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  • Breakout had decided he deserved a little bit of a break so he could get himself something to drink. Alcohol was his best friend in times like this ones but also a good way to get to know his crewmates better. Breakout figured out he should take himself some time to get to know the few people how actually was sticking around here with him which meant alot for him because what he hated the most was to get left behind, abandoned. Breakout felt a bit bitter just thinking about that but brushed it away with a shrug as he come out from his office to settle himself down in one part of the mansions which where suppose to be thier 'chill' room there people could go to if they wanted to relax and just take a break from the mafia life.

    Jumping himself up in one of the couches would settle the alcohol bottle down on the table in front of him. " Hey i'm having a truth or drink game over here if anyone wanna join." he would call out before he spoted Kukan Luna how seemed to be seating a bit away all by herself. " You look like ya wanna play so get on over here will ya?." he said as he pointed a paw at her before grinning. He hadn't seen this female around much but when he had she always was seating by herself and he figured out that most be lonely. But no more.

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  • Kukan Luna flinched slightly as she heard a call to a game. A game? She looked up just as a paw was pointed to her and blinked. "M-Me? Oh..uh...." She glanced around. There wasn't anyone else around her. He must have been talking to her. "O-Okay.." Her eyes swirled with different colors before finally settling on a slightly more pink color. Nervousness. She swallowed as she sat down next to Breakout (leaving a polite gap between them of course) and looked from the alcohol bottle to him. "Uh...what's a truth or drink game?" The kitsune asked softly, her nine fluffy tails waving behind her as they swirled as if made of smoke. Her fur itself seemed to be made of smoke actually. She had a scar down her face and eyes that changed color as well as a kitsune body. A wisp in a physical body often looked different, she supposed, but it was a little hard to tell as she didn't believe she'd ever actually seen one before. She was supposed to be in Sanctuary territory, but she never truly stayed there a lot. It was her home, but she also traveled.

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  • Breakout would watch as Kukan come up to seat down beside him by the couch and allowed a friendly grin towards her as he noticed she seemed a bit nervouse which he wonderd why that was. Because he was the Godfather?. That he didn't liked special much, not wanting to be treated differently just because he was the top dog in the house, that didn't meant he was more importand then anyone of them. Without them there would be no Godfather to begin with. " Hey don't worry, i'm not going to bite ya." he would joke with a playful wink before he laid himself down on his side of the couch and listen to her question about how the game even worked. A fair question he supposed. " Oh, well that's easy. I ask ya a question and you can decide to either answer to it truthfully or pass the question but if so have to take a clunk from the bottle over there on the table. The one how gets drunk first lose's. Easy right?." he would say. " I'll start. What's ya name?." he said deciding to go with a easy question for now to let Kukan get comfortable in this game before digging in deeper into more spicy questions.

  • Kukan Luna grinned, her eyes swirling blue. "I like this game; sounds fun. My name is Kukan Luna. It's technically supposed to be all one name instead of being said as a first name and a surname, but you can just call me Kukan or Luna...or pretty much whatever you want." She chuckles a little at the end and her tails begin waving happily behind her as her ears are perked happily. Breakout did a good job settling down the chaotic wisp.


    Dee wasn't exactly a heavyweight with drinking, but that didn't mean he made a complete fool of himself drunk either. Even on the rare occasions he let himself get to that point, the worst damage was usually unnecessary flirting, not drunken sobbing in the corner about an ex lover like some would. Besides it all, he loved having a small amount of alcohol at any time in the day, and anyone who claimed that a breakfast glass made him an alcoholic while a dinner glass did not wasn't worth listening to on any subject. He was overjoyed to have heard Breakout's announcement. Even if there was something he wouldn't enjoy answering, he was a damn good liar, and now- This could be the time to see whether it would be easy to get away with it. Free alcohol wasn't something to complain about regardless.

    "Well what do we have here?" he would almost purr, smiling as he'd approach and settle himself down nearby. The kitsune was definitely a new face worth noting, but to start anything at all, he would give Breakout a smile. "Mind if I join, love?" One thing at a time, he reminded himself. Seeing new faces was like candy to him- He jumped on the opportunity, and, when figuring out others was such a entertaining process, settling in a new group had him in a near perfect mood since he arrived.



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  • Luna...That brought up some childhood memories. " Luna huh?. I used to have a pet named Luna once. I was only a teenage when i found a feral wolf how got very much attached to me so i decided to keep her and named her Luna. A beautiful name. " he said, thoughtful there for a moment as this memories returned back up to him. He wonderd where Luna had run of to?. He missed that wolf. She had been so sweet and fun to play with.

    It seemed like they soon would get some company as the new guy Dee decided to accompany them and just seeing the sight of that handsome hellhound brought a grin to the Godfather lips glad to have him with them. The more the better they said but also this was a golden opportunity for him to get to know Dee better and Luna of course. " You've ya handsome looking Godfather and pretty Luna hanging out at the couch." he would playfully say even if he not really had needed to answer to that had decided to do so anyway. " Sure, jump onboard on the hangover train buddy." he grinned then, amused in his azure blue eyes before glancing back over at the kitsune and his grin instantly turned into a more of a friendly smile. " It's ya turn then Lu, pick whoever you want." he said and would then wait to see who she would ask and what her question would be.

  • Luna smiled to Dee, then blinking. Pretty Luna? What? Uh.... She watches Breakout with a curious and surprised gaze, then nodding softly when he said it was her turn. Oh, what question to ask and who??? Isn't this just like truth or dare except without the dares? Uhm..... She bites her lip, then speaking. "Dee, have you ever traveled outside your clan while still keeping membership with it?" She had to know if she was the only one or if there were more like her. More who still stayed a member of a clan, but traveled. Or was that something different about her too?


    Dee chuckled at the introduction, and he would find his own seat across from them before Breakout finished telling him he could jump aboard. He didn't plan on getting drunk, but others were wrong to say being the sober member in a group wasn't fun. Being the only one to remember the night- Laughing at the confidence others could have with him- But, noting that the kitsune seemed slightly unsure of herself, in the way she paused at the compliment, and the question she asked, he wasn't sure they'd get that far.

    Breakout was right- She was a pretty thing. It was hard to tell much about her with so little time, but he wasn't shy in watching her. After all, had he even seen a kitsune in person before? He would tilt his head at the question, furrowing his brows slightly, but keeping a slight smile. "I was a loner before this, so I'm afraid not." He'd pause for a second, wondering if the question was for herself, or someone she knew who she was waiting to return. He'd add on- "But I can't imagine it's uncommon. It's only where your loyalty lies, not where you always stay, no?" His eyes were soft for a moment, reassuring in a way he wondered was necessary. Why else would she ask?

    Dee would shrug again, a wider smile taking his face with his sharp lines of teeth as he looked to the bottle instead. "Now I don't suppose I can choose to drink anyways with an easy question?" He'd ask the both of them, if uninterrupted. The tone was almost teasing, a contrast to the sympathy he had before, but for Dee- A smooth transition.



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  • Once the 'ball' was left over to Luna Breakout would lean back against the couch a bit and waited for her question to Dee. Memberships?. That was a question that interested the Godfather a bit wanting to learn more about Dee after all and is he had been residing in clans before. Turned out he hadn't and even if it wasn't much of information to go on it was at least something to found out that Dee was new to clan life and come from somewhere else. " Yea, being apart in more then one clan is very commen this days. Not many makes a fuss about it." he would say not caring much about it himself even if it might complicate lives for some but that had been the life they had choosen when joining two clans at the same time. Breakout had done that once to be in the same clan as Alcibiades but he had to admit it had been difficult sometimes to take himself through the two clans all of the time.

    Dee once more succeeded to make the Praelium laugh, his last sentence being quite amusing consider the game and everything. " Go ahead Dee, drink as much ya like i wouldn't mind to see your drunk face." in fact it would be more like a reward for me, hehe he said with a wink which could be taken as flirty or playful, bold it for sure was. Honestly though, if Dee decided to drink he wouldn't stop him. Why would he anyway?. This game where more to socialize and not to be taken that seriously.

  • Dee watching Kukan Luna wasn't unnoticed by the kitsune, but she didn't mention it, not minding it all that much. So she wasn't the only one who'd ever done something of the sort. That was nice. Thank goodness. She smiled slightly. "Nice." Then she looks to the bottle. Wait, we're allowed to drink without telling a lie? She chuckles slyly and snags a quick drag of the alcohol before setting it back down as if she'd never done it in the first place. She flashes a smile that is the picture of pure 'innocence' and giggles, sitting up straight and holding her head high proudly. Her demeanor basically says 'Yes, I stole that drink and no, you will receive no apologies or shame from me.' She was the definition of 'sass' right now.

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    Dee narrowed his eyes at Breakout's response, his smile never leaving him. Oh, so it was going to be like that, huh? "Assuming you'll be sober enough to see my face straight by the time I'm drunk, and that I make a face at all," he'd retort, shaking his head and leaning towards him before fixing his posture to be just as proud as before. He wasn't particularly large for a normal wolf, even with his father being a hellhound, but he did everything he could in body language to make it seem like he took up the same amount of space. While size wasn't a direct tell at the amount of alcohol it would take to have him lost, it wouldn't do him good to try and claim there was no connection at all. Besides, he wasn't awful. Average, he liked to think, and unlike many, he knew how to moderate himself. Break and Luna- He didn't know. But what a fun challenge it would be to try to outlast them.

    Dee was about to take the bottle as promised when the kitsune stole it from the table. He would settle his paw back down in front of him raising his brow in surprise and a smile that asked for an explanation more than it showed joy. He'd give half a chuckle, settling his tail back around him. "Are you sure we have enough in one bottle, Break? I think we'd rather drink than answer questions," He'd joke, smiling at Luna instead of looking back at who he was talking to. It was too early for him to be suprised by the girl, but he couldn't help but guess the enthusiasm probable and lack of experience would prove to be a bit of fun. He'd give her a pointed look as he reached out to take the bottle, slowly as if it'll be stolen again, before leaning his head back, closing his eyes, and tilting his ears back for a couple swallows. The burn on his throat was an old one, but it'd be a lie to say it wasn't completely welcomed. This was his space, if anything.

    He'd slam the bottle back down on the table after that. "Now, who's turn?"

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    the dire wolf padded over, looking at the alcoholic and licking his lips. dee was right, one bottle was not "the move" in this situation. cas left as quickly as he came, but ended up trotting right back over, and this time, he had a bottle of fireball in his mouth. he set it down before seating his own self, grinning at the leader he had just met. Hey Breakout. he then turned to the others, studying them for a moment before offering a small charming grin. Name's Casper, but Cas works. Mind if I join? he had drank a few times, but never a ton. cigarettes were his thing, but this game seemed fun and he was determined to win.


  • Kukan Luna laughed at the look she was given from Dee and didn't provide an explanation as asked by it. She'd leave him to guess why she did it. The girl wrapped her tails around her as she watched Dee and was about to answer when a new one joined. "Please do join!" Kukan's eyes widen slightly at the bottle. "Ooh! I love Fireball!" She says excitedly. "Thanks, Cas. Ths is awesome of ya', hun!"