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  • hullo! call me Hanzo, Han or even Tjala. whatever floats your boat.

    lemme just clear up some stuff real quick:

    - i don't type like this in posts i promise! t h i s is for my weird aesthetic.

    - i'm old hat at ff. talking wcrpg days! don't be quick to judge the number of posts/recent post history.

    - looking for semi-advanced to advanced writers.

    - i'm over 18!

    - gmt timezone.

    - i love chatting ooc but i could make a sailor blush with my foul language.. i usually end up offering my discord and have made good pals with quite a few people!

    - i prefer rping male characters, though i guess i could be persuaded otherwise.

    lastly, i can sometimes take a while to post. i'm a perfectionist lacking perfection and i'm trying to make myself understand that it is ok!

    ensuring the other person knows about this helps me greatly and can sometimes even alleviate some of the 'stress'. i used to be prone to ghosting but have since found that, once the person is aware, i don't get the spooks.

    honestly, i'm a glutton for punishment! i love writing rps but b o y my h e a r t.

    oml, ye poor few who've made it this far. godspeed.

    = low

    = medium

    = high

    = very high, like so high

    colour coded cause my poor bby eyes can't distinguish the number of arrows but the aesthetic must l i v e o n

    stuff i'm interested in;

    - bxb

    - romance

    - slice of life

    - horror

    - difficult topics (mostly mentions of drugs etc.)

    - war

    - westerns

    - ancient history (literally any genre i l o v e history!)

    - supernatural beings

    - post apocalypse

    - dystopia

    - fallout

    - skyrim

    - rdr2

    things i could be persuaded to do;

    - bxg (it's gotta be good presentation ;p)

    - canon characters

    - animals

    things i don't do:

    - anime

    - incest

    - underage romance

    - rape plots. (implied is ok but no detail.)

    i have a wee pinterest 'gallery' of characters here if this sprouts some ideas??

  • hello! I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a bxb, romance rp. Better yet, a rdr2 one. I absolutely loved that game, and doing a romance rp based on that game would be amazing! :)

  • no, i don't really have particularly plot in mind. But i don't mind tossing around ideas! That'll help bring together a plot. :)

  • sound! well, i've had a wee brainstorm here and there throughout my day so we can pick and choose some bits if you like any of them?

    these aren't legally binding, if you don't like any then you don't like any! i will take zero offence i promise!!

    they all need some ironing done for sure!

  • If you're still up for plotting, I've been looking for someone to do a historical-fantasy type plot concerning pirates with me. I've not got much of a concrete plot so far, but I'll tell you about my character & what I have so ar if you like the sound of it?


    ➳ Call me Seb!

    ➳ Masculine pronouns.

    ➳ Advanced rper & here since 2012.

  • Okie dokie, this might be hella disorganised because I'm writing it as I remember it.


    - Effectively the plot would be focused around the crew of a pirate ship, the captain of which has some very strange an ambitious ideas, but he's decent at his job so they go along with it for the most part.

    - I was thinking that the dynamic between our two characters could be similar to what's seen in Black Sails, if you've ever seen it? An ambitious, struggling captain hires a conman/general criminal whom he doesn't exactly trust but the conman promises leads to the find of a lifetime.

    - I could rp either role & have character ideas for both roles.

    - The reason I added 'fantasy' into that mix was because I was planning for it to be an original setting (with elements similar to that of the Caribbean in the 1600s but not exactly because I don't want to have t go to the trouble of making it 100% historically accurate or whatever) and we could involve magic and things like that into the rp if we want - eg, if I rp the captain, he wants to secure a magic/miraculous remedy to save one of his adoptive siblings from death and perhaps the conman has leads that could help him but is running from something so asks to be taken aboard the ship. Or maybe we could bring in mythical creatures for the hell of it.

    - Pretty much all of this is up for tweaking if you have any ideas you want to suggest?


    ➳ Call me Seb!

    ➳ Masculine pronouns.

    ➳ Advanced rper & here since 2012.

  • marcola - um this sounds amazing

    i haven't actually seen Black Sails i remember it advertised though!! but i'm sure i get the vibe. if not, i'm ultra sick rn so i have the time to binge a series... which i would've done anyway...

    i have a character in my gallery, Elias, who is an absolute arsehole, mermaid and sailor so i feel he could work! obviously i can give you his form for more detail, or i can cut out the mermaid part if it's too much but i think it's a good 'i need to run and hide on the nearest ship so i'll promise this guy anything' reason for him to be on board.

    let me know your thoughts though!

  • I hope you feel better soon!! But it is a really good watch & I would definitely recommend it if you have the time.

    I love the character idea & since I'm open to fantasy stuff anyways the mermaid thing can definitely be factored in (I can't look at the gallery rn because I think I saw links in your signature & I can't see that on mobile, sorry!). Jaya is way more of a laid back, charming person (unless his family is concerned, then he's absolutely manic) so that could be a very interesting dynamic!!


    ➳ Call me Seb!

    ➳ Masculine pronouns.

    ➳ Advanced rper & here since 2012.

  • ah thank you!! im trying my best and i can guarantee i'll watch it tomorrow!

    my bad, i should've said pinterest board! my character form 'gallery' is on google docs and i'm too tired rn go go through it, oops!

    try this link for Elias' pinterest.. 'thing'

    i love the sound of this already! it's like half two in the morning here and i gotta go sleep to H E A L!

    i can make the thread to have a place to post forms etc later today or, if you're up for it, you could make it whenever you fancied. catch you later!

  • (I'm in the GMT timezone too so I feel your pain. I've had a free week in uni & leaving me to my own devices always results in terrible sleeping habits. I'm busy for most of tomorrow because I have family visiting over the weekend, but I can probably get a form posted in the evening tomorrow!)


    ➳ Call me Seb!

    ➳ Masculine pronouns.

    ➳ Advanced rper & here since 2012.

  • marcola - AHH THE FIRST GMT’ER IVE MET IN SO LONGGGG!! h o w d y!!

    yas take your time! i’ll get the thread posted once my hellish laptop decides it would like to finish updating

    puthycalf ! - any plots in mind for a supernatural one?? my muse has raised for that actually! woohoo!

  • puthycalf ! - ooooo interessant!! i don't have any current witch characters (not a problem, i can whip one up if need be) but i have a fallen angel and a sort of cursed character who could tie into a witchy character?? or, again, i can make another easy if you'd rather only one of us play the supernatural role!

    samson (samandriel) is a fallen angel who killed a soldier about to break the geneva convention. of course, that wasn't a rightious thing and god took away his wings. he seeks a way to convince god that taking his wings away was a dick move.

    i have an oc called magnus who was a villain in a like group 'superhero' plot because he cannot feel pain (and like, limited control of canines but that's probably a bit much rn). there was never really much put into why the characters had powers to begin with, think it was an alternate universe deal. y'know how it is ;p anyway, he didn't exactly like the fact he couldn't feel pain because it wasn't all that handy of a power so maybe a witchy character gave him the curse/knows how to take it away?

  • :eyes:


    im honestly trying to get back into human rps (trad and ext have claimed my soul and I need a small escape)

    im semi advanced to advanced, really varies upon mood

    plus i prefer quality over quantity anyways


    im up for some old good romance

    and because a good friend of mine got me in the mood for it

    do you think we could work some ideas into a time travel sorta thing??

    i promise I'll explain more im just really bad at this cause I haven't plotted human rps in months


    i do kinda prefer bxg, but I will give bxb a shot - though samesex ships rp wise has always had difficulty holding my muse

    I rp on trad and ext!

    disc for plotting: sugarsnap#0717


  • sugarsnap ! - hit me with that time travel idea!

    no worries at all, you're not bad at it! it's a good idea to pique interests first before slapping us with them detailss

    v effective

    puthycalf ! - i'm very much into this angel plot! are we thinking a fallen angel and an.. angel angel uniting?

  • modern day gal gets tossed into the old west (probably mix some good rdr2 in there)??

    it needs to be HEAVILY build upon but I think its a decent start of an idea? we can move to dm if you want to discuss it and not flood your thread

    I rp on trad and ext!

    disc for plotting: sugarsnap#0717