Check out the Court of Halcyon, holy knights of the Bleak Wilds and a growing unboarded proclan who aim to bring peace and order to Agrelos!
  • The weather was set calm and sure as fall began to roll in. Temperatures dipping low and holding a soft chill to it. Yet it was pleasant and all seemed rather normal. The island sands were still rich in their color and the tides were calm with palm leaves swaying in the soft breeze that blew across the ocean. The stone boats were ready to bring the occupants to the island so that they may gather in truce and share any type of political or friendly news that they had to share this day and on into the night.



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  • Oh, gross.

    She stepped onto the isle for the first time in ages, nose wrinkled up and shoulders pulled back. She couldn't even recall the last time she was here - her time as a loner was just as blurred as her night with Lemon. Though, she figured in both cases, it was for the better. Her ears twitched as she made her way out of the common path, setting herself up by the edge of the clearing, simply waiting and being as model of a Havener as she could.

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  • Oh, Helios..

    Truly, Claes wasn't entirely sure how well this would go over, or if it would really go well at all. The last two times he had been to the Isles on behalf of the healer's meetings it... hadn't been too pleasant, with tensions among clans rising higher and higher. Claes was hoping, really, that since they were healers that they'd be able to set political standpoints aside for the nights they gathered, but.. alas each time the tensions never quite faded away, between clans. He supposed they never truly would, with everything that had been going on.. Though that brought him to wonder if this time would be different. This was a gathering of everyone, after all - not just healers or those of a specific type.. but it was because of that, that his heart rate rose on this night, his mind a little uneasy. Would this be any more civil than the healer meetings? Could it be any more civil? Helios, he hoped so. He wasn't quite sure what he'd do if things went south with such a large gathering of clans.

    The vulpine's paws carried him slowly onto the silvery sands, the chill of the air ruffling his fur. The fox would shrug in to himself, for a moment, shoulders pulling towards his neck as he braced the colder temperatures he wasn't quite accustomed to. Sure, the desert got chilly, at night.. though this lacked the lasting warmth that the sun's rays cast into the sand to keep the heat. But, that was no matter, right? Right.. it was just a little cold. So, rolling his shoulders back and taking in a deep breath, the king of Solaris would begin to saunter closer to the center of the meeting place, arriving a bit off to the left.

    Upon his arrival, it seemed that he was one of the first to arrive - though the very first seemed to be someone from wind haven. Ears perking and curiosity lining his gaze, the fox would look over her for a moment; gaze unassuming and kind in nature. Though after a moment of contemplating whether to approach, he eventually got to his paws and made his way towards her.

    "Hello," Claes would begin quietly as he took two last steps towards her, his body shifting to face the clearing, though still comfortable enough to sit and talk to her, as they waited for everyone else to arrive (whoever else that may be). After a moment of silence and the feeling of that same, chilly breeze, the fox would breath out faint amusement as he shifted his paws in a lame effort to warm up, despite the temperatures not actually being that cold. He'd gotten far-too-used to the desert, he supposed. "It's a bit chilly, isn't it?" the Dawningcrown would hum idly, casting the Wind Haven leader a warm glance and kind smile in an effort to stir some conversation as to not leave them both waiting in silence.

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  • Icarus has done his fair share of wandering, both before and during his time in Solaris. There are days when he seems to disappear from the desert without a trace only to be found in the morning curled up in the roots of a tree, waking with the stars still in his eyes and the scent of near distant lands clinging to his pelt like dewdrops. He'd heard of the Agrelos gathering and thought it a curious concept; the vagabond knows precious little about the clans and their practices, their politics and their quarrels, but even so the idea that they would all be able to meet in peace seems... dubious at best. Maybe it's something about that which excites him and leads his paws to these lands of sand and sea.

    The golden-furred tom comes to a halt before two familiar figures, emerald-green eyes glittering with an unreadably keen interest. He smooths his fur down as the breeze momentarily passes, and wonders momentarily if the desert heat has truly made him so susceptible to the cold. He wonders if perhaps he's becoming a Solarian after all. The tabby gives a flick of an ear. "Mm," he hums in agreement to the prior words that hang in the crisp fall air, "Would be a good night for a fire, too." There's a tiny, lopsided smile that pulls at the tom's lips as he pauses to cast a sideways glance at Claes. He hadn't been sure what to expect of the turnout here, or whether he'd recognize anyone in attendance, but he's pleasantly surprised by the king's appearance at the gathering. "Fancy seeing you here, your highness," Icarus muses in the fox's direction, a bit of good-natured humor realized in his warm tone. He adds a dip of his head and turns his gaze to the Havener.

    "Cass," Icarus greets with casual affability, as if speaking to a friend. Really, he'd hardly interacted with Cass in his time in Wind Haven — or anyone, for that matter. He'd only spent a few days among the meadow-dwellers, but he thinks it would be hard to forget the feisty one-eyed Vicar. "How's Wind Haven?" he prompts, allowing genuine curiosity to fade into a mild purr, "Not missing me too much, I hope." His words hold a restrained nature, graceful and just edging upon the sparkle of playfulness that lingers just below the surface of his verdant gaze. Icarus gives a twitch of his whiskers and falls into silence, pensively observing the duo before him and pondering when — or if — the other groups might arrive.

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