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  • "N-no thank you."

    The stutter came like a second skin to her, though she didn't suffer it too often. Her NPC travel guide had nudged her towards the boats, demonstrating briefly that she may climb in and ask to go up to get to the true border of the isles. Heights... were never her favorite. Maybe another time, Amelia would tell herself, but she couldn't start this train wreck of talking to each of the Clans with a panic attack. So, she waited for a Hyperian to come down from their roost, a small apologetic smile on her face, "Hi, hello - My name's Amelia, I'm from Painted Brigade? I'm just here to extend an invite. We're hosting a Halloween bash, and everyone in Agrelos is invited, so the party will have an ultimate truce laid over it," her tail tapped the ground, "It may be uncomfortable for some, I know, but please trust me that everyone will be safe," had Kingpin rambled this much? She didn't know.

    THE MONSTER MASH ★ halloween bash

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    The painted bridge was not a place she was familiar with but she had heard their name once or twice. Her only concern was the Ruins being there, since they just raided them. But there was a truce in these lands and if they didn't go, would that be weak? Cosmicshadow thought for a moment to herself. "I think it would be fine if we attended. Thank you." the still small for her hybrid body said as her bi color eyes looked over the messenger. They must attend. To show they were strong and not going to hide from the Ruins. The saber tooth tiger hybrid looked around for her tribe mates, wondering if anyone else would be attending.


    cosmicshadow ranger of hyperian isles 2 years roleplayed by decaying - TAGS

  • "I'll be coming, too," the soft, yet edged, voice of the warrior came forth, her eyes flickering faintly. Parties no longer interested her as much as they used to. When she was younger - only a few months, truthfully - she enjoyed dancing and chatting with other creatures of different scents. But that was when her world was so small, when her fire was born of flora and poison. And now, she was a woman of ice, with little sisters, a fiance, a father - far too much to simply sit back and smile. The Ruins was threatening the safety and sanctity of her home, and like Cosmicshadow, she had the need to prove they weren't weak. Not by a long shot.

  • Two tigers, one seemingly larger than the other (a hybrid, perhaps?) and the girl found herself gently shivering. They were both kind to her, which was a nice start to her journey, but they were also both fairly large and, alone without their words, terrifying. Still Amelia tried to hold onto her smile, ears twitching, "We can't wait to see you there," she hummed, standing to her paws once again, "I have to get going to invite other Clans, but don't be afraid to call for me if you need me, alright?" please be afraid - be very afraid. She, in the nicest way possible, did not want to interact with large tigers from other Clans ever again.