able to write at least a little paragraph per character

    -Message me with any questions, concerns, etc


    No ranks at the moment, this will develop later during role play. Everything will come to a point eventually, but keep in mind if you want your character to end up in a leadership role, they'll have to act like it!


    Role Play

  • res for mine

  • Track and same I’m not sure who all is still active any more. I recently just got back into rping on here.

    Dealing with family emergencies please be patient.

  • im so down for this omg, also what should i put for the family part? sorry im big dumb and im not super used to horse rps




  • Neato, welcome either way

    Family can be any noteable relatives like playable siblings/parents/children that are also part of the race, or famous ancestors like Secretariat etc.

  • Still here lol I’m trying to get back into rping is it ok if I just make one character for now? If so which gender would you prefer?

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  • Dealing with family emergencies please be patient.

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  • depends on what you're looking for o.O a draft would be hardier and stronger, the other would be faster and maybe some sort of english discipline to start out with? that's my thinking at least.

    if you're just going on appearance tho I'd go with the chestnut

  • Yeah trying to figure out what I want. The one I’d have as more like a worker horse that helps move heavy supplies etc. The other would be more like a show horse for dressage. I’d have the one more leadership like and down to earth. The other more high spirited and rowdy.

    Dealing with family emergencies please be patient.

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