IN THE DARK, I CAN HEAR YOUR HEARTBEAT / plot with this smol girl

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  •  ♡ hey, everyone!

    my baby dandelionpaw is in need of some plots! she's a former loner turned riverclan apprentice, and she's determined to make everybody around her (and starclan) proud. she's a big rule follower who will delve right into deep conversation, but she has a very black and white mindset. to her, something is either right, or it's wrong, and this isn't likely to change throughout her life. there is very rarely an in between. she watched her mom get killed by a monster, so the thunderpath is a big fear of hers. anyway, here are a few plot points i'm down for!

    ♡ super deep friendships! she's going to be the mother hen of any friend group and will follow her friends to the ends of the earth... especially if it means dragging them by the paws back to where they belong

    ♡ enemies! fxcken' try her. it would be especially cool if she could make some kind of enemy while she's young so that she can have another training ultimatum besides defending the weak. (maybe they could give her her very first scar on her chest or belly or something!)

    ♡ cute lil crushes!! they can be either one-way or two-way! i think it would be hilarious for her to get a little unrequited crush on some warrior and follow him/her/them around!

    ♡ teach her!! she wants to know everything she can in order to be the strongest warrior possible, and while she does have a mentor, there's no harm in somebody taking her under her wing for a training sesh or two! it would be especially interesting if this cat is from another clan, and they meet at the border! she's so young and new to riverclan that she doesn't really understand that it's frowned upon to fool around with cats from other clans.

    ♡ if you have any other ideas that don't involve her getting killed, horribly maimed, or pregnant, feel free to drop them!!

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    tags. | played by @poison.

  • Ok ok ok I was debating on making a character but you’ve just convinced me

    I’ll be making a boy named Oleander/Oleanderpaw who may or may not be either a loner or a Thunderclanner idk

    But he’ll be this kid who is saved by whatever clan he joins and will hold it deep in his soul to repay them by being the best he could possibly be

    And I def need someone to strengthen his black and white world mentality and I see no better person than Dandy!

    Fun fact: Ollie will be a reincarnation and in his past life he had a hella big crush on this cute rc girl so most likely Ollie will get a big stupid oblivious crush on Dandy that will only show itself when he constantly talks about her or try his best to spend time

    But he’ll never admit it

    But he will get super peeved if he ever finds out someone else likes her/she likes someone else

    Angst? Wholesome innocent baby crush? WHO KNOWS!?

    Whatcha say? ;)