MAMA MIA (Cassiopeia's storage)

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  • "I ain't happy" -- GENERAL

    -- Cassiopeia C. (Just C., doesn't even stand for anything) / Cass, Se (pronounced Say) / No aliases

    -- Cis-gender female / She/her / Biromantic, undiscovered sexuality

    -- 10 months physically / mentally 18-year-old human / Ages on the 31st or 1st of every month

    -- Painted Brigade Ebony Intern / travelling with? / titles?

    "I'm feeling glad" -- PHYSICAL

    [ BIRTH, MAIN ] -- Domestic feline -- HEALTH 100%

    -- Brown tabby cat of various domestic breeds with very long legs. Her fur is long, and she likes to make herself bigger by puffing herself up when interacting with someone larger than her. Her eyes are a dark green color. She will often be seen in a stealthy crouch or standing very stiffly. Her ears are pierced at the tips, and she often wears small green studs, but otherwise wears no jewelry.

    -- Green stud earrings

    "I got sunshine in a bag" -- PERSONALITY

    -- She prefers to do as little work as possible, but also really wants to be useful. She'll often find herself agreeing to anything asked of her, but won't bother with doing something unprompted. Using her ever-growing skills with the English language, she'll often manipulate the truth carefully, but otherwise she's very blunt. She will try to talk her way out of fights just because she doesn't want to put in the energy it takes for battle. She gets intimidated very easily. She has a crippling fear of helplessness, most often demonstrated through her reaction to being alone with strangers. She also clings to first impressions, and decides whether she likes and trusts someone immediately upon meeting them.

    -- Lazy, blunt, nervous, imaginative, skittish

    "I'm useless but not for long" -- RELATIONSHIPS & INTERACTION

    -- gen 2, Clover × npc / npc siblings

    -- No children, adopted or otherwise

    -- [0] crushes / single

    -- trusts Decemberlights / friends with Basketcase / No enemies

    -- Won't start fights / might provoke fights / tends to avoid fights

    -- Collection of throwing knives / Used defensively and for communication

    -- Go ahead and powerplay healing/most nonviolent actions

    "The future is coming on" -- MISCELLANEOUS

    -- Understands English pretty well, expected to improve


    -- misc

  • jLHPgRo.png

    (Old art of Clover. Se's different, but close enough)

    ROMAN HELMET, Imperial Gallic H, Augsburg-Oberhausen ...

    Secunda helmet reference. She thinks the red plume is too... regal, so she removed it)