get attacked by a feral assassin?

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  • I'm putting this thread in all South Orcadia groups, sorry ahead of time for the copy/paste and my general awkwardness since I rarely make these kinds of threads.

    Basically, does anyone want their character to get hurt by a kind of feral assassin? Caesura here has been brainwashed, conditioned, and addicted to a drug that makes him extremely aggressive and almost mindlessly violent. He's a part of a small "pack" of similarly conditioned people that scavenge, fight, and kidnap on orders, and are controlled by a certain sound, almost like a high-pitched, metallic nails on chalkboard sound.

    Characters can die but they certainly don't have to! At any point we can say that Cae / the whole pack heard the sound and scattered. There wouldn't be torture or anything involved, as in the intentional methodical way of inflicting pain, just a fight that can go any way. I'd definitely ask that no kids were involved in this though, or at least injured. They can be witnesses but I'm squeamish about injured kids and it's not in Cae's character. (Though I would absolutely love some threads with Cae being gentle to younger / weaker members as they aren't a threat and he has resisted the conditioning enough to not hurt people who can't or won't put up a fight.)