• A shrill cawing of a raven announces the meeting; not the howl she’s so used to giving. She’d purposely done this, allowed them time to mourn allowed things to slow for the sake of a child she failed. She wanted to say it was just for her but however it was her own clouded emotions that kept her from standing tall and proud in front of them, she didn’t want to break her emotional barricade didn’t need them to see her vulnerable and pained. She licks her lips as she stares down her stony pedestal breathing deeply in and out once as she waits. Ghost sits in waiting on one outstretched wing his short talons gritting against the mottled scars that curl the bases of her larger wings. She hadn’t been bringing him out lately nor her second companion, but he was serving a purpose today and she was glad to not be alone up here. Even just having a pet with her soothed her frayed mind.

    After a few minutes of wait her maw opens ”Veilers! It’s time for another weekly meeting!” it’d almost been three weeks she doesn’t want to continue this habit. She was failing them as a leader. ”It’s been a while but regardless the Veil has been doing its best regardless of the circumstances. I want us to continue doing that, we’ll move past all of this I promise you all” she woofs with a bittersweet smile swallowing hard before continuing on. ”We’ll be having a funeral for Leesha soon as a final send off to her... She’s not coming back” she had hoped, prayed to whatever fucking god was out there. Killed for her, and would kill again in her name but it was all for nothing. She wasn’t coming back to them, no longer would they see that smile or hear that voice so full of lust for life and childish glee. She was stripped of it. They all were. ”We’ve discussed things with the Ruins about both her murder and the attack of Winterpaw; they are going to help us find and allow us to punish the culprits. But until their identity is revealed I am going to have to forbid any child or apprentice from leaving the camp by themselves! A adult must be with them at all times and preferably more than one, I’m not going to lose anymore children”

    She drifts out finding her mouth dry, her words feeling like toxin in her throat as she forces them out like bile. She keeps the smile does her best to not look so damned pained and unprofessional. She’s been through this before, had to lead through just as worse situations with more success, this shouldn’t be hitting her so hard but it was. ”Right moving on! I want to give a warm welcome to Calina A.R.K. , panini , BELLONA , SELENE DARLING , VALERIAN. , Orfhlaith Faelan , and xia a. r. k. you’re a big crowd but if any of you need help finding your way around come find me later” she barks giving a sip of her head towards those gathered. They’d come to fill the ranks she was sure of it, most of the names she’d heard of or even knew more personally. It was a good bunch, it was a strike of luck to have them here with the Veil in these dire times.

    ”Now promotions! A lot of you have shown your colors and sadly haven’t been rewarded for it till now so; STRINGTHEORY. and LITTLEPAW. i’d like for you both to step up as Nightwatchers!” Littlepaw was young and still had a lot of learning to do but she could only get that if Ver trusted her enough to handle a little more responsibility. As her mentor and her leader she wanted to prepare her and test her abilities. ”As well as them Calina A.R.K. i’d like for you to step up as Duskguard you’ve been around a lot this week and I have high hopes for you! Keep it up! DIARMUID. will also be promoted to Duskguard” as much as she disliked the boy he did have promise, a shitty personality or not she wouldn’t let her spite get in the way of the welfare of the clan.

    There’s more but this is more important, this will mark their future. ”There’s been a absence of a Duskchaser for a while now and it’s about time I’ve chosen one of you to eventually succeed us!” she still would hold out for Mercy, even if for now she’d be their only leader until her lover was ready. ”I’ve thought about it long and hard and I’m certain in my decision! RIPTIDE you've shown your loyalty since day one, you’ve sacrificed yourself in more ways than one and have given yourself to the Veil! You’re a friend, a neighbor and if you accept; our deputy!” grand formalities weren’t exactly to her liking (she’d been largely bashful during her own major promotions) but she’d learned to give them during her leadership in Solaris. Held ceremonies multiple times for a rank that was lower than what Riptide would (could) hold. ”If he accepts I’ll ask for HYPERION ! to step up in his place as Midnightbringer!” she adds in with finality before moving on as the news sinks in, wanting to give Riptide a moment to think things over.

    .:Alastor:. is demoted for inactivity” she adds in feeling it was a rather ill thing to leave on. ”As for events we’ve been invited to A masquerade ball in the Ruins! on the note of outerclan relations I’d like for ambassadors to go out!” she woofs as the meeting wraps up.

    ”With all that said meeting is dismissed unless there’s any questions! Oh and we also need someone to hold weekly tasks!”





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  • [ tags ] -- The tiger was relieved to hear Riptide's promotion, and resisted the urge to cheer for his loyal, brave Clanmate. Riptide had been through so much, and through it all had remained one of the very best of the Veil's warriors, diplomats, and strategists. There was no one more deserving than him.

    At Ver's mention of Hyperion's own name, the alabaster man only blinked in surprise. Midnightbringer? He wasn't sure if he was ready for that kind of responsibility, but if Ver thought he was then he would do his best to make her proud of him. Nodding his broad head at his leader, he waited for Riptide's response before speaking.

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  • Oh, so this was a semi-regular event. It shouldn't have surprised him to find out that meetings were a common occurrence in this clan, but here he was, feeling like someone had hit him over the head with a clue-by-four. Trying hard to not let this show, the canine took a seat next to Hyperion, casually using the tiger's leg as a head rest before sighing. Like his clan-mates, Theo wasn't exactly glad to hear that Leesha had been killed, and that her murderer had yet to be apprehended. It made him feel sick. How could someone cripple and then murder an innocent girl? It made no sense. He was even less enthused to hear that children and apprentices weren't allowed to leave camp without a guardian. While the rule made sense considering the circumstances, he didn't want some 'holier than thou' adult breathing down his neck all of the time, and he meant this in the nicest way possible. Despite how tempting it was speak out against this restriction of freedom, he had enough sense to keep his mouth shut. Making a fuss over the situation wouldn't do him or his fellow apprentices any good, and would probably make things worse.

    On the other hand, his rank in the clan seemed to be climbing, and though he didn't want to brag about it in everyone's faces, beat that! The triumphant exclamation was directed at those who didn't see him as anything but a second rate class clown. A child who was born too big for his britches. In reality, very few people thought either of these things about him, but Theo was secretly a very insecure individual, who often hid behind a confident facade in order to make himself feel better. After giving himself a pat on the back, he turned to Hyperion, who was also moving on up rank-wise. "Congratulations, big guy. Remember me when you become a star, alright?" His smile was brilliant, something akin to pride shining in his gaze. He would congratulate everyone else later, especially Riptide. Even a newcomer like him could see that they deserved the position. As the meeting came to a close, he would remain in his current position, mulling over what to eat for lunch. Squirrel or rabbit? Both were great options, but he guessed that his meat of choice would depend on what was already in the food pile. It wasn't as if he could go into the forest and scrounge something up for himself, now was it?




    The announcement of his arrival really solidified his stay here, he wasn't completely sure how he felt about that, only time would tell. It wasn't that it was a bad place or anything, he was just weird and not okay. He didn't know most of the beings being mentioned, other than Theo and Hyperion, he'd met Littlepaw and Riptide. He had not been around for this Leesha, but he could understand the pain of losing loved ones. He had little to no idea who the ruins were but apparently things were going to be smoothed out. He was glad he didn't consider himself a child, hopefully nobody else did, he liked his ability to come and go from camp without being supervised.

    "Congrats everyone." he purred.



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  • June wasn't sure if he wanted to come to this meeting. He knew for a fact that Ver would be bringing up his little sister's death, and he wasn't sure if he could handle anyone talking about it again for the umpteenth time. It wasn't like he didn't care for Leesha, he did, and he wished he had been there for her in her time of need, but the pain that ripped at his chest was far greater than anyone could ever imagine. If only... he'd been stronger. If only those goddamned Brigaders hadn't taken his leg, he could've done something.

    He sits through the meeting quietly, almost, up until Ver puts a lock - down on apprentices and children. He makes a face at that, his blue eyes narrowing on the woman that stood above them. "I'm fine by myself. I don't need to be babysat. Why have me as a Darkseeker if you think I can't protect myself, huh?" He doesn't mean to spit it out with such distaste either, but he had; he did because he was still so bitter. He didn't want to be treated like he was some fragile little thing, and he didn't need any adult hovering over him neither — not when he was so close to warrirorhood himself.

    He doesn't really care about the promotions. Good for them, he supposed. He wished he could be promoted further, but he knew better than anyone else that no one would want someone like him as an assistant deputy or higher, having a whole missing leg and all. With a frustrated huff he stands up and leaves the meeting area just like that, carrying himself out of camp to god - knows - where.

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  • The call of a raven was something new to him, and the fact that they weren't being summoned by Ver's usual howl was a bit concerning to Riptide. He knew she'd been struggling with Leesha's death as well, more so than himself of course, and he felt like she might be pushing herself a bit too hard to appear strong for the clan. She was strong, but even their fearless leader needed to be allowed time to grieve properly. Perhaps he'd talk to her after the meeting, see if he couldn't help lighten her load a bit.

    The dark tabby quietly took a seat on the other side of Hyperion just as the meeting began, offering his friend a subtle nod in greeting before turning his bright ocean eyes to Ver. The announcements lead off with a reminder of Leesha's death and a promise for a funeral soon, and the maine coon felt the sharp sting of bitter sadness clutch his heart. It was only another reminder that he had failed her, his very first friend, someone he had promised to protect. Ty swallowed hard, trying to keep his emotions from showing as they moved on to a new restriction on their youths. Junepaw's outburst didn't go unnoticed, and he turned to glance at the Darkseeker but said nothing. He wouldn't want to be lectured right now, and truthfully, Ty didn't have the heart to do it anyway.

    Onto greeting newcomers, and the Midnightbringer was happy to know that he had met nearly all of them in some capacity already. It meant that he was improving on the social aspect of his responsibilities over the past few weeks, so that was something at least. Next would be promotions, and he was actually kind of excited for this part this week. So many of his clanmates had been showing a lot of potential, and he wanted to see them all rise in the ranks. Theo and Littlepaw to Nightwatcher, Calina and Diarmuid to Duskguard. All four promotions were well deserved, and he personally had witnessed the hard work each of them had exhibited even in their recent hard times.

    Ah, it seemed like today was the day they would be getting a new deputy. The position had been empty for quite some time now, and the addition would certainly help Mercy and Ver out a lot. Personally, Ty thought that either Adara or Hyperion would be fantastic Shaderunners for the Veil, each of them having their own unique strengths. What he hadn't been prepared to hear, however, was the name that then came out of Ver's mouth. "Riptide, you've shown your loyalty since day one...." Wait... What? The feline felt his whole body go numb, and the words that followed were like distant noise to his mind. Him? She'd chosen him to step up as deputy? Riptide could hardly believe it, and was sure he'd heard wrong. Did Ver really trust him with the future of their clan?

    "...and if you accept; our deputy!" So, this really was happening. For several long moments, he couldn't do more than sit there, deep seafoam eyes wide as they stared straight ahead. The rest of the meeting went by in a blur, though he did vaguely comprehend the news of Hyperion's promotion to his position, if he accepted. It was only then that the brute realized they were all still waiting for his response, and he shook himself out of his stunned silence. "I um... I don't know what to say..." He glanced sideways to gauge the reaction of the tiger at his side, wondering what he thought about it. He then returned his attention to Ver, his expression becoming reverently serious. "I'm not sure if I deserve the position, but I won't make you regret placing your trust in me. I accept, and i'll do my best for the Veil." A ghost of a smile traced his lips as the meeting concluded, and he turned to fully face Hyperion and Theo. "Congratulations, you two. You both deserve it."

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  • [ tags ] -- Hyperion could sense the emotions rolling off of Riptide in waves. The tiger didn't understand how his companion could think that he didn't deserve it, there was no one more loyal to the Veil than Riptide. He tried to convey this support in his own expression, watching the former Midnightbringer accept his promotion, and when it was all over and words of congratulations were being directed to him and Theo Hyperion's smile was so wide he feared it would split his face in two. "Thank you, Riptide, but the biggest congratulations belong to you. There is no one more deserving of this job than you." He dipped his head in respect to the new Shaderunner, eyes glittering. "You're going to do a great job."

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    Calina's first meeting since she had returned from her absence. The lupurca had heard many a raven caw before, but when she looked for the source, she saw the bird resting on Ver's wing. She thought that looked pretty sick, having a raven on one's shoulder. That wasn't why she drew closer, though; it was Ver's announcement of the meeting. She did not know about the recent hardships of Shadow Veil; Leesha was an unknown name to her- she had perhaps heard it whispered among Veilers, but she did not know who Leesha was, other than she had been murdered. Apparently Winterpaw had also been attacked, and it had seemed to be related to the Sanguine Ruins- or not. They were helping look for the offender. No kids were supposed to leave the stony ruins without an adult; great, seemed like a smart policy when there was a murderer on the loose- ah, except some kid Calina hadn't been acquainted with- apparently a Darkseeker- protested that and stalked off. Calina figured that was Ver's to deal with.

    Ver moved on hurriedly to the next part of her announcements, and Calina didn't blame her. While she had not been present to see the aftermath of the murder and the attack, she was sure that it must have impacted Ver greatly. Members of your group being harmed, and not knowing who did it? It was terrifying for a typical member, but it was probably more nerve-wracking for a leader. Calina cracked a soft smile at the welcome to her, and Xia- she glanced around for her pale sister. She wasn't present at the meeting, as far as Calina could tell.

    When the promotions came around, the dark-furred canid's ears perked a little more. It wasn't that she was expecting to be promoted, per say, but ambition ran in her veins- she was the child of leaders, the half-sibling of leaders, the grandchild of another leader- she had lost track of her ambition, once upon a time, but it was back in full force, as she was. Stringtheory and Littlepaw to Nightwatcher- she didn't know Littlepaw, but had interacted with Stringtheory multiple times. While a bit of a goofy kid, he had been around a lot. Then Calina's name came up. It was her third damn promotion to Duskguard. She hoped it would be her last. Ver had high hopes for her, she said. Calina had them too. Diarmuid was promoted, and Calina realized how little people she knew and how she really needed to get to know everyone, now that she was a semi high position.

    Possibly the most exciting part of the meeting was the announcement of a new Shaderunner. Riptide. Calina didn't know him well, but Ver's words about him seemed true. From what Calina had seen, he was a good fit, like Hyperion was to Midnightbringer. She twisted around, peachy eyes searching for the two who had received the largest promotions. They had accepted. She waited until the end of the meeting to utter a, "Thanks." to Ver and a general "Congratulations, everyone." to everyone else who was promoted.

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