Takes One To Bring The [P]ain

  • My Character

    Name ~ August Lloyd Monroe

    Age ~ 19

    Rank ~ Omega

    Pack ~ Silver Creek Pack

    Wolf Form ~

    Personality ~

    August is a loner, not usually hanging out with the other omegas and he likes to spend time by himself or just with his mother who is sweet to him and is the introverted type. He’s not a fighter so he backs out of arguments and conflict, wanting no part in it. August also has a fear of doing something wrong and getting in trouble for it so he is cautious about why he’s doing and he’s quiet, with an anxiety disorder.

    So should we start this off when they first meet?

  • Quote

    Muse A and Muse B are werewolves that reside in different packs. Muse A is an alpha and Muse B is an omega. Currently the two packs are on the brink of a war breaking out however, the packs do not want that to happen. So, an arrangement is made for Muse A to marry Muse B to keep the peace between the packs. Unfortunately for Muse B, Muse A hates omegas and how scrawny and skinny they get from only being allowed to eat scraps that alphas don’t eat. Muse A makes snide comments and insults to Muse B due to their hatred. Muse B is an outsider in Muse A’s pack and Muse A’s pack doesn’t take kindly to outsiders. So muse A and muse B are gonna have to learn to get along. Slowly, Muse A grows soft with muse B and takes a liking to them.


    Name: Daimen

    Age: 22 years

    Rank: alpha

    Pack: Stonewall Pack

    Wolf Form:


    Personality: Daimen is a rough character to say the least. He had a attitude and if your not on his level then you are nothing more than dirt.

    Sure, do you wanna start or me?

  • Today was the day, the pack had the meeting prior to today to deside the faith of the packs in general. And depite the Alpha ill feelings towars the decision he knew it had to be done.

    Daimen sighed under his breath as he got himself up for the day. He was officially meeting the omega at some point but he was needless to say less than impressed.

    ((Sorry im horrible at starters))

  • (Oh it’s fine ^^)

    August was highly nervous about the whole thing and the decision that had been made. To say the least, August did want not want to do this, and he did not understand why... out of all of the omegas that resides in Silver Creek Pack, he just had to be the one to get chosen. But today was the day that August would be meeting the alpha. And he knew quite well that most alphas hated omegas. Luckily for him, he would not be going by himself. His parents, who were highly respected alphas, were coming with him. August didn’t know why he had to be stuck as an omega when he had alpha parents.

    August shifted into his wolf form, which was easy to tell just how scrawny and skinny he was from only dieting off of scraps and not getting to eat a full animal carcass. The omega was starting to head on out to the alpha’s pack, hoping and praying he didn’t get any unwanted attention

  • However as they arrived, all eyes were all them. Daimen had told his pack about the arrangement so that they could keep an eye out for the omega when he arrived,

    "Sir they are here"

    An omega called out to him.

    "Ill be out in a moment"

    Daimen called put before lettibg out an annoyed sigh and shifting into his wolf as well and walked out of his living area to see not only the omega but two alphas as well,

    "I was not told he would have company"

    Daimen called out to the 3 new character as he began to approach them.

    Daimen's wolf form was definitely one of an alpha. His body was larger not just in muscle itself but compared to most he was giant! His fur also littered itself with thinned out areas that covered over old battle scars from former clan member or old wars, he was hard to impress when it came to nearly anything...

  • August was trying his best to ignore all of the eyes on him. He hated having so many people watching him that it made him very uncomfortable with it. He looked highly small compared to his parents who were large in size. His fur was matted down and it was thin around his ribs and stomach area. The omega wolf slowly perked up when someone called out to them. Already was he intimidated by the size of this wolf, and it made him flatten his ears. August’s mother stepped forward to speak to Damien. She was a large russet brown wolf, almost the size of Damien. “You must be Damien.” She said rather calmly.

  • Damien glared at the she wolf before he let put an annoyed breath,

    "I am. Follow me, we'll talk in a more private location"

    He stated before turning his back to them and leading them to his living quarter, shifting back into his human as they walked inside,

    "What are yalls names?"

    Daimen questioned in a very monotone voice as he walked over to his chair and sat down, watching the three very closely

  • August seemed to not look at Damien, he was looking at anything but Damien. Judging by the tone of voice, August did not like the alpha. He meekly followed the alphas into a private location, where he and his parents shifted back to human. “My name is Emelia, this is my husband Sam, and our son August, the one you’re marrying.” Emelia said in an informant tone of voice and August was quiet, not knowing what to say.

  • Daimen listened to her as she spoke and clenched his jaw slightly at the last part before standing up again and walking over to the group, stopping to stand infront of August,

    "Whats your issue?"

    He questioned him slightly as the lack of eye contact became rather annoying at this point.

    Daimen reached both of his hands up and grabbed ahold of the boys face, turning it every other way to get a better look at him,

    "How is he an omega... he hardly even looks the part"

    He insulted be releasing him and looking at his parents, his arms crossing,

    "When are we suppose to make this final so i have a better idea of what im doing with my life exactly"

    He questioned as he walked away from them and sat back down, leaning back in his chair in a more lazy fashion

  • August began to stiffen up when Damien approached him and he wanted to shrink back and hide from him just to feel safer. He was forcing himself to even speak to Damien even though the omega was scared and nervous. “N-Nothing.” He stammered out and he relaxed once the alpha let go of him. “He doesn’t have the personality of an alpha and he’s too to fight, and he gets to eat only small scraps of food.” It was Sam who spoke, sort of degrading his son. “We must make this final by tonight.” Emelia informed.

  • Daimen looked less than impressed with the time crunch they were in with the marriage and rolled his eyes,

    "How annoying... whatever. Is the location at the hills or the lake?"

    He questioned them as he stood up and streched slightly, yawning in the process

  • August went back to being quiet. There was nothing that he wanted to say, let alone could say. He was letting his parents do all of the talking for him so that he wouldn’t have to talk in a stuttering voice. “The location is going to be by the lake.” Emelia said rather pleasantly and bluntly to Damien.

  • The three then left, all turning back into their wolf forms. August wanted to be alone, he was dreading nightfall for then he would be married to an intimidating and cold alpha male who would probably be like his father and degrade him with insults and rude comments to him and proabably starve him, he didn’t like it. August started to wander off and he went to enjoy the hours of silence and peace that he had left while dreading night fall.

  • The clock seemed to go by faster than normal as nightfall soon came. Daimen sighed as he looked out the window, watching as thr sun disappeared before getting up,

    "Maybe if i throw myself into water and drown i wont have to do this..."

    He grumbled as he turned into his wolf and headed out to the lake. He didnt so much mind the thought of war, infact he loved the thrill from it, the pain he could inflict was memorizing more than anything to him, however that was thw case, this had to be done...

    It only took damien a maybe an hour to arrive at the lake, late of corse, but his care level was little to none.

  • August had did his best to enjoy his last few hours of peace. When nightfall was beginning to arrive, he was heading to the lake in his wolf form, wanting to take his time with getting there but he knew that being late was not good so he picked up the pace. He trembled as he arrived at the lake, already dreading seeing Damien as he wondered what the alpha was going to do once the marriage was official with. August was anxious but he had to put on a brave face if he was going to try and at least please the alpha.

  • Once the ceremony was over and done with and the gathering was done, Daimen yawned slightly as he sat in his wolf form,

    "August say your goodbye, im ready to leave"

    He growled slightly as he stood up and began to slowly walk back to his pack ground, ready fir this day to be overwith