Old friends and new problems for the factions (highschool dxd multifandom rp) sign ups

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    This rp is about a version of the DXD timeline where the members of the Gremory Peerage have encountered/know various people from other fandoms. These interactions range from befriending them to having fought them. These people from other fandoms arrive in Kuoh during various events leading to various changes in the timeline due to them becoming involved in the events of the story. The Gremory Peerage will have to adapt to their new allies and enemies especially when they include some quite odd or dangerous individuals. This will lead to different development for each of them especially since there's a chance not all of them will even survive when they get involved. Starts halfway through season 1 and briefly before they meet Phenex.

    Characters (more groups can be added)

    The Gremory Peerage

    Gremory Allies

    Pet Shop = Enhanced Falcon (cyberelite2k)

    Chaos Brigade

    Other antagonists

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