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  • || jester litter adoptions ||

    ✦ introduction

    jester came to thunderclan only recently, already about a moon into her pregnancy. she has yet to divulge her past or where she has come from, and the identity of the father of her kits remains unknown. lost and scared and running desperately from something horrifying, jester was the last cat the late moonstar ever welcomed into thunderclan before she perished. now, under sheepstar's new reign, jester remains in thunderclan - still skittish and terrified of unknown haunting, but ready to face motherhood and protect the kits she bears.

    ✦ relations

    jester is of currently unknown lineage and her mate is an unknown npc whose whereabouts are unknown

    ✦ rules


    • post bios on this thread

    • be kind, be realistic, and do not be rude if your character is not chosen (should it come to that)

    • feel free to ask further questions

    • have fun! be creative!


    • your character's must follow the provided genetics of the litter

    • names must fall within traditional clan rules

    • please try to refrain from inflicting too much harm on the characters while they are kits/young apprentices.

    • when the kits have been chosen/birthed, you may start playing them at four (4) moons of age


    • if you are going to be inactive or wish to drop your character PLEASE contact me to let me know so I can reassign the slot**.

    • if you become inactive for more than one month, I reserve the right to reassign your slot within the litter**.

    • feel free to tag jester ( jester ! ) for any threads you would like her to be involved in

    **this reassignment of slots does not mean that your character will be reassigned. you as the roleplayer reserve all rights to the character you created. if you are removed from the litter, your character is still yours to play and create with (should you return to them), but they will no longer have relations/affiliation with jester's family and will no longer be acknowledged as a kit of jester's litter. that position will be reassigned to another character, NOT the character you have created. if you have further questions PLEASE don't hesitate to ask. this rule is only in place with the intent to keep all slots within the litter active as this litter is important to me that this litter thrives as much as possible. I thank you for your understanding <3

    ✦ characters

    ♀ Females (0) | ♂ Males (0) | ⚲/⚧/⚨ Non-binary/Trans/Genderqueer (0)

    **only three slots available**

    Kit 1


    Kit 2


    Kit 3


    ✦ other


    - parental genetics: mother is russet and dark brown striped bengal with heterochromatic eyes of green and blue and large ears; father's genetics unknown

    - offspring possibilities

    • free for all as father's genetics are undisclosed


    forms must AT LEAST include:

    name - gender - physical description - personality description - username/sub account

    • need permission from owner before claiming; CHOSEN USERS WILL BE NOTIFIED BY NOVEMBER 28TH 2019


    sign-up thread - found here

    mother's tags - here

    birthing thread - TBD

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