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    open to capture, just message me to make sure! medium mentally, medium physically. fire elemental//

    the tall feline was at his father and brother's sides throughout all the arguing, rolling his eyes in a rather annoyed way. how stupid, that they were trying to make peace. but as the battle began, fire erupted from his tail and paws. he saw that two people were going back and forth trying to mess with his brother, and since good ole ozy was going after the girl, cas had no choice but to go for the much larger animal. a tall canine, with an interesting accent. Hey buddy! Wanna play? the domestic cat sneered, pale yellow eyes narrowing as he rushed for the deerhound with fire around his pelt and unsheathed claws. he would aim to slide under the male, using his small size as an advantage, and try to rake his claws against the dog's belly.

    // Callaghan




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  • Techni zigged and zagged and... wait, what's a zig? Or a zag, for that matter; Technicolor slowed down to contemplate this. She slowed down enough for the hellhound to catch up to her, and when she felt herself being lifted up she panicked and flailed for a moment before remembering literally her only combative skill and flashing a bright blue light in front of .OZYMANDIAS. in an attempt to blind him temporarily. If this worked, she'd try to wiggle out of his jaws and produce two copies of herself to scatter across the battlefield. (Two is about how many she can handle in this tense situation!) but if somehow he was immune to flashes of light, or his teeth really were as tight as they felt, she'd make a little clouded version of her float up from her body, like a little angel. Because she was doomed. Doomed I say, doomed!


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  • "Speech" ・゚✦ Thinking ・゚✦ Attacking

    Era had seen the raid. He'd been dreaming about it for a week now and had holed himself up in his den every night, waiting. But like every night, nothing ever happened. Angel had told him to not panic, to stop being paranoid and not tell his clan mates...Every night he said it wouldn't happen today...not today, Era...

    But what about now?

    Chicagocrime's son would hide wherever he could, trembling as he watched cats bleed and cry and scream. But most of all, he shook with terror hearing creatures speak as if it was his mother's fault this awful event had to happen. What - no - Chicagocrimes wouldn't...He tried to fully believe in Winter's words, to match his anger...but what if? That awful question rolled in his head, and he threw up his paws to cover his ears against it to no avail.

    What if?

    Was this really his mom's fault? Was that why Chic was never around? Because she was on the run? How could she? What did she do? Why did this have to happen? How many people had to get hurt before forgiveness was granted?

    Would his mom have to get hurt?

    Terrified, he hugged himself tighter, grieving over a future that refused to give him peace.

    //open for capture? ;3





    AYE, I'M NAE HERO ✧✧✧

    Seeing Ozymandias going for Technicolor made the deerhound growl as he saw nothing but cowardice in the act, but before he could go leaping into that fray he was taken off-guard by Casper. Callaghan was aware of something zipping under him, followed by the sudden sting of claws raking his underbelly.

    "ACK! Ye bleedy wee nipper! Ya takkin the bloody mick?!"

    He snapped angrily as his attention shifted to the domestic feline. After seeing the flames he promptly coated himself in water to protect himself from burns before aiming to strike CASPER H - with a torrent of water.

    "Are ye pullin me leg here, laddie? If yer likkin fer a fecht, yer ginna get one."


    Sir Callaghan Finch-Downes

    52 Moons - Blue-Grey Scottish Deerhound - Male

  • Decemberlights Fallout


    lupurca - male - single - black rams horns & retractable claws

    There weren't very many Santuarians, which meant that there weren't really an even number of opponents. For a moment December was at a loss of who to go after, but when he noticed Caspar and Callaghan he decided that would be the best place to go. He wasn't sure Caspar would be pleased with him jumping into their fight, but the young male was eager to participate and at a glance his domestic clanmate was at a disadvantage to the large deerhound.

    As Callaghan turned and shot a spray of water at his clanmate, December woul streak forward and aim to slam his body into the deerhounds hindquarters, retractable claws sliding out to grasp at the haunches so that he could drag the other canine clear into the dirt like a lion taking down a gazelle. Jaws snapped violently at the older canines back near the spine, loking to deliver a nasty and painful bite to the soaking wet dog.


    male - lupurca - 14 months - malachite ensign of PB

    Known as 'Dizzy' to his friends, December is a young black and gold lupurca hybrid and the youngest of the Fallout children. He's handsome in a soft/boyish way, with a sleek and healthy look to him despite the fact that he's rather runty for a lupurca. His mutations include black ram horns, and retractable claws. Red electricity is known to crackle around his jaws and feet when angered.

    friendly - energetic - protective- loyal - outspoken - affectionate - wears his emotions on his sleave - short tempered - aggressive

  • ✦ ✧ ✦ In the moment, Oz is blind. He can't see anything because it's just all too bright, so he recoils and shuts his eyes, squeezing them tightly. "You dumb bitch!" He snarls angrily, rubbing his eyes. When he opens them and he can finally see again, once again there is multiple of Tech. He looks at them, his head swaying from side to side. "Stop your dumb tricks!" He snarls, fuming with anger. He isn't sure which direction to go. He picks a random, whether it was Techni or not, and launches himself at it in an attempt to body slam either Techni or a copy. If it was Techni, he would attempt to push her down into the ground and hold her down. If it wasn't, he'd simply pass through the copy and roll on the ground and back onto his paws.


    Ozymandias "Oz" Halcyon ☆ Painted Brigade Member, Ex-Cobalt Lieutenant☆ Hellhound ☆ PENNED BY DREAVYN

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