Update to Guidelines in Traditional!

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  • Hey FeralFronters!

    Staff has a couple of updates in the Traditional RP to try and maintain a good balance in realism and the "possible". These updates are to NAMING RULES and POWERS.

    On the naming rules, we're tightening our restrictions just a bit and would like to give a bit of information on some things asked about recently.

    What is allowed:
    - Anything that a cat in this world would know about. Nature stuff, common names of things you'd find the wild.

    - Human objects, as long as it's something that's talked about often enough that a kittypet would pick it up.

    - Human names. Again, that's something that would be said often enough for a kittypet to pick up.

    - Common names given to pets.

    What isn't allowed:
    -Human objects not normally talked about in day to day conversation.
    -Latin/scientific versions of plants and animals

    On the powers, we're also tightening our restrictions. While it has been super duper easy to get powers, we've noticed a bit of an upward trend of people complaining about that. To rectify the situation without getting rid of powers, admins are now going to be looking more critically at requests and starting to deny them more often. This makes them "rarer" and causes more of a balance. :) We don't have strict guidelines as we take everything case by case. One power, in specific, is getting a revamp. Reincarnation - while it's not currently a requirement to receive permission for this one, we are going to ask that it be played more akin to the books. This means, the cats are completely unaware they are reincarnated. They have no memories of such and if they were to remember anything, it has to be triggered very, very significantly for them to remember anything.

    This reincarnation restriction isn't just to make it more like the books, but also to make RP have consequences. The way that people can toss aside a character, have remorse, and then reincarnate and have their character back makes it hard to write a good story with others. While it's not a bad plot point by any means, it feels like everybody is cheating death for only their own gain. We'd like to foster people thinking outside the box and committing to their stories! :) As a site, we are here to build people's skills and to allow our members to have a fun time - we're trying to do both of that with this restrictions. :D

    Thanks again for being great members. Happy writing!

    - Staff

    PLEASE NOTE! I am having to juggle a lot in real life right now. Due to that, I am having a hard time accessing the site to respond to conversations/questions/requests in a timely manner. If you need immediate/quicker responses, please message another staff member. Thank you guys for the patience and I hope to return as I normally would have been within a few weeks. :)