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  • It is plot time, my dudes.

    So as some of you know, there has been talk of a clanwide plot for SkyClan for some time. We went back and forth for a while about which ideas we liked, and which wouldn't seem like a copy of plots we've done in the past, before we eventually settled on this one! Many thanks to myth for having the original idea for this plot and for letting me run this by her, and also waluigipinball for giving their approval for this plot as well.

    The basic premise is as followed. This plot was inadvertently set in motion some weeks back by Lavenderstar after she spoke with a dog in the territory. Although the dog had meant no harm at the time, he has since returned, bringing more with him. At first this doesn't come across as much of an issue, but when Heronstar is visited by Lavenderstar in a dream, warning her of the danger the dogs will bring, the clan start to take the situation seriously. Patrols are organised to try and find where they're hiding and chase them out, to no avail. They find signs of where they've been but seem to always miss the dogs. Things take a turn when Heronstar is attacked by the dogs and loses a life in turn, marking a turning point for the plot, as the dangers Lavenderstar warned about becomes increasingly real. As Heronstar recovers, the leading of the clan falls to Juniperthorn.

    Following the attack, the dogs become more vicious and destructive , scaring off and senselessly killing prey in the territory. This becomes a major concern due to the struggles of finding prey due to the cold weather, with some in the clan questioning whether they will wind up starved out of their home by the dogs. Things take a turn once more when two apprentices are attacked by the dogs, suffering horrendous injuries, with one eventually succumbing to their wounds and passing on. In the wake of the death, apprentices are restricted to camp for their safety, at least until the dogs are dealt with. A slightly recovered Heronstar calls another meeting, declaring her intention to deal with the dogs once and for all, and organises a battle party of warriors and older apprentices to deal with the menace. The patrol confronts the dogs in the area indentified days before and a battle ensues. SkyClan will eventually win, with the dogs either being killed or driven off successfully..

    And here's the timeline to summarise the plot details.

    Part 1: The Bark
    Nov 4-6th - Two dogs are spotted on SkyClan territory, but are frightened off by a patrol. One of them was the dog that spoke with Lavenderstar.

    Nov 10th - Signs of dogs become noticeable on their territory.

    Nov 12th - 13th - Lavenderstar comes to Heronstar in a dream, warning her of the threat of dogs in the territory. Heronstar relays her message to the clan, asking them to remain vigilant.

    Part 2: The Barkening

    Nov 14th - Heronstar or Juniperthorn organise a patrol to look for dogs in the territory. They go looking in the most likely areas for them to be hiding. Although they find signs of the dogs they are not there at the time.

    Nov 17th - While out on a walk, Heronstar comes across two dogs. She tries to get them to leave but they don’t understand and are quite playful towards her. Heron is forced to get more violent to get them back and winds up getting attacked. Although she manages to drive them off, she loses a life from blood loss/shock.

    Nov 18th - 21st - Heronstar recovers, leaving the clan to Juniperthorn. Activity from the dogs increases. It is noted that the presence of the dogs is causing prey to flee. This becomes a concern due to the already low number of prey from the cold weather.

    Part 3: The Barkened

    Nov 23rd - Two NPCs are attacked by the dogs, one of which eventually succumbs to their injuries and dies.

    Nov 24th - Apprentices are restricted to camp temporarily due to the dog threat.

    Nov 24th - 25th - A now slightly recovered Heronstar calls a meeting to discuss the dog issue/reflect on the death of the NPC. She organises a patrol of warriors/older apprentices to deal with the dogs.

    Nov 26th - Battle preparations.

    Nov 27th - 30th - Wrapping up of the plot. The group confront the dogs (in the location discovered by the patrol days before. The battle occurs, with SkyClan eventually winning and the dogs either being killed or driven out.

    This may not be entirely accurate, but I will try to stay as accurate to the timeline as possible throughout this event.