Supernatural High(a school for those who don’t exactly fit societies ideas of perfection) Rp thread

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    Welcome to Alliance 1 high school

    We are a specialized school for the... unique students this world has to offer with many brother and sister schools though we are the only coed school as of recent.

    We offer a safe haven for students of different species to grow in a safe and protected environment away from humans.

    We encourage personal growth as well as career counseling and health education in ways they make it easy to understand!

    So please enjoy your stag and follow the rules! Unfortunately our gargoyle security officers aren’t very good at being... gentle yet. So have fun!


    Standard student bedroom with a master bathroom connected to it for privacy! (Also some students might get hungry at night sooo)

    School rules:

    1.Be in rooms by 11pm weekdays and 2am weekends we don’t care which the gargoyles will just find and haul you home anyway.

    2.Be in class before the third bell toll or you’ll get detention trust me it’s not fun

    3.Do not miss asgonme to low grades will require tutoring with miss Meesogia she’s not fun to work with not leave the school by yourself humans are stupid fearful creatures

    5. You can keep personal food in your room but we still expect you to be at the dinning hall so no one gets as the kids call it Hangry.

    Ooc rules:

    Do what you want with your ocs but no over powered ones or god mods I’ll give examples of preferred oc species types only a select few species are not allowed.

    4sentences minimum with acceptable grammar

    If your bored tell me I’ll fit you in in one way or another

    Keep aged around the same you can be younger or older than 16 by a year

    Drama if fine and encouraged but keep it in Rp if you need to talk it out I will address both of you personally

    Behave you should be fairly experienced enough to know the do’s and don’t’s of basic rping by now. I am not your parent I don’t want to parent you guys but will if I am forced. If you report someone cause they were mean or won a fight or took the guy/chick you wanted or upset you (most will go off of stats and general discussion if it’s really debatable there Will be a poll) you will get booted without hesitation.

    Species examples

    Hybrids(1/2human 1/2ghost): can go through walls leg objects pass through them

    Mild telekinesis (can over turn a king side wood bed at the heaviest)

    Strongest under full moons

    Weak against holy objects

    They do bleed but the blood is black extremely poisonous to vampires as it’s (dead blood)


    Transforms into a large twilight like wolf at the age of twelve. Can lift 400lvs, run in human form 40mph in wolf form its About 110mph

    Gets ravenous when hungry

    At they are at their strongest five days before and after a full moon females go into heat around then as well. Due to species loss breeding is allowed during that time however no offspring are to be produced until after you graduate do so before then and you will be expelled and punished.

    Females are known to have more than one male for fertility rates and often start gathering her pack during her school years earning the name of Luna once she has her first litter. They can only get pregnant during full moons and can only have one pregnancy per year. During this time they experience hot flashes, primal desire leading them to be highly willing to breed however picky females are not unheard of. The females will only go after a male werewolf as their senses make other male species smell disgusting.

    Males become extremely territorial over their women. Crossing species is forbidden (already extremely difficult as the genetics don’t always line up right.) of course anyone breaking her rule will be expelled.

    It isn’t unheard of of male werewolves bonding to a available female from a different species. Like with their own women they will guard them and follow them until they die as they form marriage bonds. These can be refused or accepted if accepted the male will bite the female and she will earn a wolfs paw print some where on her body. If she refuses he becomes a feral like a uprooted tree he will have no direction and become a danger to her and those around her at which point he would be put down.

    Most weres work similar to this


    There are two classes

    Regulars: they have domination which freezes their prey in a mix of fear, ecstasy, and desire while they do what ever they plan. The effect depends on the species humans are weak to it while most others take more work which is exhausting.

    On top of this they are strong capable of lifting 800lbs and running at speeds of 50mph with a long jump range of 20ft.

    Their nails are hard as diamonds and they need fresh blood to survive

    Can be killed by silver, rose woods, and most blessed teams.

    Royals: rare to see only difference is they can dominate other vampires and younger members of other species with done what ease. Killed in the same manner as a regular but the closer you get the harder it is to fight their domination.

    Getting the picture yet?

    No celestials/ demigods/ God’s/ Angels(per agreement between god and the devil when they made the vet of whether humans are good or evil angels and demons aren’t allowed on earth however demons don’t care but god forces angels to obey the rules of the game as he trusts in humans to be good and not fall into the demons traps), ect.




    Verona Lin vanguard

    Common quote:

    “Yes I am a woman do you wish for me to prove to you how much of a woman I am? That’s what I thought.”


    Dragon (they are hard to tell males from females)






    “Must you be so childish? Ah right you are a child... I suppose I should know better than to expect more of one with your... condition.” *meaning your stupid and young*

    Jayce Gray Winterson


    Grim(large black hell hound half the size of a werewolf but all the strength not to be confused with a Cadejo)

    Assistant teacher:


    Kirima Ashima


    Werewolf abilities listed above

    Disciplinary committee(students who are almost ready to graduate or graduated but not ready or too deadly for the real world.):



    Rosaline Lynn Shade-species:

    Royal vampire






    Calcifer Bram Grays: species-snake shifter

    Luanna Mae Weathers:species-hybrid

    Raksha O’Hara:Species-Grim

    Ash Highland:Species-Wood Nymph

    Satine silhouette:Species-Panther shifter

    Ryan Dawson:Species-Tiger Centaur

  • ((I'll leave out Magus until you've had a chance to look at him))

    Raksha O'Hara flew through the cemetery grounds her family had guarded for centuries, it was an inherited duty, one that would be passed down to her by her mother come her 25th birthday. It was tradition. She would take the mantle as guardian after she had a chance to see what was out there, but only a bit. For now, she was to attend Alliance 1 highschool, transferring from her previous school where she pretended to be human, to her new school where she could freely be herself.

    Her tail wagged at the thought, to show off her sleek black and red fur to those who might actually appreciate it, and possibly meet another Grim, as well. She'd never encountered others of her kind outside of her family, but now, she had the chance to, and she was a tad bit excited at the idea.

    Ash Highland sat in a tree on the property of Alliance 1 highschool, where he waited for the day to begin. He found it calming, to just sit there for a while, taking in the noises of the forest around him, communing with nature itself. It was all he'd ever known. And he loved it. Nature was his life force, it gave him strength-and power. The plants gave him aid when he needed it, and he did the same in return. He would often thwart humans from the forest he was born in, preserving its beauty by keeping it unmarred of human touch. He hoped, in his absence, other Nymphs in that area would look out for his precious forest for him until he returned. Until he graduated, at least.

    Satine's steps barely made a sound as she trotted through the woods on the way to school, she was free like this, in her panther form. She could be who she was meant to be, a hunter, a predator, but overall she was just a large cat. Just a lot more deadly than those kept in peoples' homes as pets. The thing she loved most about being a panther, was how far she could jump, and her reflexes. She could bound from tree to tree, or easily climb a mountain. She also loved to sun bathe, to feel the warm rays of the sun beating down on her solid black coat of fur. At her new school, she would be able to be herself more often around other people, because they would be like her. Humans often screamed or tried to kill her if they saw her, but here it would be different, she knew it would.

  • Grim stood on a old rickety looking bus that tumbled and growled as it idled. His tired blue eyes were looking at a list waiting for his students to board as they wouldn’t be going to school today due to some...unpleasant guests. He looked over who he had so far a red headed snake and a hybrid. Surely the kids knew better than to run late. With a deep sigh he sat on the skeleton drivers lap using him as a seat looking quite bored.

    Inside the school post to come soon disciplinary students stand by please.

  • After doing her morning rounds, Raksha looked to the clock tower in the middle of the cemetery and bolted. Crap, crap, crap! She didn't want to be late, thankfully the school wasn't too far from her home. Ten minutes of straight running as quickly as she could, she found herself on school grounds and shifting to her human form. Continuing to run inside the school building, she saw the post and cursed to herself, would she get a break today? She hoped the bus hadn't left yet as she, again, ran.

    Seconds later saw her at the bus, boarding. She saw who she assumed was the teacher and gave a shy smile, "Sorry! I had to do my rounds at home and lost track of time... I hope I'm not too late..."

    Ash, sensing it was time to get going, leisurely hopped out of the tree and strolled to the bus. The plants had given him a heads up to board the bus instead of going inside for class. It was quite helpful and saved him a little time in the process. Stepping around a red and blacked haired girl, he made his way to a seat in the middle of the bus and sat down nearest the window to wait for the ride to begin.

    Satine emerged from the woods just in time to see a green haired boy step onto a bus, and she glanced between the school and the vehicle. Making an assumption, she shifted to her human form and followed after the boy to the bus. She hesitated at the entrance before climbing the stairs making her way to a seat in the back to wait patiently for either the trip to begin or for someone to start speaking.

    Magus sat in his office, grinding together various plants and herbs before adding in some powders and liquids. He flipped through a few different books he had in his possession to confirm he was mixing the right ingredients for an array of illnesses and injuries. He liked to be prepared everyday for whatever he may face. Students were known to get themselves into all sorts of situations, and he would have a plan and a backup plan for whatever occurred.

  • Ryan sighed as he walked to the main building of the high school. The wind blowing against his red t-shirt as he held his satchel close to him. He hadn't slept well the night and slept in on top of that. The reason why he wasn't in a rush compared to the other days he would be late. Well on top of his horrible sleep, he didn't want to be inside all day being bored or clumsily knocking things over. 'Why could I go to a school that most was outdoors' he thought, hating the idea more. 'At least everyone will be in class and I won't be running into anyone in the halls.' This caused him to quicken up his pace to a light trot.

    Once he got to the build, he saw the note and grew a bit curious about where they would be going. 'At least we won't be inside.' He looked around and saw a black haired girl getting on a bus and let out another sigh. This was worse than going inside the building but maybe they would cut him some slack -considering his size. He padded up to the bus and spotted one of -what he assumed to be- a teacher. "Excuse me. I don't think I'll be able to fit. Is there another way" he mused a bit awkwardly. He knew he wasn't that big but he would easily take up a whole seat and there was no telling how many people would be on the bus.

    (I'll throw Emma in soon)

  • The blonde hair male watched two tarty students come up to the bus his eyes looking hen over in a some what emotionless light. “No excuse get on so we can leave...” he stood from his seat on top the skeleton drivers lap and looked to the students. “Though it’s only day one we are going to a job I expect you all to be as professional as possible.” Looking away he looked to the driver “prepare our departure.”

    Inside the school the principal stood before the disciplinary committee her eyes settled. “A serial killer has entered our school... a extremist of the antimonster association. Before our students can enter we must hunt it down and dispose of them s you would any other trash. Due to this I want you in teams.” Vanguard smiled at her students. “I trust you to handle the job as you would any other.”

  • Raksha tilted her head as she crossed her arms and rested them on the top of the seat in front of her, "Does that mean we'll be able to use our abilities and show our true selves on this job Mr...?" She trailed off, inquiring the teacher's name. Quickly, she gave him a once over and had to admit, he was cute for a teacher. Too bad she had to find another Grimm like herself to settle down with, or she'd totally hit on him.

    Ash sat patiently in his seat, listening to the conversation around him and to the teacher when he finally spoke up. A job on their first day of school? Today should definitely prove to be an interesting first day, perhaps they would get to learn a bit about their classmates' abilities and what they are. He was interested to learn about other creatures he had yet to even hear about. He wondered how many new beings he would meet while attending this school.

    Satine remained quiet as the teacher spoke and another student, a female, spoke up, asking questions. She, too, was curious if they would be permitted to change into their true forms. She was also curious as to what kind of job would call for a brand new class-on their first day, no less-to be called out on this trip for. Was it something the school just couldn't ignore? Or was it something that would be a good lesson for the new students? She couldn't wait to find out.

  • The tall gentleman looked back at the student who called his attention. He rubbed the back of his head realizing he had yet to introduce himself. “Sorry you can call me Mr.Winterson... it’s not anything particularly hard since it’s your first day and you will be rewarded but if the situation calls for it then you may use your abilities. I will say at this time you are not allowed to use them outside of school unless permitted by me or another teacher. We are fairly lenient but will not tolerate the harassment of humans or the display of your powers in a setting that does not call for it.” He sat down with a sigh looking over the fresh new faces. “To be honest I am terrible with kids but I have a debt to pay so I will be your teacher for the next few years.”

  • Raksha cocked an eyebrow at his statement about not being good with kids. She changed positions to rest her chin in the palm of her hand as she asked another question, "If you're not good with kids, why would whoever you owe force you to be a teacher to repay your debt? Do you just have that much to teach-that much experience?" She gave a wink as she emphasized the last word. Aside from her family and the visitors at the cemetery, she hadn't been able to socialize growing up. You would think that would make her socially awkward, and usually she wasn't so outspoken, especially upon her first impression, but being around so many new people was a bit exhilarating for her, and she found their teacher attractive and wanted to try out 'flirting', which was something she'd only really heard about and seen on TV. She thought it funny and kept her giggles to herself, her mother would have a heart attack if she found out she was using a line from a television show, and on her teacher no less.

  • Jayce looked the student over with a curious look. “If I knew I’d tell you.” He wasn’t sure what she was trying to get at and wasn’t about to waste much time trying to figure it out. The bus rumbled and jerked as they drove through the forest towards the city he looked back at the students who looked some what bored.

    A girl with ghostly white hair looked over at the grim. “Is it really smart to pick on a older grim?” She tiled her head offering a slight grin reaching her hand out. “My name is Luanna.” She wore a friendly look and Aura drawing the eyes of the snake in front of her. He was kind of cute if she had to say anything about him but she could sense he was feeling quite shy and nervous as such she left him be in favor for this more energetic person.

  • The young girl had waited at the edge of her packs territory the scent was washes away at this part though. Mainly because it was a huge ploy of land her mother owned and she didn't have enough wolves or patients to mark it all. Though Jada knew all of the woods that surrounded her home and knew she would rule a good patch of it once she became a luna herself.. Shuddering at the thought she sighed tossing her backpack on the ground as she waited for the bus to arrive. Once it did she blinked somber red eyes at the old thing she wondered id it was even safe to enter.. But the sound of chatter forced her curiosity to over rule. Soon she was up the steps and shimming around a man who had the air of dominance a teach or principle who knew she only gathered some of the information mostly chatter about abilitys and first day of school. She sat in the back her arms crossed over her chest as she looked out the window a small sigh escaped her she brought her lunch and extra clothes incase she had to go fuzzy and first aid kit in case someone got hurt on did she bring her phone incase she needed to dial for help. She frowned going over her list a few more times in her head.

  • Raksha looked over to the girl-Luanna-and her eyes slightly widened in surprise as she gave their teacher a quick glance before taking Luanna's hand and shaking it, "You mean, he's a Grim too? Wait, how do you know? And how did you know I'm a Grim as well?" Raksha was more curious than anything, she found. She'd never been around so many supernatural creatures like herself. She'd met the odd creature that accidentally wondered into their grounds, but never so many in such a short time or small area. She found herself starting to get a little nervous as she realized just how many others were there as well, but maintained her composure and kept her nervousness under wraps as she spoke to the girl.

    Ash and Satine simply listened from their seats, neither wanting to speak up, just pondering their first day attending their new class at this school-well, on this trip, anyway. But both kept to themselves, opting to wait until they arrived at their destination to ask any questions they may have and to see exactly what it was their first lesson would be and what their new teacher would be having them do today.