Dear Diary [BxB PAFP~] I'm Not Alone Anymore

  • Muse A and Muse B meet in a hospital. Now it may seem nice and all but Muse A is anorexic and Muse B is well... their doctor. And it's known that doctors and patients should only have a professional relationship with each other. But Muse B is very sympathetic with Muse A, and Muse A does not want to go home due to heated family issues. When it's time for Muse A to leave the hospital, Muse B jumps up and offers Muse A a place at their home, where they live alone. Muse A finally agrees and they move in with Muse B, just for a while. Any even though they are living together, Muse A is still anorexic and Muse B is trying to fix that. It works for now until Muse B proposes that they should be in a relationship together. And then Muse A's eating disorder resurfaces once they're in a relationship together, hoping that they could stay perfect for Muse B and not lose them.

    The Plot In Simpler Words: Muse A [Me] has an eating disorder and Muse B [You] Is their doctor and essentially takes care of them while trying to help Muse A get over their disorder. It works but not for long and Muse A goes back to their eating disorder habits.

    NOTES :

    1. This has difficult topics such as eating disorders, alcohol use, swearing and so forth. You MUST be comfortable with those things in order to join.

    2. This is moderate to advanced so the minimum I'm looking for is 1-2 paragraphs.

    3. Please try to be active and let me know when you'll be inactive for a while.

    4. I don't bite! Feel free to talk to me!

    5. Don't be afraid to come up with ideas.

    6. Just have fun!


    1. Marriage Proposal [Later on]

    2. Muse A's parents come looking for him

    3. Muse B starts getting highly frustrated with Muse A's stubbornness.

    4. Muse B gets Muse A a service animal.


    Jaxson's dad didn't bother waiting until Jaxson was taken to a hospital room. He just left his son at the hospital and went home. Jaxson hated the hospital, it made him feel so nervous and shaky as he did not know what was going to happen to him. He had to change into a hospital gown and let a nurse out an IV in his arm and that was painful to him but he did not complain. The redheaded male was just tired and he seemed to be drained of his energy from compulsive running and exercising. He looked around the room, taking in his surroundings and occasionally he would look at the IV in his arm that was secreting fluids into his body. At around noon, the nurse wanted Jaxson to eat but he refused, saying he was not hungry and he didn't feel like eating right now. Hospital food was disgusting anyway. It probably was not even considered food. But he could go for a glass of water right now as his throat was getting parched and rather dry.

    Hospital food looked so repulsive and it made him silently gag in disgust. Jaxson did not want to be force fed either, that would be the absolute worse. Being fed when you didn't want to eat anything. The nurse was getting frustrated with him so she just left, and Jaxson felt victorious in not eating that disgusting hospital food. His stomach was constricting into a knot as his stomach growled, but Jaxson ignored it. He would eat but he only something small small like an orange or a piece of broccoli. He just laid there in the hospital bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. There wasn't anything much to do, and it bored Jaxson a lot really. He nodded off to sleep briefly before waking up when the door was starting to open. It was a doctor. And a very handsome doctor as well. He shook his head to rid himself of the thought that this doctor was handsome. He couldn't be thinking those things. Right now, he had to play it tough.

    "What do you want?" Jaxson asked sharply. "Are you coming in here to force feed me?" He mumbled harshly as he turned his head to stubbornly look away from the doctor. His voice was hoarse and almost raspy as he didn't feel like eating and he sure wasn't going to listen to this doctor either. Jaxson was really showing how stubborn he was and he just wanted to be left alone. Could they not respect that? Clearly not. Jaxson only glanced at the doctor before looking at the IV that was in his arm.