deep end -- 'swimming'

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  • Just a few short weeks ago it had looked so easy to go out on the water and stay on top of it, moving effortlessly over the surface. Mister Mortimer and Miss Marjorie had certainly made it look easy, but Sleepingsunrise was quickly corrected. Maybe only birds and fish are meant to swim? The two geese are most definitely birds, and she had watched many pretty koi swimming in the ponds (that makes them fish, doesn't it?) but the canine isn't either of those things. She likes having her paws on the ground where she's nice and safe, but trees were okay. The pond was not okay. The pond was very deep, and it had made Sleepy very wet, and now she's staring formally1 at the body of water.

    She takes a careful step into the water again but, finding she doesn't immediately float, takes the step back. Miss Birdie hops onto her soak shoulder and trills curiously, also staring at the water. Maybe Sleepy just isn't meant to swim?


    // marjorie.



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  • Marjorie, being a goose, wasn't really made for the ground. She could deal with walking when it became a necessity, but her short legs and webbed feat didn't make the task particularly easy. This was likely the reason geese weren't often seen running from predators on foot but rather they took to the air or the water instead. Her favorite method of travel was swimming, though due to the restrictions of enclosed of ponds and lakes, flight was generally a more practical means if she intended on actually getting anywhere. That being the case, the ivory feathered lady would almost flutter down to the shore, landing lightly beside Sleepingsunrise. "If you want to swim, darling, you'll have to go a bit further in." Maj comments, rosy eyes glinting with gentle amusement. "It's not too hard to get the hang of once you start. Just keep kicking your legs.. Like you're trotting, I suppose." It was a bit different from what she did, considering the vast differences in their body structure, but it seemed like a reasonable explanation in her own opinion and in her world that was the only opinion that mattered.


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