singin' in the rain - light storm!

  • Grey clouds rolled over the hills of the moor, a distance crack of thunder spooking Larkkit out of her concentration. What was that? She scampered towards where the other kits had grouped up, a few trying to exclude her but their mothers quickly chastising them. Then... it happened.

    A drop plopped down onto Lark's nose and she sneezed; more droplets followed, and pretty soon the rain was in full swing. It scared Lark how dark the sky got, but the rain was so pretty to look at!

    She ran in circles, giggling as the stuff splashed back at her, eventually realizing the mud that was being stirred up by her. She kicked at the mud and giggled harder.

    It was a shame everyone else was missing all the fun.

  • boasong had sensed the arrival of the storm before the rain and lightning. dark clouds had been gathering on the horizon, rolling over the hill. the wind picked up speed, buffeting his fur and lashing the dying grass of the moorland. both were telltale signs to the tom; rain was on it's way.

    sure enough, a torrential downpour soon engulfed the moor, drenching him with cold droplets and plastering his thick fur against his sides. i'll probably look like a drowned rat by the time it blows over, he thought, amusement making his whiskers twitch. as the rain pelted the grasslands, boasong's attention was drawn to larkkit as the young girl giggled and splashed around in the mud puddles forming in camp. a smile creeped it's way onto his maw, watching her play, happy to see her having fun. the last time he'd seen her, she'd been visibly upset by her mother's abandonment. it was nice to know that larkkit was back to her usual energetic self.

    "my my, the queens will have a fun time cleaning up after you, won't they?" he purred over the sound of rainfall, gesturing to her muddy paws teasingly.

  • The kitten stopped in her tracks. "I didn't think about that!" she exclaimed, sitting down in the puddle. "I didn't wanna go making extra work for them! ... Maybe I can clean myself off later, but for now, I wanna play." her voiced was raised to make sure Boasong could hear her. She had no idea how old the warrior was, so to her, he very well could've been at that age where your hearing fails you. That, on top of the loud thud of the rain.

    "Come on and play with me! It'll be fun!" she waddled over to Boasong, trying to shake his leg with her dirty paws.

  • XAVyxoV.gif She remembered hanging out on a twoleg porch when it down poured. Now she was in a clan that barely had trees to take cover. Velvetpaw's paws were already covered in mud as she pads back into the camp. Her eyes spot the kit who was playing in mud. Something about playing but they would clean themselves later. Ew. The very thought of licking mud off made her want to throw up. She makes her way over, "Maybe we can find out some stream to help get the mud off." she offered, "After you're done playing of course."

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  • — The molly was too sick and out of her head to enjoy the rain that was pattering down. Her head partially sticking out of the medicine cat den. Though she could watch and even as her chest heaved for breathes she would so so, a soft smile pulling at the right side of her face before she closed her eyes for a moment. It was nice listening to the rain as it softly touched upon the moorland grasses and perhaps it would ease her worried mind about how bad she was going to get. But she wished for little Larkkit to have all the fun that she wanted to have during this moment. Kits should always enjoy their young life before they had to become apprentices and train, to be able to stretch their paws and the excitement of learning what it means to be a warrior. Her tail curled around her before she drifted off into a fitful sleep, claws curled against her chest.


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  • Lark bounced around to face Velvetpaw.

    "Yeah, yeah, we can do that, but later, pleeeease?" she crouched in the mud, only helping to worsen the mess she already was. "Before the bath, let's play!"

    "Mistrialstar! Come play with us!" She padded over to the leader, mud being tossed from her skippy steps. She didn't realize the leader's ailing health; as far as she knew, Mistrialstar was just normal sick. She hadn't been concerned with the idea that a snake had the audacity to bite her clan leader outside of the rumors of other kits. If the leader felt too sick, she'd try her best not to press the idea of playtime, but otherwise, she looked between both Velvetpaw and Mistrialstar with wide puppy-eyes.

  • "Maybe Mistralstar can play with you later," the lynx point suggested lightly, glancing to the ailing leader briefly. She needed rest at this point, needed to build her strength back up. Especially with leafbare looming over the horizon, the other molly needed to be at her strongest. "I was really hoping that I could play with you instead. Would that be okay?" Stormfeather never would have imagined herself as someone who had any semblance of ability to be around kits. To entertain them. Among her family, kits as young as two moons began to fight. They never knew what it was to play - they were sent straight into combat routines, to become thoughtless fighters. That was how she grew up. And now here she was, a mother - with more kits on the way - and asking a child to play. What a turn her life had taken when she broke away from her foul home.




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  • "Why later?" the kit huffed, then turned back to the leader; she did look sleepy.

    "Oh, she's tired... Then, yes! Let's play, lady whose name I haven't learned!" She had seen Stormfeather around, usually with the big black cat that other kits' mommies said used to be leader. She wondered what happened; she was still out of the loop on how the whole leader thing worked. She wanted to learn, though.

    "I'll let one of you pick the game. Pick a good one, please!"


    Larkkit never failed to lift his spirits. Even in one of the dreariest days he'd seen in a long time here she was making the best of it. Completely covered in mud too. His eyes rolled themselves fondly before slinking over onto his belly, sneakily coming up from behind the kitten. "How about a good ol' fashioned mud battle?" Duckthroat roared playfully before rearing up onto his hind-legs to bring his paws down to the sloppy floor, sending a light spray towards Larkkit.


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  • A shriek of a giggle came from the girl as she was splashed, and she threw mud at Duckthroat in return.

    "Gotcha! Gotcha!" she laughed and she stomped. Then, she ran to Duckthroat and bumped into his leg, hitting at his leg with dirty paws.

    "Bam! Bam!"


    "Ooh she's got me! Ow! Ow!" With each of her "blows" the warrior would pretend to be struck with a mighty force, stumbling down to his paws until he was laying belly-up onto the muddy ground. Sure it felt gross but he didn't really mind. He hadn't laughed like this for quite awhile. "I think...She's...Killing...Me." Duckthroat croaked out as he slumped his head back against the watery floor, staring up at the sky while he tried not to blink.


    ( even now my face is lined. death's not gonna loose the tether. i just hope he takes his time. )


  • XAVyxoV.gif "Don't worry! I'll save you!" she called out in amusement, aiming to swoop some mud and throw it at Larkkit. Velvetpaw giggled, wondering if clan cat often took times like this to mess around. She quite liked it compared to her normal apprentice stuff.

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  • Larkkit snorted loudly as she was splashed with mud. It almost covered her by now; they'd have to call her 'Mudkit' now.

    "Noooo!! Don't help him, I'm way cuter!" she teased. In retaliation, she jumped and tried to get some mud on Duckthroat and Velvetpaw at the same time.