A BIG FUCK YOU || O. Prank

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  • "Nobody's got your back in this town"

    "Now I know there's no one I can trust" — Kokichi

    The dark purple wolf had been making pitfall upon Exile's border-a grin playing upon his maw, though he was sad he had to clean his white ribbons that were wrapped around his front ankles, he even got his own checkered scarf dirty! Making a hmph noise he sat at the Exile's border, it was clear that he was from the ruins by his scent so he knew some would come charging right at him not realizing that there had been some...pitfall traps awaiting for them. He wanted to make Ruin's enemies' lives a living hell as much as he possibly could and this is one way he could do it and besides it wasn't like he cared for their pathetic lives-he wanted to have a good time and this is one way he could have fun while being a bit...chaotic.

    As far as the Exilers could tell there were no pitfalls, they were covered by leaves and twigs to keep them well hidden but of course don't let those leaves full you, what lies underneath them were holes at least 4 feet deep or even deeper who knows, all he knew was he had been digging for a while but he made it look like he had fell into some mud while he was covering his holes once more. An innocent smile played on the ruiner's face while he awaited for someone to fall into his...trap.

    "Me? Lie?"

    "Speak" "Thoughts"

    Kokichi/17 Moons/Male/Ruins Member/Wolf/Storage


    -Played by Ravenwatcher

  • TAGS ☆彡the first person to appear in kokichi's sight line probably wasn't what the other expected. not only did yueliang not bother properly approaching, he didn't appear to want to give the ruiner the time of day. he could care less about those that wandered the border, especially enemies. he couldn't fight, so he'd be useless in a battle; this explained why he didn't bother approaching, not that kokichi would know this. some fucker is at the border. come say hello to him, someone.


    I could play nice, or I could be a bully

    i'm tired and angry, but somebody should be

    「yueliang p.d. | all opinions ic | penned by happeh」