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    — name

    ♦ Alexander Michael Lilldon

    — nickname(s)

    ♦ Alex

    — gender

    ♦ Male

    — age

    ♦ 23

    — sexuality

    ♦ Biromantic Bisexual

    — pronouns

    ♦ He/Him/His

    — birthday

    ♦ March 13

    — current romance status

    ♦ Single

    — faceclaim

    ♦ Aaron Taylor-Johnson


    — appearance

    ♦ Alex stands at a height of 6'1", which is pretty average for the males in his family. His father is 6'0", his uncle is 6'2", and even his mother is above average height for a woman, standing at 5'9". He's satisfied enough with his height though, and wouldn't really want to be any taller

    ♦ Being that he's in the modeling business, Alex tends to spend far too much time watching his weight and looking in the mirror. He'd always been fit and enjoyed working out - had never had a problem with the way he looks - but the critical eyes of so many people have made him deeply self-conscious.

    ♦ His hair is a deep brown, cut short along the sides, but left a bit longer on the top. It grows straight, and Alex doesn't do much for styling in his daily life, just makes sure that it looks presentable, sometimes with a little gel, if he feels like it

    ♦ His eyes are a light color, somewhere between grey and green, and usually depending on the lighting. Out in the sun, the green really shines through, but otherwise it's pretty muted.

    ♦ His skin tone is pretty pale, although he does tan very well, rarely ever burning

    ♦ No tattoos and no scars, except for one along his left index finger from a knife accident in the kitchen when he was younger.


    — overview

    ♦ Alex is naturally curious and adventurous, and will sometimes shift into recklessness if there isn't someone sensible around to keep him in check. The only things he has no interest in investigating are things off the ground (he hates having to be on upper floors in all the big cites)

    ♦ Will stand up for the things that he believes in and won't let anyone push him around. He has sharp wit and a sharper tongue, and isn't afraid to use them. This has gotten him far in his highly competitive career.

    ♦ Despite this, he's actually a pretty emotional guy, and doesn't enjoy arguing with his friends nearly as much as he does strangers

    ♦ Loves to joke around, and sarcasm is one of his favorite methods. He'll poke and tease his friends mercilessly. (don't worry though, he's willing to take anything that he dishes out). This all comes from a place of love, of course

    ♦ Don't try to tease him if you're not actually friends, though; he won't appreciate it

    ♦ In general, just very sweet, and cares about his friends and family a lot

    ♦ Sometimes has a very difficult time dealing with social situations if he's the center of attention

    ♦ He can tune out the attention while in front of a camera, but has a harder time with live, runway-like situations.

    — likes

    Summer weather, thunderstorms, animals (especially cats and dogs), sweet foods, listening to music, singing, etc.

    — dislikes

    Alcohol, snow, tall buildings, hiking, tomatoes and pickles, insects, etc.

    — phobias

    ♦ Arachnophobia - fear of spiders

    ♦ Acrophobia and basophobia - fear of heights and falling

    ♦ Mottephobia - fear of moths


    — parents

    ♦ Mark and Amy Lilldon, married 35 years

    — siblings

    ♦ None, an only child

    — children

    ♦ A three year old girl named Iris, born February 24

    ♦ He has a five year old Australian shepherd that his late wife had adopted as a puppy while they were still in high school. Her name is Oreo.

    — romantic relationship history

    ♦ Recently lost his wife of 4 years, Angelica. They'd dated for three of their four years in high school, fell in love, got married young, and had a child together.

    — close friends/trusts

    ♦ TBD

    — enemies/does not trust

    ♦ TBD


    —current living condition

    ♦ Alexander recently lost his wife due to a car accident in which a drunk driver t-boned her car on the driver's side. His heart aches each day thinking about her, but he is just thankful that his daughter hadn't been in the car with her that night, and is therefore still alive and with him. She has her mother's rich brown eyes. Alex takes care of her on his own now, as well as Oreo, and he tries to keep his work close to home and travel as little as possible. Really, he needs someone to help him out, because he feels as though he never has a moment to breathe. He doesn't like hiring babysitters for overnight situations, because he doesn't like leaving his baby alone with someone he doesn't know. Alex thinks he's doing okay, though. He'll do whatever it takes to make sure Iris grows up happy, the way Angelica would want.


    ♦ Completed his high school education, but never went to college.


    ♦ Dabbled in modeling while he was younger, but the career took off and he's now doing high profile shoots for big companies.


    ♦ Reading, video games, going to the gym, singing (privately), he played recreational volleyball through high school, but he hasn't since. His job and daughter have kept him too busy for many hobbies.


    — site activity

    ♦ Varies, but generally active all afternoon and most of the night on most days

    — writing level

    ♦ Advanced

    — preferred name

    ♦ Floral Frolic, Floral, etc.

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  • Thank you!

    But hmm, do you want to start with the beginning of Winston's shift at work, just before Alex comes in?


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  • alright, I’ll start us off!

    Winston was utterly exhausted right down to the bones. He had been working overtime for a few days and was only getting paid around $6.30 an hour, well plus tips but tips weren’t that much anyway. He usually worked from nearing nine o’clock in the morning to around seven or eight in the evening. Plus overtime would be the night shift, which Winston utterly hated as the night shift made him uncomfortable and uneasy due to eerie silence and only few people and him and the chef would be the only ones working the night shift. Then he would get home and sleep off his exhaustion the best he could really. Then after taking a nap, he would have to cook and clean which would drain energy and make him sluggish and tired. Though, drinking coffee and caffeine in general usually suppressed his tiredness for a little while. He was used to it, though. Always having to pay bills and taxes and whatnot and try to save and invest the leftover money that he had left to try and let it grow into more money.

    Currently, Winston was making his way to work, Naomi had already gone off to elementary school and she would be visiting the restaraunt at around 2:30 P.M. or so. Somewhere around that time area. It was cold this morning, so winston made sure to bring what he considered to be a warm jacket for him. It was about a fifteen minute walk and he always got there at 8:20 sharp.... 29 minutes early. He usually did some quick sweeping for a few minutes and relaxed the other minutes until the restaraunt finally opened. Firstly, he would always have to manage the bar area that was in the back area of the restaraunt for a good while.

    Then he would clean dishes briefly and then go wait tables.

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  • ALEXANDER LILLDON ✦ ✧ ✦ — Today had been nothing short of a frantic day. Well, to be honest, all of Alex's days were frantic; he had his shoot schedule, promotions, traveling, plus taking care of Iris, his toddler. If anything, she was the full time job, not modeling (which he actually got paid for these days, thank God). And, today was just turning out to be one of those days. He refused to spoil his daughter too much, because he knew that Angie would have loathed having a bratty, entitled child, and Alex agreed wholeheartedly. But, now that he had money to spare, there were times when he got soft, and couldn't resist giving his little girl whatever she wanted. Lately, she'd been extremely fascinated by the concept of restaurants, so since he had some free time around lunch, he'd agreed to take her to one today.

    It was cold out, although warmer than that morning, so they were both wearing jackets as Alex attempted to get Iris into the car with minimal fuss. A promise of where they'd be going, plus her favorite stuffed toy (a little Aussie dog that matched their own) helped immeasurably. To be honest, he didn't actually have a particular restaurant in mind, considering that he'd had some time to think about this. Iris was no help; "Restaurant!" was her only real opinion, and she'd eat nearly anything that was mainly comprised of either bread, pasta, or pizza, and there were a lot of options with at least one of those available around the area. Finally, tired of trying to cognitively make a decision, he stopped at the first place he saw that seemed like it would have a decent variety of options that Iris could choose from. He parked and helped his daughter out of her seat, which was a much easier task than getting her into it, and swept her up into his arms (which elicited many giggles) as he walked through the entrance.


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