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  • Oh, it's so dark. Why was she surprised at how dark it was? Why did it feel like ants and termites crawled up and down her legs as she approached, her knees and elbows bending as she nearly crawled to the border. He ate a child's arm. Sal hadn't been around as much lately, but his scent lingered, and his crime still made her wish to vomit. She was here for a good reason, though sent by Kingpin likely because they wouldn't spit in her face (or, maybe they would.) But she hoped to hell and back that she didn't see that child, whatever his name was. To see him would solidify the atrocity in her mind and make her feel worse for the life she was complicate in.

    "Shadow Veilers," she called out into the shadows, simply too freaked out to wait for one to come any closer, "I've come from Painted Brigade to invite you to our Halloween bash. No trouble or fighting should happen as there is a truce, but..." her words trailed off, a breath shakily leaving her maw, "I'll understand if you'd rather not," she extended the offer to decline just as easy as the one to accept, knowing full well which would be easier for the two possible warring Clans.

    THE MONSTER MASH ★ halloween bash

  • Ver luckily is the first to arrive before Junepaw can run into her and pick up on her scent, before Adara can point a blade at the girls throat like she so casually does nowadays. She smiles softly at Amelia as she stands in front of her but would shake her head ”I'm sorry but Shadow Veil will have to decline that offer, I don't want to risk any of the Veilers getting hurt if a dispute breaks out” truces were just words that could easily be shattered with quick forward action to kick the peace into war.

    She however doesn't send her away quite yet she takes a deep breath before gesturing with her tender wing for the girl to follow her "However kid your free to come with me to camp, I've been meaning to send someone to fetch you so I could show you some medical tricks” she offers.




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  • "I understand," the words spilled from her mouth just as easily, her back straightening out and her paws taking her back a few steps, "I wouldn't want to come if I were on your side of the border," she admitted. Kingpin was... a lot. Sal was hardly around, Ozy was fading, but things didn't change. No one was getting kinder or better. They were still the gross Clan that ate a child's arm, and she was walking around endorsing its party. She was gross, disgusting, nasty -

    "Oh," her breath came out soft, ears flicking backwards for a moment, "I... I can't stay, I have other Clans to invite, other things to do," her tasks lay heavy on her shoulders, as much was evident, "But thank you, Ver," for not mauling me, for not killing me, for not yelling at me, "I hope you have a good day?"