Sneak Away With Me [BxB PAFP]

  • Plot;

    Muse A and Muse B used to be best friends from elementary to high school. After high school, they went their separate ways. Muse A got a degree in library science and became a librarian while Muse B did whatever. Muse A is in a relationship with someone who doesn’t even bother with him but Muse A is reluctant to leave. Muse A and Muse B meet again at the library that Muse A works at. They recognize each other and of course they want to rekindle their friendship. Muse B is now someone that Muse A can confide to. Muse B feels very sorry and insists that Muse A should just leave that surrender spouse and be with them. Muse A is reluctant but Muse B is a much better choice so they finally agree and think that they could finally relax. But Muse A seems to still be on edge.

    My Character:


    Name : Jaxson Adrienne Reed

    Age : 22

    Gender : Cis Male

    FaceClaim : Eddie Redmayne

    Occupation : Librarian


    - Has a stuttering problem

    - And gets made fun of for it

    -It is freckles galore with this boy here

    - Nicknames include “Freckles” and “Jax”

    - Nah he doesn’t really like the nickname “Freckles”

    - Cat person ; )

    - A good cook....?

    - Well... does cooking ramen noodles count as him being a good cook?

    - He can and will use you as a pillow > : )

    - And he will cling onto you.

    Starting Post;

    Part of Jaxson’s job as a librarian was to reshelve books. It was easy until he had to reshelve books that always went on the top shelf which he could not reach. Jaxson was 5’5 in height, very very short for his age. It was a tough thing for him and Jaxson refused to use a ladder, claiming that he did not want to fall and break a bone. Jaxson huffed in frustration as he looked at the empty top shelf and he pondered on what he was going to do. He even tried standing on top row but he could only get a few books on the shelf properly. Jaxson was heaving in frustration and he looked around for anyone tall enough who could help him reshelve the books on the top shelf.

  • Timoth%C3%A9e_Chalamet_at_Berlinale_2017_%28cropped%29.jpg

    Name: Pierre-Antoine LeBeau

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    FaceClaim: timothée chalamet

    Occupation: Free Lance Designer and Communication Director


    -Is french (used to know french but forgot most of it)

    -Goes by Pierre most times

    -Was very short but had a huge growth spirt and is around 6’1

    -Plays volleyball

    -Loves to draw, all the time

    -Has a soft spot for small cute animals

    -Can cook to some extent but prefers to buys out

    -Has an obsession with bread and pasta, specifically

    -Always has water or snacks on him

    -Models for other friends

    -For some reason a lot of his friends are fashion designers and they’re working on their own business (and keep on trying to get him to work for them)

    -Girls constantly flirt with him but he always ignores them

    -Is the most overly supportive person you’ll ever met (he will fight anyone who tries to say anything bad)

    I think I’m quite ready ・゚★

    ————— for another adventure !

    Last High school winter break is over and reality strikes back. Thankfully I don't have to worry about colleges and applying but that means I have to focus on school work. At least at school I should be more active again now that I have no real fear of getting caught. So sorry about just not being on, really was just spending time with my family. In other news I have a con on Jan 10-12 so I’ll be gone again, but it’ll be much shorter. Also, there is some other family issues happening as well, so if I’m on and off thats why. My dad is having some major heart surgery so we’re all a bit on edge because of that.