Kick my ass | Raid/Patrol Rally

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  • Ver hates to do this almost right before her wedding but her son takes precedent; their son takes precedent. She smells of the jungle, of humid wetness and soil it’s clear she ran back as soon as she could her paws ache and likely bleed as she steps in the sand yet her determination keeps her headstrong, keeps her aware of what she will do. She wouldn’t fail him again, she swore she wouldn’t. She’d hurt to many people, had watched her family grow and contort as well as drift apart to start their own paths. She wanted to grasp them back together to fix what would always be broken up.

    ”The Exiles Have Showpaw and we are going to get him the fuck back! Both they and the Thunderlands will pay!” she barks loudly as soon as she gets to the same perch Jace and Nadine sat on many times before, She’s yelled for raids so many times now led more than she cares to count, yet her voice is more emotional more curled with true malice and passion than it normally would be. This was personal, way to personal. She didn’t want to come into that canyon to see her son where she’d lain, surely now they’d do to him worse than they’d done to her. She would never be the same if they killed him.

    ”We won’t be attacking outright, our priority is to get him back! Once he’s with us raise as much hell as you want” she leaps down holding her tail up high. ”We’ll be leaving now, I don’t want to waste any time”


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  • showpaw... he hadn't interacted with the boy much except for in passing, and the catahoula couldn't remember the last time he might have smelled him around. the physician thought he might have been doing whatever it was kids his age would do, training or something like that, but apparently the boy had been missing the entire time. did no one notice? rentarou's brows furrowed at ver's call, blinking his blind gaze slowly at her call to action. he personally hoped the exiles hadn't showed the apprentice the same brutality he had been shown when he had been dragged off to the canyon.

    he supposed he didn't have a choice but to go, right? he'd have to make sure no one was left behind or injured too horribly on the battlefield... it was his job now. grimacing slightly, the blind canid would come forward with a few things on hand. he had a couple of first aid kits strapped to his sides on top of the usual satchel he carried with him. "c- coming..." he mumbled as he stood with ver, black tipped ears swiveling back against his head.

  • O V E R L O R D


    For once Overlord didn't seem overly excited about going on a raid. He looked like shit at that moment as he lumbered his way over to join Ver and Rentarou. He was still in rough shape from the previous raid, and on top of that his heat cycle was still robbing him of sleep and energy. Besides, he really didn't want to run into Cory again. "Maybe my presence alone will do the trick...", wishful thinking it seemed.

    "Coming. Ren, do you need a fly over?"

    He thought he would offer the Physician a free flight, if anything to remain... on slightly better terms with him. After the recent help he had received he was viewing the other in a different light.


  • Bellona approached the group with a frown. She most definitely wanted to get in on this. The group who did this made a low blow for capturing a harmless apprentice. She’d make sure they’d pay. It was unforgivable to take Showpaw.

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  • Hm, another raid against the Exiles. They deserved it, of course. Although raiding had grown repetitive and expectant, he supposed this one would be at least a little different. Storming onto the territory and making demands, it was about time it was their turn to march onto territories barking demands. Fucking Corey, demanding peace whenever they snagged a soul from their territory but then condoning the abduction of an apprentice. The world was full of hypocrites and while Elian wasn't exempt from such, it still made him laugh every time one became so blatantly obvious.

  • Aimee's first raid and call to battle. The canine licked her lips, wondering how a raid spanned out among a group like the Sanguine Ruins. She could only truly recall the odd scrap she had back when she was a loner, fending for herself and fighting for her territory. Decided that since she was now a member, and it was her duty to fight for the clan, she followed suit and padded to the battle alongside her clanmates.


  • ✦ ✧ ✦ The only raid she distinctly remembered participating in was probably against DarkClan, if memory served right. There had been times that the Exiles had stormed into SunClan with guns blazing and she had done nothing but watch in horror.

    It was time for some change, and she was going to help her clan. Being a part of something always brought a sense of pride when something was accomplished; surely doing this would make her feel a bit better and useful. The kitsune followed silently, her pawsteps light. Behind her a white tail would be lashing in determination, a light flame beginning to spark up on her tail.