saved by the bell [school reunion au, the squad]

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  • Theo was the one who had pitched the idea of a group reunion to his former associates, and had gotten permission from the high school’s principal to rent out their gym for an afternoon. This could be considered odd, coming from someone who was currently suffering from partial memory loss and could barely remember his past. Some good going to a therapist did. Hell, even after doing all of those dumb mental exercises and hypnosis sessions, he could only recall so many things about his high school years, much less the grades that came before that. However, upon being told that hanging out with his old acquaintances might be good for his ‘healing process’ or whatever it was called, Theo had went along with the idea and organized this whole get together. And let me tell you something, when the police detective put his mind to something, it was as good as done. So he claimed, at least. After going over a few potential themes in his head, one in particular had stood out through ideas such a western bar and the moon. Hawaii. Or to be less specific, a tropical paradise. Somewhere warm and sunny to combat this winter weather. It sounded perfect, and in no time at all Theo had come up with a way to execute his plans in a cheap yet efficient manner.

    Running a hand through his ridiculously curly hair, Theo removed a set of tortoiseshell sunglasses from his pocket and slipped them on, obviously soaking in the island atmosphere, fake or not. Never one to half-ass stuff, he had gone full out on the decorations. The room was lined with inflatable palm trees, and he had a fan running in each corner to simulate a light breeze. There were green and blue streamers covering the gym walls, and the occasional fake seagull for anyone who liked looking upwards. Or planned on lying down at any point in the celebration. There was also a beach area with real sand, which was [for the janitor’s sake] contained inside of a kiddie pool. Lastly, he had ordered a human sized beach ball, which was currently in the gym’s center, just waiting to be body-slammed. He didn’t forget about food or refreshments, which were sitting off to the side, and had gone ahead with a barbeque-esque menu, figuring that no one would argue with his choice.

    Theo himself was also a sight to behold, and had gotten some [not undeserved] strange looks on the way over here. What was the point of hosting a themed reunion if he didn’t dress the part? In order to keep his outfit authentic without revealing his scarred skin, the young adult was wearing a dark blue floral shirt with tacky-looking sleeves sewn onto it. Covering his bottom half was a classic combo- way too revealing khaki shorts and open-toed sandals. He figured that adding socks to the mixture would make him look like a dad mowing their lawn, rather than a tourist, so he held back where footwear was concerned.

    Once he was satisfied with the gym atmosphere, Theo flopped into an open beach chair and kicked up his feet, setting down his walking cane [which was black and decorated with flames, for your information] before reaching for his drink. His eyes widened a fraction upon finding it, nearly forgetting that the plastic cups were shaped like coconuts, complete with three holes on the top to stick your straw through. Ah, there was nothing quite like fruit punch to kick off a good celebration. But before he could start chugging it down, there was something that just had to be done, pain or no pain. You see, the normally spry man suffered from chronic aches, and today they felt worse than usual, to the point where it hurt to move in general. No matter, though. He could deal with it, if only for this one joyous occasion. Lifting up his left arm, and proceeded to make a ‘pulling the train whistle’ motion, complete with the proper sound effects. “Woo woo! Time for the fun train to roll into the station!” He hollered, sounding oddly drunk for someone who had yet to touch a drip of alcohol. Unable to contain his excitement at the whole, Theo sat back up and walked towards the doorway. They would be arriving any minute, and while he still kept in contact with most of them, it would be nice to see everyone together again.

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    --- Caity waltzed in. The girl had been a complete geekin high school, which made her present appearance all the more shocking. Her hair, once a dark, mousey brown, was white. Not even blonde, just straight ivory. Her gaze was silvery, where it had once been icy blue. No, she wasn't wearing contacts; the stark change in her irises was the result of them slowly (almost unnoticeably so) lightening over time.

    Her outfit went along with her new look, made of black lace and leather and thick boots. It was evident that the leather jacket and lacy corset she wore over her ripped jeans was both carefully picked and yet fluently normal to her. Caitlyn showed a confidence she never had in high school in this way. The hair, the outfit, the make up that somehow managed to make 'frostbitten' a good look for her.

    If anyone dared look to close, behind this, they would see her desperate to protect herself, and the reliance she had built on intimidating others. She wasn't a bad person, she reminded herself each time she applied her signature blue lipstick, or saw the unease on others' faces when she was feeling particularly mean. She did a good job of hiding this truth, but perhaps someone would see through her, even as she offered a nod only.

    The girl kept her gaze on Theo. "Hey."

  • He'd considered ignoring the invitation. Hex had been relatively close with the group in high school, but they weren't children anymore; they'd all gone their separate ways, and he wasn't a person for nostalgia, or someone who felt comfortable sitting around sharing memories. Something had compelled him to come, though whatever it was hadn't been able to coax him into fitting the tropical theme as diligently as Theo had. He was dressed in a baggy, black, oversized hoodie and shapeless jeans, his beanpole figure expanded and partially hidden by too-large clothing. It was an ensemble far from tropical.

    But it was safe. He kept his right hand concealed in his hoodie pocket. They'd never shamed him for how his hand split, a malformation most people would stare at as soon as they noticed it, but it was an old habit. All he ever did was hide.

    "You dressed tacky enough for all of us," Hex muttered, his voice low and hoarse from disuse. He kept his head lowered enough that the shadows in his hood deepened. Caitlyn looked...different, to say the least, all cold colors and rigidity freezing them out.

    And Theo was Theo. Pained, though he tried to mask it. What a group they made already.




  • Well well, wasn't this a surprise? Theo did a poor job of masking his shock as some lady clad in leader and lace strutted into the room. Correction- this wasn't just any women. It was someone that he once knew like an open book, and often pestered for help with his schoolwork. Those days were over, however, and with them went Caitlyn's former image. The last person he expected to do a complete one eighty like this was Caitlyn, though he wasn't complaining about the change. No sir, he wasn't objecting at all. Grinning through the pain, he let out an exclamation of joy before reaching out to clasp Caityln's shoulder, loosely tugging at the leather jacket beneath his touch. It was done without thought, although a part of him was using the woman as a crutch. In his haste to greet everyone, he had forgotten to grab his cane, a mistake that he was now regretting immensely. "Hey, you came! For a second I was afraid that you had ignored my invitation, or it had gotten lost in the mail somehow." He joked, choosing to ignore just how true this statement was, and how crushed he would've been if no one had showed up. But that wasn't the case, fortunately. Now was the time for celebration, not depression. "I'm digging your new look! Mind telling me where you got the outfit? I might wanna wear it myself. Or better yet, can I borrow your jeans for a day or two? I need them for uh, weekend things."

    Someone else appeared soon after this sentence had left his mouth, and he didn't even need to see the male's face to know who they were. He didn't know that many people who dressed like a child trying on their parents' clothing, after all, no offense intended. "Hex! It's good to see you, buddy." He shouted joyfully, perhaps too loudly for the other boy's comfort. His glee melted in faux offense at the light insult, and he tilted his head like a kicked puppy. However, this sad facade was ruined by his ecstatic gaze. "Aww, I'm sorry to hear you say that. Personally, I think this gig is the cat's meow. The dog's woof. A clothing masterpiece." While he didn't expect anyone to follow his themed dress-code, the duo's unwillingness to play along was straight up disappointing. Still, there was a way he could remedy that. "Say, I've got a pile of spare shades lying around here somewhere. I don't suppose I could interest either one of you in a pair?" He questioned, raising an eyebrow and moving his hand in succession. It was a habit he had picked up in the police academy. He found that if you made grand gestures when speaking, people were more likely to pay attention. It also helped to emphasize his words, add a little bit of pizzazz to them, if you catch his drift. Oh, but he was getting carried away in his thoughts again. "What're you waiting for? Come in, come in. Sit down and have a drink or two. I'll be your punch-bowl maestro for today. It's either lemonade or berry supreme, take your pick. Water's for sissies." He gulped down his own cup of liquid before heading towards the food table, grabbing a pair of tongs and serving himself a plate of macaroni salad. "Oh yeah, there's also a truck's worth of grub over here, if you guys want any. Barbecue chicken, fruit salad, pasta, take your pick." Almost as an afterthought, he glanced over his shoulder to add something else. "How's life been treating you both? More ups than downs, I hope."



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    "What I want to know is how you managed to convince the principal to let you host this here. Were they not here when we were students?" She didn't need to announce her name for anybody to recognize that flat tone of hers, as short black hair was brushed behind her ear. The former treasurer sported a white short-sleeved jacket, a black tank top underneath, skin-tight jeans, and ankle-high brown boots, a stark contrast to the hoodies and sneakers that she had worn in high school, that hair that had fallen passed her shoulders having been chopped off. Slender fingers tapped the pale skin of her arm, those same steely blue-gray eyes observed the other three's antics for a few moments from the entrance to the gym, before briefly flicking over to a hastily plastered hole in the wall of the gym that she was quite sure all of them knew well. It had been difficult to put that imbecile's head through it, after all.

    It's nice to see nobody's changed, though. The woman mused, the low-heeled boots clicking a bit as she walked towards the refreshments table, picking up a cup of lemonade, taking a small sip as she watched. Theo she had been kept up-to-date on, with the younger man having been in the same precinct as her. The rest though, Adara had fallen out of contact long ago. It was a miracle Theo had managed to contact all of them. He'd asked the questions that had been on her mind, so she fell silent awaiting answers from the other two.

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    Life hadn't changed Leo much. He had lost some of his childish optimism but not all, still a rather perky man with the same inherent need to be friendly towards everyone, despite the fact that he had built his life around fighting. He'd tried out the military after getting out of school, but it hadn't really been for him. At least not long term. Still, it seemed pointless not to use the skills he'd built up for anything, so he joined security guard profession. He even carried a gun and everything, not that he was particularly interested in that. Honestly, he'd much rather have gone into teaching or something similar, but he wasn't made for that. Wasn't made for peace.

    Still, he allows himself this brief respite from his life of false hope and the misplaced optimism that maybe one day he'll finally find somewhere to fit in. Those issues are for a later time, for now he must return to his childhood world where - even though life wasn't always perfect - he at least knew where he stood.

    Leo had done his best to abide by the theme, wearing a floral patterned shirt in obnoxious shades of yellow and orange unbuttoned over a simple white shirt and beige capris that weren't quite as revealing as Theo's. Long, bond hair was pulled back into a ponytail and a necklace of fake greenery was hanging around his neck, having opted for that over the more typical flower lei because, despite everything, he wanted to pretend he still had an ounce of dignity. Leo made his way in, stooping slightly at the doorway before wandering towards the three who had arrived first. He offers Theo an amiable grin before taking in Caitlyn and Hex, the former seeming to have changed significantly while the latter seemed to have retained the general outward demeanor that Leo remembered from their school days. At Adara's words, Leo emits an amused snort, covering his smirki g face with one hand because he can still remember all the trouble they'd gotten into at this school. Being Parliamentarian for this High School felt like it was so long ago, like another life completely. It's weird to think he's back here where everything started. Of course, Leo isn't one to verbalize stuff like that so instead he simply comments on their attire. "Aw, you guys are no fun. You came all the way out here just to not dress like dorks?" His words are teasing but friendly, though he does appreciate the apparent lengths that Theo went to for this tacky tourist-Hawaiian vibe. It's fun and fitting of his former classmate. Hopefully this whole thing wouldn't end up being disaster, he really wanted to see everybody again but things had the potential to get crazy pretty fast with all of them in one room, back together after years of separation.


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