Riverside High School for the Supernatural Sign Up Thread

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    Welcome to Riverside High School for the Supernatural, this is a academically advanced school for students who are not of this world. The school is run by older supernaturals who have either graduated from the school or have come across it. Rarely ever has the school district visited it they just let it run as it is.

    IC Rules:

    1.Be in your dorm by 10 pm

    2.No bullying is tolerated whatsoever

    3.Listen and obey all staff directions

    4. If you are tardy 3 times you will receive a lunch detention

    5. Do not leave the school without telling a adult.

    Ooc rules:

    1.No overpowered characters

    2.You can have up to 2 characters

    3. You can not be both assistant principals

    4.No overpowered characters

    5. You can be whatever supernatural character you want as long as they dont break rule 4.

    6. For plot ideas use OOC

    7. Please be as active as possible

    8. Please delete your track post when your accepted

    9. No bullying others

    10.Have fun

    Plots(so far):

    1. The school district actually visits and does not like how it is ran and removes the highly liked principal and replaces her with a very strict one which causes students to protest to get their principal back.

    Riverside High School

    Principal:Nafiel Yinzana

    Assistant Principals(1/2)

    Leonardo Bell









    Supernatural History(0/1)


    Alessi Callahan

    Forms: keep all students between 15 and 16 since they will all be starting as freshmen to make this easier to organize please.

    My forms



    Name:Nafiel Yinzana

    Age:appears to be 29 but is really 1256 years old





    Personality:Nafiel is extremely kind and caring, she loves interacting with all the students and helping them when she can. She rarely ever raises her voice but when she does it tends to be quite scary, she is generous and loving. Nafiel is very approachable and is always ready to listen, this personality of hers has made her quite popular and well liked among the students. It is really hard to get her upset, she is fair to those who do cause trouble.

    Powers:Manipulation of nature, enhanced senses, can cast spells and charms.

    Weaknesses:her magic can wear out or become weak the more she uses it and holds the spell this does not include her manipulation of nature. It takes her a while to be able to regain her strength to use her powers again.



    Name:Alessi Callahan





    Personality:Alessi is extremely shy and introverted, he rarely ever speaks above a whisper. He loves art and is extremely gifted in drawing, he is caring and kind. He can be talkative to thos is knows and trusts, he is easily scared and tends to be gullible. He is very sweet and will help others if it doesn't involve being in front of a large crowd or being the center of attention. He tends to miss his little twin sisters so he creates illusions of them to make him happy again.

    Powers:fox fire(very strong fire he can conjure up), enhanced senses, enhanced speed, illusions.

    Weaknesses: He isn't very confident, his shyness, his powers only work when he is concentrated and has a calm mind.


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    "You have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a dragon"


    "Only you can bring our worlds together."

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    Appearance: Lucifan is a very alluring, dark man, his figure very muscular and attractive. He has vibrant green eyes, pale, stony skin and dark black feathered wings -like an angel's wings, but black- and vampire teeth, with a sharp, long tail with a spike on the top of it, with long horns topping off his devilish look. His common outfit is a deep black hoodie, black jeans and some black and grey trainers. He has a red wristband which he always wears, made out of rope. He looks 18-19, with a sharp, masculine jawline. His hair is longer than some boys. He represents a very dark, mysterious man with secrets no one can contain, hence him always wearing covering things

    Name: Lucifan Hell

    Age: He looks 18-19, but is actually about a day away from being 17

    Species: Vampire, fallen angel, devil hybrid

    Sexuality: Pan

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Lucifan, well.. He's the worst boy in the school. Starting from the moment he joined, he was troublesome and never really listened to the teachers. If he got the chance, he would probably cast a spell on them which makes it impossible for them to talk. He's very flirty and usually gets chased down the halls by the 'popular girls' or whatever they are. He's never too interested in them, and, believe it or not, has a slightly soft side for shy,quiet people. He has a surprising talent in music (guitars and electric keyboards), art and especially gym. He enjoys drawing when he has nothing to do, and is quite good at sketches, but never colours them in

    Powers: Teleportation, mind reading, summoning demon-like pillars which stab/grab someone, healing -from angel-, light and dark

    Weaknesses: Not too much, but his dad can lower his self-esteem, since he is abused, ever since his mother died and actually not having the one he cares about most

    Crush: now THAT is open for debate..

    Other: Uh. If you wanna plot just make a chat with me and I can help you! <3


    Appearance: Penny is a beautiful angel, who inherited everything from her mother, unlike her brother, who inherited her father's looks instead. She is gorgeous with her light amber-ginger hair. Her eyes shimmer a gold everywhere she goes, and her eyes flicker red when she is in danger

    Name: Penedaye (Penny, Den, Danny or Penelope is what she is usually called) Heaven

    Age: 16

    Species: Angel, fallen angel

    Sexuality: Straight

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Danny is very kind and soft, she loves people and animals, and doesn't like bullies. She doesn't always get along with her brother, but she gets defended so much by her brother that she kind of expects it, and relies on her brother a bit too much. She loves drawing and talking to animals.

    Powers: Light, swift flying, swift running, abilities to sense danger/devils, healing, animal whisperer

    Weaknesses: Being harmed, not having her brother to protect her, losing her loved one/close friends

    Crush: Er..... develop in roleplay

    Other: -

    "You have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a dragon"


    "Only you can bring our worlds together."

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    "You have the heart of a warrior and the soul of a dragon"


    "Only you can bring our worlds together."