He’s not Mr. Nice Guy

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  • I smile at her “okay” I say. I go over and begin to set the table. She was amazing. She was like a mom to me already. My mom was a drug addict so my siblings and I never saw her. So it was refreshing to see someone like Alessis mom.

    “alright you’re free to go” the cop says unlocking his cell. “You will get letters in the mail indicating when you’re court date starts. If Miss. Prescott is up to it she should bring forward her case as well. It can help everyone out in the long run.” He says. “Have a good day” the cop says to Alessandro before waking off.

  • Angelina smiled and slowly finished up cooking and set the food on the table and then got them both a drink.

    Alessi nodded and left,he got into his car and drove to his mother house and knocked on the door.

    "Niki sweetheart could you go answer the door please"Angelina asked

  • Angelina gasped and smiled "Alessandro,your home!"she said running up as fast as she could and hugged him pressing kisses all over his face. Alessi smiled hugging his mother and said "hi mama,I missed you too,its good to be home" when she pulled away to sit down she said "Nicole has been very helpful and sweet since she got here. She's such a nice and sweet young lady, you found a good one. I can tell she loves you very much, you should be very happy"shs smiled at the too sweetly.

    Alessi smiled at his mother comment and sat down next to Niki "thank you mama,I am very happy. So Niki, how was your stay here last night and how was your first impression of mama? She didnt stuff you with food did she?"he said

  • I sigh but I nod. “Thank you so much for letting me stay. I really appreciate it. I do need to go though but we’ll be in touch” I say to Alessi mom giving her a hug.

    I drive to my house to come to see shoe marks on my door from him kicking it, my lock was broken, a window was shattered. When I walked into the house there was shit scattered everywhere. Chairs toppled over, dishes broken, lamps broken, I walked into my bedroom and what was spray painted on my white wal “whore” he took it way to far.

  • Angelina smiled and hugged Niki and said "no problem sweetie, your welcome to come over whenever"

    Alessi walked into the house with her and said "the fuck Chase....I'm sorry Niki...."as he walked with her through the home. "Why dont you gather what is savable and we can bring it to the apartment? He won't get away with this,especially with the evidence we have"he said leaning to kiss her cheek gently holding her hand

  • I rub my face with my hand. I go into my bathroom and my glass shower was shattered too. He had broken so much stuff. My clothes were thrown out of my closet. I was so pissed. I begin to take pictures making sure I had evidence. I open the door to my guest bedroom and it was terrible. The bed sheets were all ripped, the window was broken there to.i can se all the broken stuff and I look at Alessi “what if I was home.. he would’ve killed me” I said quietly