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  • " Hey Youkai!. Are we fucking there soon!." he would complain loud and clear while he took himself closer towards the border (almost being there actually) while looking hella bored. How should i know?. I'm the one trapped here you know?. You should know better where we are then i do.the demon spoke back inside of his own mind after all they where sharing a body and nothing more then that. A sigh would come from the demon and Rize knew that sigh, it was the sigh when Youkai thought he was stupied again!. Tch!. " Well, maybe i would know where we are if it wheren't for this idiots before standing in our way!." he tried to defend himself in a mutter thinking back on this morons how had dared step in his way. You mean this people you killed just because they called you for kid?.Youkai asked thier host which the Praelium nodded to. " Yeah exactly!. I'm no fucking kid, only dumbasses can't see that!."he growled and flatterd down his ears against his head when remembering it. Morons like that didn't deserve to live!. He was no kid, he was over three years old!.

    Ah, i think we are here now. Youkai spoke once more after some few minutes had past by. That made the Praelium perk his ears up and stopt to smell thinking he could smell some idiots living here. Perfect, fucking perfect that meant he was here, well to one of the clans because he had no fucking idea exactly which clan he had come to approch but it was good enough for now. A grin spread across the lupurca's maw. Please, do not make a big scene this time...the demon would say but would he listen?. " HEY DUMBASSES!! GET YOUR FUCKING ASSES OVER HERE!. YOU'VE A JOINER AND I HATE WAITING!." NO, of course he wouldn't because he had no idea what manners was or how to make a good impression. Blame it on his social awkwardness as well his horrible temper and the whole 'i don't give a shit' attitude towards the world. Youkai would sigh again, wondering how this would go. This mortals would either one accept his host or two kick his ass in hope to beat some sense into him (which was pointless by the way) whatever the case the demon was curious to found out which one. Rize was always a such entertaining host, no day was the same and no day were boring when dealing with this spoiled brat.



  • Secunda didn't have time for this. She was busy pretending to learn the chaotic English language and devoting all her time to holing up in various places and... doing whatever the hell she wanted. Mostly take naps. This irrumator was interrupting her! She pulled her helmet halfway over her eyes defensively and approached cautiously. She had no idea what he just said besides 'get ', 'over here' and something probably related to 'join' but she recognized some words as being used vulgarly. "salve, irrumator. quid agit hodie?" Hello, bastard. How are you today? The words were spoken in a low, suspicious, and definitely irritated manner, so regardless of whether this creature understood Latin, the message was clear. 'I don't like you, and I don't care.'


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  • The yelling was what would drive the hellhound angrily to the border. Someone wanted to join them, but couldn’t be bothered enough to even act the slightest bit polite? Kingpin wasn’t too sure how he felt about this joiner at the moment, but he knew one thing for sure. He would have to earn back the respect he would’ve had. "Name and business. You say you want to join but are going about it the wrong way. Give me one good reason why I should allow you to join us after the way you greeted us." Halting beside Secunda, Kingpin would wait for the joiner to respond.

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  • Amelia didn't like how loud and outward the newcomer was. She was used to the vulgar types, used to the rowdy boys and silencer girls - but Rize seemed to be an amalgamation of everything she didn't like in one body. She hoped that Kingpin wouldn't let him in, but given the man was so intent on growing his empire instead of improving it, it was easy to see that any reason Rize offered would be a good enough one.

    The Ebony Intern remained silent, on the edge of the group waiting for someone she knew more closely to come on by.

  • Risinghell wasn't fond of women. In fact his dislike went so far to say for sure he actually hated them, every single one of them. It brought back bad memories to him back at his own childhood he never had have and who was to blame for that?. The very women how had been suppose to raise him, give birth to him but had instead sacrificed him to the devil there he had been tormented for what felt like a eternity which eventually had turned him to this mess he now was. Tch!. i want to fucking kill this bitch!. He thought bitterly but keept this words to himself as he frowned before grimacing since he had zero fucking idea what this women was rambling on about. " Huh?. What the fuck did you say?. Speak so i understand you women!." otherwise she was just fucking useless to him which increased his urge to kill this one and feed her soul to his dear demon friend Youkai, the sole person how keept him here and away from hell.

    And then there was this hellhound dude how walked up to him, and he couldn't help to check him over liking what he saw thinking he was damn hot. That alone made his time wasting on this other idiots worth more of his time because now he had someone to drool over." Name's Risinghell fucking Cipher Praelium simul-stamus and if ya want your enemies kneeling down at your feets then you should let me in because if there is something i'm good at it's gutting and killing people, that and i'm fucking great in bed." he grinned at the last part which perhaps was unecessery but for him it was fucking damn importand to lay all cards out there you know to let this man know what he was capable of as well to let him know if he ever wanted a real man he know who to call, heh.

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  • "Do not speak to her like that," Amelia crossed over to stand beside Secunda the second she was able to, her nerves jittering and her stature unsure, however her words remained stiff and her gaze defiant. Whatever odd mix of emotions and standings the girl had, the young Ebony Intern didn't wish to watch a child be subjected to such a cross man. However, nor did she wish to explain away Secunda's lack of English. It wasn't her place to express such - only the kid's. It was her place, however, to try and protect children like her (even though she was about apprentice age already.) She kept her mouth shut as he moved on, ears pinned back and limbs tense as she stood near Secunda.

  • Beside her, the leader (Or, she assumed he was the leader, it couldn't be expressed to her verbally) appeared and started interrogating the man in front of her. She stood in silence waiting for his answer, but instead of answering Kingpin, he turned on her and started yelling. Secunda couldn't understand him for the most part (something say something speak blah blah understand, probably something about her language), but she whimpered and shrank back as Amelia stepped up to defend her. The child was grateful, but she felt really bad that she couldn't express her various emotions in a way everyone would understand. And this day had been filled with emotions. "It... it's okay, Amelia." she stuttered, standing up a bit straighter. "I will... speak Latin all I want, amicus." she muttered, but he was already talking about something else. Rude. She shoved her helmet down anyway, in defense in case he heard her.


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  • WOAH WOAH WOAH, wait just a minute. Kingpin was not pleased with the way that this guy spoke to the women of the clan. If he wanted any chance of joining them, his attitude would have to change pretty damn fast. Pushing his way to stand in front of Amelia and Secunda, the hellhound would stare Rize in the eyes, fueled by the desire to teach him a lesson. "Woah buddy. If you want any chance of joining our clan, you'll have to change your attitude pretty fucking fast. You can join as prisoner and work your way up by not disrespecting our women." He snapped, almost missing the comments spoken next entirely. Was he talking to him? Um, wow okay. Kingpin would stand speechless as he gazed at Rize, unsure of how to react to the implied comment about getting him into bed.


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  • He loved how easily this idiots seemed to crawl out from thier skins just by him opening his mouth. It was a pleasant sight for someone like the Cipher to see like they thought he actually gave a shit about them or thier feelings. If they wanted his respect had to earn it, he was not going to give it to them all served on a silver plate. This two females should be fucking grateful he not had bite thier heads of by now despite hating to listen to thier annoying voices and complains. " Well maybe you should teach your brats how to speak properly then." he would say back, standing his ground with a annoyed huff hating how easily insulted every females seemed to be, they where so damn emotional. How anyone could fucking standing them without cutting thier tounge out was beyond him.

    Of course the hot guy had something to state as well and by this point Rize started to figure out this hellhound most be the one at charge here or at least had some sort of power by the way he spoke and hold himself. It was fucking hot though to see him this angry and scolding him. But despite that Risinghell was not one how would bow down to anyone unless they had proven themself worthy and who the fuck would willingly accept to become a omega anyway?. " Forget it." he would say and pulled his tounge across his maw before he sneered at the other his reply refering to both changing his attitude and accept the rank as a prisoner.

    " I'm not going to willingly roll over and lick others paws like a good little dog. If you want my respect better earn it." he said with a snort after all there where more clans for him to pick from how might not even be as easily offended like this morons seemed to be. Rize was a arrogant person though filled with a cocky head and ideas and so as something got plotted up inside of his head would give a shark looking grin. " If ya can beat me in a fight i will become yours and this clan little pussy but if i win this clan is mine. I'll be the top dog from now on." and you all will be MY chew toys. he thought the last part to himself with amusement. He liked the idea of turning this clan into his own playground, that seemed fun and he was sure Youkai would be pleased with it as well. Anything to make his demon friend happy.

    The question was if Kingpin would fall for the bait?. Was he willing to put his leadership on the line just to put someone like him into place?. That idea excited him alot, only guys with real balls were bold enough to sacrifice everything just to prove thier strenght and people like that were worth his time and would happily follow. People how where all bite and no bark where nothing more then cowards, how played safe then sorry. Rize never played safe. He was get it all or nothing type of guy. He wonderd though if this hellhound where the same.

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  • ✦ ✧ ✦ Oh, oh, oh. Oh, Oz is FUMING. Anger was not enough to describe the emotions going through Oz's body as he hears this absolute stranger talking about Amelia like that. Secunda he didn't care for much, but Amelia? He'd tear this bitch to pieces. The literal flames on his paws traveled upwards his legs and up to his chest, the flames being a literal representation of his anger. His hellish eyes fixate on Rize, his lips curling upwards and barring his teeth into a deep snarl as he approaches from behind Amelia. He walks over to her, huddling Amelia between his legs as if he was protecting her. "Get the fuck off my territory before I fucking snap your neck like a fucking toothpick. Don't ever speak about Amelia like that or I will gladly walk you down to Hell myself and make sure you burn from the inside out." He snarls lowly, beginning to salivate from the corners of his mouth. What he would give to just tear this snobby motherfucker apart. His Amelia would not be disrespected like that. Absolutely not, not if Oz was around.

    "I don't give a shit if you win or not. I'll rip your tongue out and have you choke on it if you ever disrespect Amelia again." He snaps angrily. It isn't up to him if Kingpin wants to challenge him, but Oz does not care about the outcome.


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  • Amelia was clearly unnerved with how he looked at herself and Secunda, as if they were scum, no better than the ants that trailed around their paws. Despite the child telling her it was okay, she still stood stiffly beside her, swallowing her fear and unsheathing her dainty claws. No fighting experience and fear clear in her eyes, she was ready to protect the kid if Rize decided to attack. Soon enough, however, Kingpin stepped forward and mediated the conversation, more harshly than she'd usually liked but Amelia already decided that she didn't want anyone like Rize in their small Clan. He would doom them all if given the chance.

    But, ever the talker he was proving to be, Rize continued to speak, and at his words directed towards Kingpin (and not the ladies he was speaking of,) Amelia let out a pathetic warning hiss, hovering over Secunda slightly. No - he couldn't stay, and definitely not with the terms of agreement he was trying to spit. She knew she would get the hell out of dodge if Kingpin lost and she would have to work beneath his misogynistic buttface.

    She moved to tug the child away from the situation, muttering simple words like 'lets go' when the smell of burning came into her nose. The fur on her back rose with alarm, but soon enough her questions are answered when Ozy stood over her, flaming from the legs down. His flames seemed careful not to lick at her and Secunda - which she was grateful for - and she blushed deeply as he protected her honor. He was threatening the newcomer with everything he could, without stepping over the line. Amelia, not sure if it was coming from the past few months of not having anyone, was finding it kind of attractive. Hot, if only for the pun. She said nothing but tapped her feathery tail to a part of his leg in a small greeting. If Secunda gave her the chance, the older girl would try to pull the helmeted one more directly in the center of the hellhounds legs, away from the flames, "Do you want to head to camp?" she asked the younger one, though she almost wanted to stay, if only to watch Ozy beat the living heck out of Risinghell.

  • This guy wanted to fight him? What the hell was happening here? A fight for leadership? He never saw this type of thing coming. How would one react in this situation? Did he dare accept, and if so, what happens if he lost? What would his clan think of him then? As much as some of them hated him, they had to hope he'd win right? Glancing at them all questioningly, he'd sigh as he struggled to make up his mind. "I'm not disagreeing to this, however I do want to know what else will happen if I lose. What will happen to my clanmates, and what will then happen to me? Exiles? Demoted to a prisoner?" A cold gaze would meet Rizinghell's eyes as he spoke. He wasn't going to let his clan be alone with this guy should he win. That wasn't exactly a risk he was willing to take after all.


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  • 「 you've always known — YOU'RE NOTHING THEY WANT 」

    It was clear that nobody wanted this guy around. Why were they still entertaining him? A smile lingered despite the annoyance he was feeling as he walked over to the group, moving with a slight limp. The rottweiler stopped beside the others, not saying a word for the time being. Instead, he simply kept his gaze on Rize, ready to defend if the need arose. Sparks of fire flickered at his feet as something close to a warning, mostly unnoticeable if one wasn't looking for it.

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    December couldn't believe what he was seeing and hearing. Fury rose up in him like a suffocating wave and he felt the bridle fur along his shoulders bristle, lips curling upward to reveal dangerous looking fangs. Perhaps he was a runt as far as other lupurcas went, and maybe his sleeker build and softer features could be misleading, but there was no mistaking his intentions or feelings now. The way this stranger was speaking and acting toward his clanmates was repulsive, and the young warrior found himself enraged on behalf of Amelia, Secunda, and Kingpin.

    "There's no way we'd let an arrogant scumbag like you lead our group, winner or not!" the young warrior would say, jaws snapping in warning as red electricity began to crackle around his mouth and paws, and much like Ozy it was plain to see that he wasn't interested in co-operating with any of this. A part of him was silently willing Kingpin to just give the word so that they could see this loser off the territory, , but the other seemed intent on accepting the heinous challenge. If he did, he hoped Kingpin beat the crap out of this guy, because they didn't need someone like that on their side.


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    Known as 'Dizzy' to his friends, December is a young black and gold lupurca hybrid and the youngest of the Fallout children. He's handsome in a soft/boyish way, with a sleek and healthy look to him despite the fact that he's rather runty for a lupurca. His mutations include black ram horns, and retractable claws. Red electricity is known to crackle around his jaws and feet when angered.

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