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    PERSONAL COUNTER: It has been [ 0 ] day(s) since someone in the Cartel was last traumatized \\ last trauma: 8/21/2020; reason: cannibalism

    We get a pizza party for reaching ten.



    — cisgender male [physically male, identifies as male, he\him\his pronouns]

    — 3 years, 5 months \ birthday February 2nd \ ages realistically

    — homosexual + biromantic \ taken \ dating Asimov

    cartel \ host division capo



    — WILL NOTE LIES WITH AN ASTERISK IN ROLEPLAY. Frequently lies, but not without reason and thought. Occasional malicious lies are reserved for enemies, while innocent lies are for attachments. He tends to be very skilled in leaving out any mannerisms that may tip others towards this, but a more intuitive or observant character could still pick up on it, especially when Dee's inconsistent. To note: I absolutely adore it when he's accused of lying when telling the truth, though.


    — Dee's effectively abandoned his original family, and as a hybrid, he's sterile. He may be morally questionable, but all efforts to befriend, help, and nurture any young are innocent. The most he's hurting is usually himself, although he's been known to pass alcohol under the table in their direction.


    — The mansion's kitchen is technically open to the public, but Dee's taken to lying to newcomers that it belongs to him. He's not the only person that cooks in the Cartel, either. Cooking is just a fundamental piece of his identity, and he's determined to have 'chef' as an exclusive position. Between introducing himself as a cook before his title as capo, and hunting down anyone he doesn't think is eating enough, he might just succeed. Stay tuned.


    — After almost drowning as a pup, Dee's developed an irrational fear of being wet. He no longer has any associations between the fear and the memory, but falling into any pool of water or getting drenched from the rain is enough to send him into a panic. He's relatively calm when grooming himself, but he's very meticulous about having it be heated and controlling exactly what part of him is wet and for how long- any feeling of a loss of control over the situation quickly leads to anxiety. That said, he's not eager to share this, and he puts a great deal of effort into staying inside on cloudy days, making excuses, and more often than not, claiming he just doesn't want to upset his fur. Similarly, he "doesn't feel like" joining anyone swimming, overlooking the fact that he never learned to swim.



    the usual sleep deprivation and burns and/or cuts on the pads of his paws

    — Dee retains the general shape and size of a wolf (his mother's side), although his father's side shows through in his sleek black coat, unusually wide smile, and dark grey eyes. The texture of his fur doesn't quite behave normally: it barely bristles or bends, and the strands fit neat enough that it looks sleek rather than warming. He's thin and lengthy without the bulk to his fur, but also short considering his lineage, at only about two feet tall. His tail is also thin and long compared to the rest of his body, resembling and bending like that of a cat. He tends to curl it over his front paws when cold or outside, effectively keeping the jewelry he wears around it off the ground. Finally, there are a number of small scars that litter his pelt. He's careful to wet his fur every morning to have them somewhat covered. The most prominent are on the pads of his paws, where he has several lines and indents from various burns and cuts that have accumulated over the years.

    For his face, Dee never quite grew out of his father's devilish smile. He has particularly sharp teeth, and whether smiling or snarling, his lips curl far enough back that it sometimes suggests there's something wrong with his joy. That said, he often smiles without the teeth, and even then, he enjoys looking at people through the side of his eyes, keeping the flirt in his expression for almost any conversation. How his expressions look and come off are almost constantly on his mind. Genuine smiles have a much more innocent appearance to them, although they're more uncommon. Other details of his face are the cut tips of his ears, often a set of small earrings, and the plain golden bands he wears towards the end of his tail.

    — injuries: currently n/a



    — unlikely to physically fight, especially when the odds are fair \ more verbally than physically aggressive

    — won't harm children, will negotiate and show mercy

    — attack in italic and add Dee.

    — peaceful powerplay is fine \ maim, capture, kill only with permission

    — powers: tbd


    b u t . t h a t . d o e s n ' t . m e a n . w e ' r e . l i a r s━━━━━



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    In most circumstances. He knows his own abilities, and he's careful not to overextend them in front of others. There's consciousness when it comes to being "classy" about it, but he doesn't shy away from letting others see his strengths. In social situations, he often feels comfortably in control of his own image. Similarly, yes, he knows when he looks good. Dee doesn't point out things that others have missed, but leans on the side of letting things speak for themselves. He's quick to jump in singing along to any song and lets a cutting remark past his lips as soon as he has a grasp on it. It's often not a bark, but a smile that doesn't hide the sharpness of his teeth.

    That said, true emotion and care, in place of any façade, can add a small amount of doubt at times. He has situations he's comfortable in, and sometimes, the right people can pull him out of it onto a beach, where he doesn't know how to deal with the sand in his fur, make him smile, genuinely and involuntarily, drag him to the few social situations he's not familiar with, and in general, throw a wrench in the works. He can't stand others seeing him in tears, and no amount of admiring his reflection in the morning is going to change the fact that he refuses to leave his room when his fur isn't behaving.

    ✧ SOCIAL

    Will Dee ever ask for solitude? Maybe, but that should be a clear indicator that something is wrong. Even the times he appears to purposefully isolate himself to finish something, he's looking for company, leaving the door open, and chatting with others right before so that they might offer to come along to continue the conversation. He can tolerate being alone for concentration's sake, but he at least prefers to have someone else lingering in the same space. This is a fundamental piece of his identity. He feels more comfortable in a crowd than alone out in the open. Opposite of claustrophobic, he often finds himself unsettled by open spaces. In all, Dee is the sort to initiate conversation whenever possible, even if that means making strangers nervous.

    ✧ LYING

    Dee may not make up stories for attention, but he certainly doesn't value honesty either. Its the lack of information that bothers him, not the quality of it. He loves playing games trying to catch others' lies, but at the end of the day, he'd beg a loved one to convince him that something wrong didn't just happen, scream at the top of his lungs that people are traveling, not dead, and in general, live a more comfortable lie than harsh reality. He keeps secrets, and he knows how to beat around the bush. An easy example is in hypocrisy- Dee may not follow his own advice, but his intentions in giving it are often wholehearted. "Do as I say, not as I do."

    Dee loves to tell others that important things aren't bothering him. His conscious thoughts explain it as stopping others from stressing over him, but, in actuality, his subconscious assumes that his loved ones are going to push through this and give him the help he needs anyways. He's used to saying he doesn't have a headache, only to be presented with herbs in the next few minutes.


    Dee hands out false forgiveness like hotcakes. It's only later in the day that others usually find out if he's still angry, whether that's in social exclusion, talking behind their back, putting something in their food to have them throwing up for the next hour, casually destroying something they own, or, of course, hating them in secret while pretending to be a friend. This partially comes from the fact that Dee is much stronger in planning retaliation than he is escalating things into a physical fight. He doesn't enjoy direct conflict, and where he can keep a fake smile, he will.


    Despite some of his behaviors, if Dee loves someone, and they're comfortable with it, he enjoys showing it. Whether it's in 'I love you's, kind gestures, gifts, and embraces, he's outwardly affectionate. Despite being capable of the direct opposite, and the fact that genuine affection comes slower than it appears to, he's distinctly loving. Thoughtful. Loyal. It can get to a point where his care is almost obsessive, and as far as he's concerned, he knows what's best for his loved ones.

    Dee generally approaches strangers with the intention of being kind and understanding, as well. He's just as eager to bake cookies for strangers as he is to plan meals for family, and he considers every member of his clan to be family, whether he's familiar with them, or not. (He's easily slighted by strangers, too, but that's another story.)


    Dee tends to notice small details quickly, whether he lets others know in the moment, or not. Someone fidgeting. How long others retain eye contact. Subtle differences in expression. He tends to be very aware of others in social settings, and the appearance of mild curiosity is often him analyzing things. This also extends to a spec of dirt on the floor, or the number of flowers in a bouquet. He’s detail oriented, and his mind likes to run. That said, his attention can be too focused, and he has to remind himself not to stare at one person in a room when he's interested in the whole crowd.


    Dee has always had a bit of a sappy side to him. His mind loves to find ways to slip back into the past, and there he can't help but linger with rose tinted glasses. While he tends to romanticize bad things that have happened to him or repaint relationships (especially familial ones) in a more palatable light, it's not a completely maladaptive coping mechanism. It's his way of wrapping up things he will likely never have natural closure for, and a way of immortalizing good things as they happen while also leaving the door open for more memories to be added to the sentimental pile. If there's an object he can tie to an experience, whether its pleasant or unpleasant, Dee's going to keep it. Similarly, the little time he spends alone is set aside for combing over memories, and almost every taste, smell, set of colors, and feeling has something, no matter how small, that his mind can't help but turn back to. A surefire way to get his guard down is to offer him these snippets. He'd be too invested in his memories to analyze the present.


    b u t . t h a t . d o e s n ' t . m e a n . w e ' r e . l i a r s━━━━━



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    (Will update at some point to have proper paragraphs instead of bullet points. This is just meant to be reference notes.)

    Content warnings in abuse, drowning, and murder.

    1) Parental history

    - Raised on a loner tobacco farm in a human building under the family name Blackwell. His mother's name was Marcella, and his father's name was Everett.

    - Family had a shitty reputation for cheating others in sales, having a monopoly on the area, getting everyone possible hooked on cigarettes, and "loaning" food, water, medical supplies, and protection to those who are struggling, only to abuse the power they now had over them.

    - Marcella was Everett's third marriage, and she was forced into the position. She was fairly young, and the Blackwell's stopped asking about interest on her parents debt as long as Everett was seeing her.

    - Debt was conveniently forgiven when the two were married, and Dee was never able to meet his grandparents on his mother's side when they all but abandoned her.

    - Marcella lived in near constant fear of Everett, who had the habit of smiling the same way in both anger and joy. She found that things were the most peaceful when she played the role of happy housewife, and she was either forcing herself to smile and laugh in the living room or screaming and crying when given the opportunity in private.

    - In the few moments she had to mentally escape, she ended up seeing another hellhound. When she fell pregnant with her first litter, she couldn't say who the father was, and her mental state further declined. She convinced herself that Everett knew she had cheated on him and that he was planning on breaking the act as soon as she had given birth, wanting to kill her for it. It wasn't an unrealistic fear, but in truth, Everett never found out.

    2) Birth and early childhood

    - This is a big ole' work in progress. Even my temporary placeholder notes are a work in progress, I know, but life is like that.


    b u t . t h a t . d o e s n ' t . m e a n . w e ' r e . l i a r s━━━━━



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    Thread Ideas:

    - manic monday: bite wound in his shoulder from a good time the night before that he doesn't want looked at. Has to come in later because surprise surprise it's infected.

    - taking a new surname / publicly announcing that. Thinking Marconi

    - experimenting mixing drinks

    - the hoarding problem because it's bound to come up eventually. Possibly involves Dee stealing furniture and old human objects from around the mansion just so his room can feel crowded the way he likes

    - writing a will

    Thread Titles:

    - literally any twilight zone episode title, list found here: X

    - high hopes

    - blame it on the night

    - one for the somber

    - party like its 1999

    - there's no pride in sharing scars

    - call your lawyer

    - burn that bridge when you get there

    - in good company

    - yesterday's gone

    Misc. Plot Ideas:

    - adopt kids, then obsess over kids. In both a good and bad way. (Conflict bc he's reminding himself of his own dad)

    - memory manipulation power for himself or finding someone else who has it & wanting to wipe bad memories, even if only temporarily

    - only a matter of time before he makes enemies by deciding he simply doesn't like them, pisses them off by being too nosy, or both

    - getting into a nasty argument with another character only to vehemently claim it never happened not too long after

    Cartel birthday list:

    February 2nd - Dee

    February 12th - Asimov

    March 12th - Battery

    April 19th - Ghoulian

    May 4th - Wavepool

    June 30th - Cairo

    August 21st - Cosmicshadow

    November 18th - Penny

    December 9th - Ilya

    December 26th - Luci

    ---- please message me if you don't see your character here


    b u t . t h a t . d o e s n ' t . m e a n . w e ' r e . l i a r s━━━━━



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    "There is a man in the storeroom! He's crying! And he's eating your strawberries!" - Batterychicken

    "Because I am a master of humor and I am so so funny and basically I am a comedy god in fox form" - Asimov

    "Who'sss a beautiful gal? Yesss you are, so sssexy and slick, made of the finessst ore. You'll make all the boysss jealousss." - Sir Pentious

    "With all due respect Dee... fuck that shit." - Diablo

    "I don't want your fucking birth juices on my blankets!" - Jasper

    "A narco of many talents" - Batterychicken, referring to himself

    "I hope you're not pretentious as well Sir Pentious" - Pastel Roux

    "which made his cold little capitalism-fueled heart happy" - Asimov, referring to himself

    "his idea of a good time was a shit ton of cocaine up his nose" - Asimov, the same day, referring to himself

    "Who needed a lover, when you had cocaine?" ..."They made your heart race just the same." - Batterychicken

    "Cook guy and fish guy" - King, referring to Dee and Batterychicken, respectively

    "Many could call him a prince - the prince of cocaine and booze." - Batterychicken, referring to himself

    "Your Mum's name was E?" - Batterychicken

    "Meow-Dee" - Lily, when greeting Dee; a pun on meowdy, which was a pun on howdy

    "Well, king wouldn't mind ~killing~ a baby (he hates babies)" - King is okay with murdering babies, you heard it here first, folks

    "Battery was a dirty capitalist" - Batterychicken, in the clan of dirty capitalists

    "As his name was said, like the devil, Asimov was summoned." - Asimov

    "those seven semen demons came slithering out of the godfather's baby chute" - Jasper, referring to the Jasimov alliance litter

    "nobody needed to know Jasper let slugs in the bis" - Valery, who's not about to tattle on Jasper. "The bis" refers to "can of bis," which is what he thinks cannabis is


    b u t . t h a t . d o e s n ' t . m e a n . w e ' r e . l i a r s━━━━━



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