• my family always tried to act like we are there for each other, and we try to somewhat pretend we are on good terms, there's like 2 of us we will full heartedly acknowledge we aren't on good terms with. What I'm getting at is I hate when family lives to you about things like, oh I'll be there for you, or if you need a ride just let me know. I am supposed to fly tomorrow and leave in the morning. I have 3 sisters, and one has a boyfriend. Last time when I ended up missing my flight I had a co worker who is a dear friend take me because I knew better. All my siblings and their boyfriend tell me, hey if you need a ride just let us know. Guess what. I let them know, and no one if the 4 can take me. Figures. But you know, we'll totally always be there for you... to feed you more sweet sounding lies. Sick.