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  • Larkkit



    Age; 6 moons - ages on the 11th

    Gender; female {she/her}


    Rank; kit - paw


    ❀ Parents; NPC X NPC

    ❀ Siblings; none

    ❀ Friends; TBA

    ❀ Enemies; TBA

    appearance➻ ref

    American Curl

    very tall gal

    Larkkit's coat is a mix of white, orange, and brown. Her limbs are longer than the average kit's as well, making it easy to confuse her as an apprentice from a distance.


    Larkkit was born to a kittypet mother and a loner father. Both were flighty and not ready for kits, so they agreed to leave Larkkit in the clan that her father was from so they'd know she was at least somewhere safe. Lark is a very down to earth girl whos naturally soft spoken, but blunt.

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