• With being in the Exiles, Adrestia found that she had an increasingly difficult time adjusting to how life worked here. She found it difficult to keep up, and as much as she was afraid to admit it, she was fearful that she'd be left behind in the dust. Having decided that she should go for a walk and at least find something useful to do with her time, Adrestia found herself looking for Roy, who was really the only one she felt anything close to friendship with. She knew that it would be some time before anything did end up happening friend wise between them, she could at least put in the effort right? Moving to find him, she'd eventually find him and ask what was on her mind. "Hey Roy, would you mind helping me find my way around the territory some? If you need any herbs or anything I could help you look while we're out?" Hopefully she didn't sound like a complete idiot or anything. She just wanted to try and make herself a friend or two, while finding her way around the new territory.

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    ( tears make the pain taste sweeter )


  • TAGS - Although it was rare, Roy occasionally found someone who was able to cover his medical duties for an hour or so, giving him some time to relax. He normally used these opportunities to take a walk, read a book, or work on his garden. You know, therapeutic activities that brought down his stress levels. However, he wasn't opposed to spending his break with someone else, assuming that they didn't want to argue or spar. Which often wasn't the case, but had been suggested before, oddly enough. Who wanted to argue with another person? Not him, that's for sure. Roy was lounging in the cafeteria when Adrestia appeared, in the process of sketching an anatomically correct heart. Not the sort that you see on Valentine's Day cards and other commercial items. While he didn't mind the interruption, it was unexpected. Next to being present when she joined, he didn't know much about the female, and didn't imagine that she would seek him out like this. Stowing his pencil and closing his notebook, he allowed an agreeable smile to settle on his face. Ignoring the heat, it was a nice day outside. "Sure, I'd be more than happy to show you around. Assuming that you're familiar with the prison by now, why don't we go visit the cove? We can go take a swim, if you'd like. Herb gathering can wait until a later time." Once Adrestia had responded, he headed towards the cafeteria's exit, making sure that she was following him before slowing his stride. He was used to walking fast, not strolling. "So uh, how's the Exiler life treating you? I mean, is everything going smoothly? I know that things work differently around here, and that it can take some getting used to. I'm uh, still adjusting in some ways myself."