• oop, hiya folks! sorry for the late response.

    i'm a bit sick atm and sitting upright is apparently a cue for my lungs to want to jump out of my mouth!!

    such wonderful fun times!

    sugarsnap ! - ooo, oh fuck ok you've directly hit a weak spot! hit me with that dm whenever you're ready because i am game af

    puthycalf ! - f a b! we thinking your angel willingly/unwillingly helping mine get his wings back? or anything else because my plot is kinda lame!

    Wolf of the Running - honestly not into too many fandoms currently! am a busy bee and literally haven't watched a proper non documentary show or movie since... oof, probably endgame! (wow, that is so sad).

    i'm into a few games though like rdr1/2, fallout, skyrim, the witcher, a wee bit of overwatch (kinda slightly over it), obscure one incoming prey, assassins creed (syndicate and rogue mostly), fable is also a longtime love.

    movie/show wise i uh, cant really remember what i watched last? probably bigmouth but thats.. no.

  • The only one of those games I have ever played is Skyrim. I'm not a very big gamer, but there is a lot we can do with Skyrim if you want to do something with that! You might just have to remind me of a few things along the way because it's been a while since I played.

  • aaa i hope ur doing okay!!

    but yes basically, purrhaps my angel is an angel in training and in order to gain the full abilities of an angels they must complete a task that isn't very easy and they choose to help out your angel despite it .. not making the other angels very happy??