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  • Venom felt her breath catch in her throat. Literally any outcome was better than this one. Soon enough, her disbelief made way into anger, which she succesfully kept bottled up inside. Her vermillion orbs searched the crowd for any sign of the demonic kit, whom she would undoubtedly sent a withering glare. It was impossible for her to imagine spending moons with such a feline; he was insufferable, he was loud, he was a brat, and heavens above, he never shut up. Venom would have taken any other apprentice under her wing, but apparently she was destined to suffer. Her eyes came back up to Creature, and her mouth fell open to voice refusal... but no sound came out. Venom stood there, forming together her words, before she blinked and looked back down to the ground, looking almost defeated in a way. "Understood." Creature was her obsidian goddess, and Ivory, her alabaster queen. She would fight tooth and nail for both of them, so never had she expected such a... betrayal, dare she say it. And yet, she kept her mouth shut, deciding to not voice her skepticism of Creature's judgement.


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  • Ivory had not expected her name to be voiced at the meeting and yet she was announced as a new guard. At last she would get another opportunity to prove herself. A small but genuine smile would lace her lips, dipping her crown respectfully to accept her new position. She then turned to Venom, knowing of her burning hatred against her new tyro. "You'll do great." The beauty muttered and aimed to nudge her flank playfully.



  • There was a wench standing atop the altar that had once been a slave to Bune, begging for attention. The picture of her beastly, unsightly face brought displeasure upon the small child in prickly waves, much like a colony of starving ants carving holes underneath his organs.

    He didn’t appreciate being called over like a brainless mutt; unlike his pathetic clanmates who were licking the ghastly thing’s very feet, Hound had a sense of dignity to uphold. So it was only right for him to just have happened to have been in the church before Creature had entered the camp and garbled out wails from between her twisted teeth, because Hound answered to none. While there was something deep inside of them that was unsettled about Bune’s absence, the kit had no opinion on Creature’s inheritance of the role of leader; if she were worthy of the title she would prove herself soon enough.

    Truthfully, there was no one suited to be leader except for him, and even he didn't want to be king of this mess of hogbrain fools.

    Eventually, the tiny clump melted out from the shadows of the church, eyes setting the newly established leader of bloodclan aflame with its very intensity. Hound supposed he could waste his honorable presence among scum for the greater good—it was about high time he became a tyro, after all. Surprisingly, the fiend seemed unfazed at the announcement of his "mentor," save for a sardonic scoff.

    Fixing a sneer upon the female, he drew a tongue over an unkempt paw in a show of utter, offensive arrogance. "Mentor," he repeated the word jestingly, his tongue wrapping around the syllables as if it were a particularly sour joke. "Funny. I didn't know you were capable; had me mistaken for a measly little tyro this entire time." Seeing no reason to dawdle among trash any longer, especially after receiving what he had come for, the tyro jumped up from his seat and slunk out of the building into the harsh cold, a monstrous grin scraped across his lips.

    ❝ there's a dog inside your heart

    and it tells you to tear everything apart ❞

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