COMING HOME ¤¤ returning Leesha

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  • Breakout had waited some few more days just to give Leesha time to recover properly before taking her back home like he had promised he would. It was a little bit sad though since the girl hadn't said much after woking up and he could tell she was suffering in pain. It was sad to see but there was not much he could do about it. He had tried to cheer her up, spending time with her and even attempt to give her some candy but it didn't seemed like the girl was interested. She just wanted to be left alone in the infirmary. That was not a good sign but he hoped after taking her back home it would change. The girl had so much in front of her in life to give up like this. Hopefully this people would found a way to get Leesha to feel better, just coming back home would help a bit with her recovery. The Godfather had spend somedays to build a carrige to pull the kitsune in because it would be quite heavy for him to carry her over here on his back so figured out a carrige would be better and probably more comfortable for her as well. It would also make it easier to take her around and he planned of giving it to her like a parting gift if she wanted to need it.

    It had been a long journey here and both had been under complete silence. Breakout had tried to converse with her but after some couple of failed attempts to get the young kitsune to talk the Godfather had given up on this impossible task. She clearly wasn't in the mood and he could understand her. She never was going to be able to walk again so who could really blame her?. He had no idea of knowing what she most be going through right now, what she had been forced to endure under the time she had been captured. " We're finally here. Ready to finally get back home, eh?." he said once they where by the border and glanced back at the kitsune to give her a small grin, hoping he perhaps could see her spirits go up a bit now when she was home again. Unfortunately so wasn't the case as Leesha not even looked at him or the direction of the border to her home and instead contunie to have her head rested on her paws while her back was turned against her clan, her 'home'.

  • Ver had broken spine s before, had ruined plenty of lives and made many creatures in this work meet their maker or suffer the rest of their lives with some crippling ailment. It was the way of things for her, what had to be done and the shepherd couldn’t exactly say she felt sorry for doing what she had to in her past, what she still had to do to prevent the same happening to innocents like Leesha. She had failed, her work culminated to nothing and Leesha suffered.

    Her paw steps are hasty fast despite the thrumming in her paws, that pain that’ll remain for at least another weak. The thump of her heart is even faster as she briskly comes to the wagon hardly registering Breakout not at all saying a word to him yet. Her attention is solely on Leesha, her alone. It should’ve been that way before, if only she focused on getting away from the fight and finding her instead of getting overpowered. If only, if only. ”Kid...” she woofs voice trailing as she hovers before pushing her muzzle closer attempting to press it against the kitsunes fur in a sad greeting ”Leesha, I’m so sorry”


  • This isn't a scene that Imp had meant to wander in on. Curiosity killed the cat, right? But if that was the case, he thinks he would've died a long time ago. Instead he just gets weighed down with all kinds'f things, like — like concern and alarm and — and jealousy, which is so cruel and out of place and undeserved that he adds guilt to his list of heavy emotions, wrapping around his throat and suffocating him. Don't say anything, don't say anything, don't don't don't, he manages to convince himself, though his tense body and unblinking hazel eyes betray some of what he's feeling in their rawness. Disappointment and "I need to talk to my son" still ring in his mind with a painful dissonance. No sorry. No welcome home. No gentle touches, not until Diar had yelled at her for it.

    It's not about him, this isn't about him. With a herculean effort, Imperialpaw pulls every agonizing sensation deep into the pit of his stomach and locks it down. When he steps closer to whatever's happening, knowing neither of the other two present, his expression and appearance are stony and solid, untouchable. "What can I do? I want to help."